Yappy Easter

DSC01988This is one of my favorite photos of Sissy.  I haven’t been dolling the girls up for photo shoots lately, because we’re too busy walking… and because I already have a cute photo for almost any occasion you can imagine.

Anyway, thanks for all the good wishes for the big, hairy meeting.  It was indeed a big, hairy meeting, but it was highly productive and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, so there will be more town hall style meetings next year.  They’re a little chaotic, but member organizations need member feedback, and when said members feel validated and connected to the decision-makers, it makes for a healthier organization.


I don’t have a new Easter dress, but I did wear a new dress to the big, hairy meeting.  I wanted something happy and comfortable, that would make me feel energized and poised, so naturally, I went for Lilly P.  I’ve wanted something in the Hollyhock Gigi print since I first saw it.  Get it?  Gigi… Gg (Gretchen Greer), and the print is arguably PANK and purple, even though Thursday, I wore navy tights and navy booties, thus pretending I thought the sash and the darkest color were navy.   It might be my new favorite, and given that the fabric is a cotton crepe lawn, I can wear it virtually year ’round.

Never mind the giraffes in the print.  My childhood best friend’s mom collects giraffes, so it’s a pleasant association, even if I can’t say I personally have any special fondness for the long necked and legged creatures.

See those nude pumps?  I’m still looking for some that won’t break an ankle or cause a nosebleed that don’t cost a fortune.   Kitten heels are in, so I’m trying to stock up but that’s easier said than done.  I want nude, not pinkish tan, not british tan, not even a true taupe (even if I am pasty-pale and that might be closer to my own flesh tone)…

DSC01990Anyway, back to Easter.  This is my favorite blooper from the same session that yielded Sissy’s pretty pose at the top.  Gg really doesn’t like anything on her head or face, and who knows what the DIVA was eyeballing!?  The red foot?  A reminder of Sis’s prolapsed toenail on a Saturday morning not unlike this one, only Wondervet was still here and working that day.  Our new, awesome vet and I were just talking about how Wondervet used to carry Sissy around like a toddler…  (For those who don’t follow both blogs closely, Wondervet and Dr. D went to vet school together, so Dr. D and I can’t help but mention our mutual and missed friend, especially when the real subject is Sissy.)

Maybe this post should be titled Easter stream of consciousness instead?  Baby Tuckoo and the moo-cow anyone?

Wishing you a Happy Easter and/or Passover, or just a pleasant weekend!

Big Hairy Meeting Thorsday

Happy Thorsday, little friday, Thankful Thursday, JLC March GMM Day, Maundy Thursday… that’s more than enough, isn’t it?

My post over on the girls’ blog is rather ranty and serious, so here I want to focus on the thankfuls, because we do have so much to celebrate.   Firstly, today’s a pivotal day in the history of the Junior League of Charlottesville, and I’m excited!   (I’m also really proud of our new website.  It’s a work in progress, but if you’ve clicked over before, let me know what you think now… not that I did anything other than sign the contract and listen in on the conference calls.)

I just deleted two long paragraphs about why this is a big,  hairy meeting, but if you’re not in the JLC, you probably don’t care.  Heck, I’m not sure all of our members care… but I do, and so do many of our leaders.  We’ll select a new focus area tonight, along with all of the other necessary votes to approve the leadership, budget and bylaws changes for the upcoming year.

I’m thankful for the honor of being president of the JLC right now.  I’m surrounded by so many talented, dynamic women, and that makes it mostly a joy to lead through this change.  I’m thankful for the Knight’s support, for the support of my inlaws and Uncle (inlaw), and especially for my non-League friends who listen and care, just because it’s something I’m so passionate about.

photo.JPGIt is Thorsday, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that I’m thankful my girls are safe and healthy.  If you don’t follow their blog, you might not know Sis had two lumps aspirated and checked on Tuesday, and they’re just sebaceous cysts.  We also survived yet another encounter with loose dogs yesterday, but you can read about that if you click on the link at the start of this post.

What are you thankful for or celebrating today?

Vera Bradley Island?

