Goodness & Light part 1

After all of my stress and worry last week, it’s time for goodness and light.  The funny thing is, there was goodness and light throughout the mess too.

photo.JPGDon’t mind the reflection of the lights in this art.  It’s by Ron Krajewski.  I really like his style.  While we don’t need a custom pet portrait (because the Knight’s aunt did one for us last year), I was drawn to the basset on the wall at the after-hours vet.  I’m always interested by what’s on the walls in a vet’s office.  Sometimes it’s art, sometimes it’s professional pet portrait-type photos, and sometimes it commercial, advertisement stuff.  What’s on the walls in your vet’s office?  (I won’t link back to the neato amateur eyeball art in the eye clinic since several of you found it creepy.)

In the midst of the caring for Gretchen week, there was good stuff, and I want to be clear…  I didn’t fail to notice it at the time, I was just busy trying to help Gretchen fight through the pain and beat her nasty dog-bite infection.  We’re on the right road now, so the healing has begun and I can exhale.

Photo courtesy of Zappos

Photo courtesy of Zappos

Over the past week, my new trail shoes arrived.  While they weren’t the first-time-wear-perfect of the Brooks Cascadia, they are fabulous and they are Gore-tex, so they were perfect for a make up for lost time long run/walk/hike with Sissy on Saturday.   The Brooks Ghost GTX held up to everything Sissy and the trying to thaw but not quite muck threw at them.  We ran through a frozen marsh, we huffed up a very steep partially graveled hill, and the Ghosts didn’t even flinch when we leaped across a wee, sloppy stream onto the muddy bank.

They’re pretty too, and I don’t normally care for black athletic shoes.  I keep saying that, but these replace the well-liked but short-lived black Rykas.  And so you know, I did recently run across something that said 300-500 miles is the average lifetime for trail running shoes.  Hrmph.  That’s anywhere from just over six months to a year of use.  I could live with that, but both my Rykas and the Cascadias began to show their age around 5 months.  The Cascadias are still hanging in there in terms of support and comfort, but the soles are quite worn and lack real traction, which is a big part of why I wear trail runners.



The Knight also ordered me a pair of New Balance V770s, but they will be road-only shoes, worn on those shorter days when we stick to the paved/gravel surfaces.  Oddly, he didn’t know anything other than that I wanted a pair of “road runners” and my size.  It’s purely coincidence that they have remarkably similar color schemes.

I used to be really NB-loyal, but then they monkeyed with my favorite, trusted style, and I got heel blisters that couldn’t be cured, and then a sole that was far too firm for my needs.  (Comfort and support, thanks much.)  These soles also seem firm, but we’ll see…  My plan is to prolong the life of all of my shoes by wearing them  as close to exclusively for the purposes they were designed for as is possible.

And for the record, neither shoes actually came from Zappos.  They just had good photos in the right styles and colors.

For those who care, I now have four pairs of shoes in the walk/run/hike rotation.   The beloved Cascadias are holding on and I have a twin pair to replace them when I must.  They’ll go anywhere and hold their own, but given all the water on our longer routes, they’re a warm-weather, it’s okay if my feet get wet shoe.  Then there are the Tevas, which are DEFINITELY a HIKING shoe, and will likely only get worn 1-2 days per week, when we do the rugged mountain part of our trail, and the Ghosts will be my winter sloppy weather shoe.  If the NBs work out, they’ll save a lot of short, street miles on my Cascadias.

There was more goodness and light, but I didn’t realize I had so much to say about my shoes.

7 comments on “Goodness & Light part 1

  1. gmariesews says:

    Lovely post – goodness and light is always good. Now that it’s Monday morn’ it’s hard to find the goodness from my weekend. So glad to hear that Little Miss GG is healing and behaving and being a good girl all around. g

  2. Katherine says:

    Great looking shoes! Good luck with them! I’m so tired of trying to find “just the right shoes” that when I found Asics and they were comfortable and long lasting, I decided never to buy any other brand. I haven’t been sorry so far.

    I’m glad to hear that Gg is healing and you are taking a deep breath and feeling the light!! It’s funny that you should ask what our vet has on his walls–I don’t know! It’s strange because I know what MY doctor has on his walls. I must look next time we are there!!

  3. AlisonH says:

    Good shoes that fit and feel and do just right are a rare and wondrous thing and to be celebrated.

  4. kathy b says:

    Oh hooray she’s on the mend. THe ROn K watercolor is amazing. I love watercolors…..I think it is a great portrait. WE have black and white images in our vet’s office . A wonderful photographer advertises his work there on the walls. The images of our vet’s 4 dogs adorn the walls and a black cat too.
    Happy new shoes. I should pay much more attention to the way these shoes are meant to be worn. I have one pair…for good walks, and one old pair for lawn cutting…..

  5. Sue says:

    Our vet clinic has a couple of faded posters of dogs and cats and lots of gory things from drug companies. Big ugly bugs and rotted teeth. Ugh. I need to get him some better art work for the walls.

  6. Marjie says:

    Well, it was delightful of your Knight to find you a nice pair of walking shoes. And all of your shoes were a good distraction during an unpleasant week. I hope you didn’t get the ice storm currently attacking us!

  7. HoundDogMom says:

    Glad to her Gg is doing better. Hey I don’t recall your blog looking like this yesterday. No look, looks good. Sniffs, The HoundDogs and Mom

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