article-2284001-184118FB000005DC-571_634x870Just so you know, I don’t watch awards shows.  I do enjoy the morning after reports, including the fashion reviews.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to a movie in a theater.  I’ve never watched a movie on demand, and I dropped Netflix a couple of years ago.  I can’t/don’t wear strapless or trains, but isn’t Reese fabulous?

Have you seen Flight?  (Warning… spoilers in that link.)

The cast includes some of my favorites – Denzel, John Goodman, Tamara Tunie – and the Knight liked it enough to bring it home and suggest I watch it.  Generally, we agree on movies, so maybe it’s my frame of mind, but I’m just not into it.  I already know that good people do bad things and that bad people can do good things, that we have to be responsible for our actions.

I watch movies the way I read books though, so I’m suffering through this, waiting, watching, looking for whatever my husband and his firehouse crew thought was so good.

How do you manage a movie or book that doesn’t meet your expectations?  Fight or flight?


17 comments on “Flight

  1. gmariesews says:

    We watched part of it. Were gone for most of it. Love looking at the dresses although they are completely impractical for my life. Just sayin’. I think Anne Hathaway looks like – heck! Her name just left me. Audrey Hepburn. Just cute and waifelike.

    I tend to pick up knitting and not pay attention when I’m not into it. It’s either on or off. g

  2. km says:

    We turned on the show just to see Adele sing. A friend wrote the score for that and worked with her in London to record it. I can’t do strapless dresses either. I do like Reese’s dress. Helen Hunt wore something similar…from H&M! Love blue on blondes. We did get a code for a free movie rental from our cable provider and M & I watched Argo on Friday night. It was good. And I wish history was more important to me when I was a student.

  3. Sue says:

    I usually watch the Oscars to see the dresses, but this year’s show was so boring I couldn’t watch for long. My favorite was Jennifer Garner’s dress with the ruffle down the back.

    Lincoln is the first movie we’ve gone to in probably eight years. It was great. We’re also going to see Les Mis. I can’t seem to watch a whole movie at home, too many interruptions.

    When I don’t like a movie I just leave it and do something else, like read. If I don’t like a book, I’m torn. I try to plow thru hoping it gets better. Sometimes I’ll skip to the middle to see if I can get into it and I’ll finally just give up because there are too many good ones waiting to be read. There’s one book I really really want to read and I’ve been trying for more than twenty years to get into it, but I can’t get past the first few pages. I just can’t bear the boring way it’s written.

  4. Cat says:

    I thought Flight was wonderful – hard, but good. When a film moves me to tears, something is going on. With me, it was the heroin overdose scene and the message that such a high functioning alcoholic actually ‘got the message’ and cleaned up his act. [As some may know, favorite nephew died of accidental heroin OD and my father was a high functioning alcoholic … until he passed the imaginary line and descended into the kind of tailspin one cannot come back from.] During the watching of Flight, both Chris and I wondered where it was going — was it *really* going to celebrate high functioning abusers or was there going to be a message? Having watched a parent go through this ordeal, I feel fully qualified to say that Denzel deserved an Oscar.

  5. Nancy says:

    I don’t watch award show or pageants or even sports on TV, and I haven’t seen ANY of the movies that were nominated.

    If a book doesn’t hold my attention, I stop reading; movies are a bit more tricky, especially if I am with someone. DVD movies that are bad are stopped and ejected. Life’s too short to waste on things you don’t enjoy or love.

    Reese’s dress is gorgeous (I love anything blue), but strapless or form-fitted dresses are definitely NOT for me or my body.

  6. AlisonH says:

    Someone recommended to me about a year ago a book that met the Dorothy Parker specs: one that should be hurled with great force across the room. I don’t remember if I Goodwilled it (I’d bought a penny copy on Amazon) or recycled it, it was that bad.

  7. Natalie says:

    I usually try to read/watch with open mind but I’m not always good at that. I’ve been trying to read the Outlander since I got pregnant with Carmen…I pick it up read some and it’s just not catching me but I know tons who loved it! Oh well!

  8. Kathy says:

    I thought Flight was very good. It was somewhat painful to watch. Denzel (Whit if I remember correctly) could not stop once he started drinking. I’ve luckily never encountered anyone like that.

    Tamara Tunie–are you a fan of Law & Order: SVU? We call it SUV and it’s one of my favorites.

  9. Barbara says:

    We’ve already shared our Oscar views…but must admit, saw Jennifer Lawrence in some kind of pre Oscar thing and wondered what the heck she was going to do about that gorgeous dress. How could she sit down? Or climb stairs. It appears she can’t. Not good advertising for Dior.

  10. grace yaskovic says:

    definitely flight, life is too short for books or movies you don’t get!! tamara tunie used to be Jessica on As the World Turns. thought some of the dresses that I caught this morning were much more tasteful then ususal!

  11. Katherine says:

    Flight for sure!! I don’t usually watch movies unless I’m caught off guard enjoying a kids movie with the grandkids. GD#3 was watching Lorax a few days ago and I thought it was cute and fun, but would I have sought out the movie and spent time watching it otherwise–not a chance! I do occasionally watch videos of past BBC and American series–mostly mystery shows but I’d rather be knitting or reading.

  12. Kristyn says:

    I always used to be a fight but since my free time is so limited these days it is flight for me.

  13. Nichole says:

    I don’t get to movies often at all… with a recent renegotiation of our cable/interent/phone contract, we wound up with HBO… and watched Reese’s “This Means War” over the weekend. I love Reese and all her movies…

  14. Amy says:

    The worst, for me, was ‘Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.’ I LOVED that book so much, because it was science fiction AND the parts that were based on facts were very close, if not spot on. The author truly did his homework. The book deals with (SPOILERS) Lincoln losing his mother to a vampire and becoming a hunter, meeting up with a few historical folks of the time in his vampire hunting, and John W Booth being a vampire, hell bent on revenge.

    The movie was action packed, yes, but only a third of the novel was in the book. The movie didn’t even mention Booth, or what ‘really’ happened to Lincoln. The movie was just …. ugh. I was disgusted.

  15. Just finished watching Fashion Police and yes, I think the Reese dress looks “fabulous!” I don’t usually watch the awards either except for the pre show. I totally forgot they were on Sunday. I really wanted to see Barbra Streisand.

    P.S. Check out this board. It’s puppy love and I think you will like it:)

  16. kathy b says:

    Oh FLight for sure!!! !no guilt either!

  17. Marjie says:

    I never watch awards shows; too much of famous people saying, “Oh, how wonderful we all are! All of you little people applaud for us!” Reese’s dress is pretty, but I think the skirt could have flared just a tiny bit more, instead of nipping in below the hips. That’s a great color on her. Like you, I don’t do strapless, and I have no occasion to wear long dresses, let alone with a train.

    And when I hate a movie, I turn it off. Life’s too short to waste time on bad movies. And I try to finish books that I start, but sometimes they’re just hopeless.

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