The email introducing Vera’s new summer colors starts with “island time” and for a change, they all speak to me.  Did anyone other than gMarie notice that I skipped a season or more of Vera’s colors? 

full_140Tutti Frutti might be my favorite swatch, but if you click over and look at the bags, it screams … that green minty dental flouride gritty paste from the late 20th century.  (PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who feels that way, or remembers that … mint-colored glop?) 

So, while the colors appeal to me greatly up close, I’m pretty sure Tutti Frutti isn’t coming home with me… unless I get an urge to buy something for my darlin’ dentist, or the Knight’s awesome cousin who works for her.

full_139Sun Valley has the precise opposite impact.  While the swatch doesn’t do much for me, I don’t mind it on the bags.   I think it might really be special – as in, I couldn’t resist it – if the coral was brighter and/or in such a splotch that it didn’t look rather orange instead of coral.

Nautical-preppy-Aztec anyone?   It’s an odd combination, but that’s what I feel when I look at it.  It’s a little old Cape Cod with its faded red/coral, navy and white, while the geometric pattern reminds me of …  well, I don’t even know that it really feels Aztec-ky, but that’s what my fingers and mind typed earlier, so why question it?

full_142Lilli Bell.  Why did they smack orange in the middle of an otherwise traditional preppy color scheme?  I’m sure they were going for modern and such, but instead…  It reminds me very much of an ancient smoke-eater’s wife by the same name.  Hem.

The contrasting print, the one right and rear, is pretty awesome though.  Too bad Vera stopped doing the plastic-coated Frill line mostly done in those contrasting fabrics…

full_141So that means that last is NOT least, and Marina Paisley is my favorite of this all-in-all solid class of Summer 2013.   The white scares me a bit, because I’m not a white-wearer.  I have slobbery Sissy.  I have sweet Gretchen Greer who likes to “touch” me in greeting, with her paws, with her nose… she just wants to make physical contact.  But even without the dogs, I’m a toss my bag wherever kinda’ girl.

The problem is, I need a LIGHT, good-sized bag.  That rules leather out.  Even my coated canvas tote (I’ve been using it almost exclusively since July if you can believe it) isn’t lightweight.  I’d love one of those nylon bags with the leather handles, but I haven’t found the right color at the right price, in the right size. 

Do they do anything for you?

Snow and Elvis

Elvis%20Blue%20Xmas082On my snow day yesterday, I finished the most recent Elvis cozy.  Errr…  the latest Southern Cousins book.  Of course, y’all know that I read them because of Elvis, the basset hound who thinks he’s the reincarnation of THE Elvis, right?   It’s very silly, fluffy, light reading.  Narration flips back and forth between Callie (Elvis’s owner) and of course, Elvis himself.  The dog all but thinks in song titles and most silly humans get confused and think he’s just howling when he belts out a tune…

Can you see the glare?  Actually, Elvis is on duty, guarding his owner (in the skimpy green elf costume) from whomever just offed Santa, but it reminded me a lot of Sissy’s reindeer antler-wearing photo shoot… 

DSC00033Maybe bassets just don’t like antlers.  And gee…  I wonder where those went to?  I haven’t seen them since that photo shoot…

Oh Sissy?  Do YOU know what happened to the antlers?

What are you reading?


Snowy white lamb?

photo.JPGIf March is going out like a lamb, it’s a snowy white one.  These photos were taken last night, after my happy Pure Barre and Lululemon experiences.  I have no idea how much snow we really got; all I know is it started as sleet after 2 pm yesterday, changed to snow as I was headed to town, and we were all more than a little surprised to leave class to find our vehicles covered in fairly thick, white blankets.

Before I flash more snow, I do have Lulu-gate updates.  Our trunk show at Pure Barre only included pants – not the crops I want – because most of the crops have been recalled.  I also spoke with a friend who tried on a pair in question and indeed…  they’re sheer.  As she put it, “*I* could see parts of me *I* didn’t want to see, much less show the world.”   She said she didn’t even have to do a “downward dog” to determine they weren’t fit for wearing … anywhere.

