Viva Vintage Vegas!

Happy Presidents Day.  To celebrate, Gretchen and I watched Killing Lincoln last night.  Sissy slept through it, but Gg loves sounds and didn’t want to miss a single horsey noise.  The Knight was at the firehouse, so he missed our little movie night.  It’s based on the biography of the same title, and Tom Hanks was the perfect narrator.  It’s also worth noting that the actor portraying Lincoln is from Charlottesville.  Kudos, Billy Campbell!  I especially liked the way he played Lincoln the father…

End of night photo with APFor once, albeit as I was going to retrieve my coat from the coat check, I remembered to get a photo.   The beauty on the left is a dear past president friend.  Her charming hubby snapped the photo for me.  It’s also the only photo I have of the two of us, despite a friendship spanning several years!

My dress was a long, sleeveless sheath.  If you look closely at my left shoulder (far right), you can see the neckline/arm hole.

My wrap was a happy coincidence.  I wore it on Valentine’s Day as a scarf, and realized it had some of the same copper color as my dress.  Given that we had snow flurries off and on all day and it was quite chilly for sleeveless dresses and dressy sandals, I was grateful to have a little something about my shoulders.  I always marvel at how in dressier settings, men – who in my experience tend to prefer cooler temperatures – are supposed to be decked out in heavy jackets, long-sleeved shirts and ties, while the women – many of whom, like me, are always cold unless it’s 80 degrees in full sun – are in strapless and sleeveless dresses, often with bare toes and/or legs.

Anyway, my heartfelt gratitude to those of you whom patiently suffered through my parade of what to wears, what to wear withs, etc.   I was comfortable and enough sweet friends greeted me with kind words about my appearance, so…  thank goodness I don’t have to obsess about what to wear again… this month.

Photo #1 of scarf thing

As a scarf

Anyway, you need to see this wrap.  It was a Christmas gift, and I’m sure it will be worn again and again.  This photo is from Valentine’s Day.   To wear it this way, I merely looped it around my neck and pulled the fringed ends through the hole.

Above, I put my head through the hole, centered the fringed ends down my back, and pulled it forward as far as I comfortably could.  It drifted back and I found myself all but choked several times, but a quick tug and readjustment restored order, even if I do hate an ensemble that requires “fiddling” to stay put.

Photo #2 ... See the hole and seam?  Can be worn a host of ways.This is what it looks like all spread out.  I haven’t removed the tag, because I wanted to share the information with you, but sadly, it’s in a language that is QUITE foreign to me.   I do know my benefactor got it for me at The Cameleer.

I’ve also experimented with wearing it with the fringed ends to one side, where it appears more like a stole.   I think there are novelty yarns that would yield a similar result, and I might have to give them a try…

#3... Colors!

Doubled onto itself left, single layer right

Here is a close-up of the colors.  They’re some of my favorites, so again, I see many wears in this scarf-wrap-thingee’s future.

It was a great evening, even if I didn’t win anything other than a few funny money chips at the gaming tables.  We had a good time with friends for a good cause, dear to my heart.

Are you honoring Presidents Day in some way, or is it just another federal holiday that isn’t a day off for you?

15 comments on “Viva Vintage Vegas!

  1. Nichole says:

    Great pic of you! And what a great find with such a versatile piece…

  2. Susan says:

    You looked marvelous at the Gala!!!!! Hope to watch Killing Lincoln later today, but right now, HE has control of the remote!!!!

  3. gmariesews says:

    I might need to run some errands today. We are almost out of dog treats and the bride is finally ready to go yarn shopping with me. I’d really love to get dressed up and be forced to go out. If not – then I’ll finish the red wool dress, it needs a lining now. Just because. 🙂 g

  4. Sue says:

    You look smashing! Love the scarf-shawl-wrap-over the shoulder and around the neck thingy. I never know what to call them and where the line is that changes from one to the other. Doesn’t really matter I guess. I used some novelty yarn very similar to that once. It was a pain to work with but turned out very nicely.

    We’ll be doing a Presidential lap around the yard if the rain holds off. Fudge is becoming the good father that he refused to be when his pups were little. Unfortunately it’s causing a little friction as he tries to protect “his” puppies from all the other dogs.

  5. Nancy says:

    I agree with the others that you look fabulous in the photo. I’m glad you had a good time at the gala.

  6. AlisonH says:

    You both look wonderful! And I’m chuckling: I had a friend show up on my doorstep Friday who was wearing a wrap very very much like yours. Small world.

  7. kathy b says:

    Channon what a great shot of you!!! your friend has a sweet look about her!

    WE live on LINCOLN street and Glenview road. AL named her new kitty LINCOLN> IM sending him good wishes on HIS day!!!

    She now has Minion and Lincoln. THey are both 10 months old. Long hairs. Never met before from different shelters..
    and they groom each other and hug each other and sleep together!!

  8. Katherine says:

    Wonderful picture–you look so pretty!! I love the copper color of your dress and the shawl/scarf is perfect and beautiful!!

    No holiday for me!!!!! I am nose to the grindstone today. I will have to watch that movie when I get a chance. I love Billy Campbell!

  9. Kathy says:

    You look amazing!

    Love the scarf/wrap!

    The humans watched Killing Lincoln last night while the livestock napped.

  10. Amy says:

    That wrap is great color on you! And I love that scarf!!!

  11. Marjie says:

    You look great. The wrap was a brilliant idea. I really do wish there were some way for us girls to stay warmer while still looking stunning, as you said. Ah, the crosses we bear in the name of beauty!

    The boys have the holiday off, as do banks and other government controlled things, but our phone is ringing a little. Thankfully, I don’t have to leave the house.

    Was Killing Lincoln on History or something, and I missed it? I’m confused.

  12. Karen says:

    You are stunning, Chan! Glad you had fun:)

  13. Ruth says:

    Lovely photo, great wrap/scarf! Day off? What is this day off you speak of? Oh….tomorrow!

  14. gypsyknits says:

    NIce photo and love the scarf wrap.
    Late to the President’s Day party report ;). Hubby was off and we cleaned out closets and cupboards in the morning. Took an afternoon nap, scrounged in the fridge for dinner and enjoyed the rest of the day lounging and doing….are you ready? Nothing! :).

  15. Bubblesknits says:

    That’s a gorgeous wrap!

    The kids were out of school for President’s Day, so we stayed in and watched History Channel. They were running programs about all the presidents. Really very interesting!

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