Run Swiftly LLL

Run Swiftly LLL

I bought the Run Swiftly top in a pretty pink with a floral “brocade” pattern I don’t see on the website.  It’s a touch see-thru, just like this one, but it’s so pretty and feels so soft and yummy that I decided I don’t care.  I wear industrial strength sports bras anyway.  Now I can’t say I don’t own any LLL tops.  I still want the Inspire Crop ii, which I predict will be full-length on me.  I predict it will be my new summer favorite top, since I’m not a fan of sleeveless shirts and this one feels so soft, light and airy…

I was sorely tempted by their jackets, but good grief…  I already have more jackets than even a daily “wogger” needs.

I also had a very unplanned but highly necessary purchase of Pure Barre sticky socks.   Evidently, grabbing my wristlet instead of my handbag wasn’t a great idea, because I still can’t find the socks I grabbed from my dresser.  They aren’t in my bag, they weren’t in the car, and I didn’t see them by the coat rack by the back door.  I wouldn’t put it past Gg to have snatched them up when I left; maybe when the snow melts I’ll find them on the deck or in the pen?

photo.JPGAnd yes, there are the Pure Barre black socks and my highly inappropriate shoe choice on the way back in the house after it was all said and done.   It seemed like a great idea when I left, wearing my little “mule” New Balances… but that was when I so naively trusted the weather people and thought the snow wouldn’t stick and wouldn’t amount to anything until into the night…

I did apologize to my fellow Leaguers as I left Pure Barre with my black socks showing.  I’ve been meaning to try not-white-athletic socks on my wood/swamp/mud and muck adventures…  what do those of you who run and walk wear?  I do know that despite my preference for negative ease in socks of all types, I don’t like compression socks, don’t like socks with pronounced toe seams, but beyond that, I don’t know what to try.

I still like Pure Barre workouts.  This time, I intentionally plopped down between a dancer-friend and a PB instructor friend, so I had no trouble following along.  The actual instructor is also a League member, so that made for a truly comfortable experience.  There were women of all fitness levels in the class, and I’m pretty sure each of us found our “shake” for at least a moment.  Some of us – yes, yours truly – shook to the point of requiring a shake-clearing step away from the exercise in question… more than once.  It was a different class/routine than the one I took in the spring, and some of us that took both felt this one was a little more challenging.  I’m not sure I was in a place to compare; against my better judgment, the dogs and I hiked over 5 miles before class.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my snow day… and publish this post before the power flickers again.

Oh – did you miss National Puppy Day?  You can see fur-girl baby photos here.

Fred Immortalized

MRM Fred Sit up

The inspiration photo from 2007

Last night, the Knight received a truly remarkable gift.   One of the firefighters is a talented artist, and he used a photo of the Knight and Fred to create the sketch, which was then signed by a significant portion of the brigade (members).

(Yes, that’s a baby Shadow in the lower right corner.   I’ve always loved this photo, so it was fun to revisit it.)


Isn’t that stunning?!  The Knight and I spent our lunch break trying to sort out all the signatures, and a couple still elude us.

Now, to make a special place for this and the things that came home from his chief’s office…


March and the Mms

Happy Thorsday, little friday, Thankful Thursday and more!   I love alliteration, but the regulars already know that, so hang on for the M-ride.  It’s either that, or you’ll need wine to get through my whines about the weather and such, so humor me.

March and its Mmmms…

photo.JPGMud.  You’ll have to click over to the girls’ blog if you want to see THEIR muddy bodies, but you can also see the tractor tire marks in the soft soil.  Isn’t Gretchen Greer dapper in her blaze orange coat?

Our walks are being controlled by that soft, saturated soil.  We simply cannot tread some places because the path is swamped, flooded, or otherwise too wet/gross to walk through, over or around.  The hidden thankful?  No drought conditions here, so brush fires shouldn’t be much of a problem this spring.

March Madness.  In contrast, that’s a happy MMMMMM.  I played basketball, my mother played basketball, and I love me some college basketball, even if UVA isn’t playing.  (Extra credit to anyone who pulls for them in the NIT.  The Knight’s dear uncle has this crazy idea that the Hoos might make it to the final four there.)

Mix, wintry mix.  As in… make up your mind Mother Nature.  My stylist is from Atlanta, and she says the southern “Phil” did predict a long winter.  Yes Virginia, there is snow in March and I’m not amused, even when it’s that perfect icy powder.   Not sure I can find a thankful here. 

Meetings.  My life revolves around meetings, but the ones this month have been and will be pivotal.  Earlier this month, the Knight presented awards as Chief for the last time.  Later this month, regular planning for next fiscal year stuff for the League will collide with changing the course – or most accurately, the focus – of the JLC.  I won’t bother muttering about all the other meetings along the way, and I most definitely don’t want to talk about all the ones lurking next month as we ramp up for transition from this year to next…  Thankful?  Well, it’s always exciting to plan for the upcoming year and we’ll soon be celebrating the successes of this year.

What are you muttering about today?

Peekaboo Lulu…

52299_multiflorallinedanceHappy first day of Spring!  It’s a beautiful early spring day here in podunk, with not a cloud in the sky and a bit of wind… blowing in more rain/snow/cold tomorrow… with more of the same on Sunday/Monday.

I haven’t dared to look ahead to Easter Sunday’s weather.  I also haven’t bought a new Easter frock in years, but isn’t this Lilly P perfect?  (Keep in mind I’m a good 6″ shorter than that model, or so I’d guess.  I’ve found that what’s nearly indecently short on her hits me just above the knee.)   Anyway, it’s a happy dress that would be great for Easter, May Day, Mother’s Day, a garden tour tea…

… and yeah, it’s just too cotton-candy cute to really come home with me.

Oh well.  That’s about how my shopping experience went yesterday.  I had time to kill between my dental appointment and my salon appointment, and I have Belk gift cards to spend.  Yep, still present tense.  Still HAVE.  I tried to spend them on a pretty dress, but nothing was right.  We seem to have the one Belk in the south that doesn’t  have a Lilly P section.  Booo!  So, over to the shoes.  I want – again, still present tense – nude and/or navy pumps or slingbacks, in a not ankle-breaking heel height.  I figure since kitten heels are in right now, it would be a good time to look.  Ummm… no.

Then, while I was cooking my head – er… processing my color – I saw the great Lululemon crisis.  Even the Today Show covered it this morning.   Here’s what I know:  I don’t own any of the pants in question.  I also have seen on other blogs that some customers have been told by their local Lululemon staff that they have to demonstrate that their pants in question are indeed indecent, and Lululemon corporate has addressed the cyber complaints to clarify that no, one does NOT need to pose for a staffer’s assessment… so don’t.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about all of this.  Frankly, my Skirt Sports bottoms aren’t holding up as well as my Lululemon pants, even though I consider them comparable in the market sense of the word.  My Skirt Sports tops though still look brand new, and I’ve yet to purchase a Lululemon top of any sort because their styles tend to be too sexy/trendy/youthful for me.  My LLL (I’m lazy… sorry) pants still look brand new, even though I’ve worn them through the woods, mud, muck, etc., repeatedly.  All receive the same care – cold water delicate wash, machine dry low heat, no fabric softener.

But.   Skirt Sports can be found on Sierra Trading Post for great prices, while LLL is rarely marked down but so much.  (Note:  I didn’t pay full retail for ANY of the LLL or SS items I own.)  Skirt Sports hasn’t had an QA problems that I’ve heard of.  This is LLL’s umpteenth QA problem in the less than a year I’ve been aware of the company.

At what point do you pack up your retail dollars and decide the brand isn’t worth the risk?

It’s also worth mentioning that I paid $8 each for two jackets, a technical shirt and a pair of wicking, compression capri pants yesterday at JC Penney’s.  One jacket and the long sleeved technical shirt were by Nike, the other two were (I presume?) JCP’s own fitness label.

DP0205201317030136MAnd have you seen Joe Fresh?!  I didn’t try anything on, but this little jersey dress did make me look twice.  It’s thin, but for summer wear and for $24, that’s not bad at all.  I noticed a really cute top on a Joe Fresh tv commercial this morning too, so I might have to go back and look for that, because spring is here, and eventually, will stay for more than one day here and there.

Robin’s snow

I finally tracked down the elusive phrase…  The snow that comes after you’re already thinking it’s spring?  Kathy refreshed my memory; it’s the robin’s snow.  You know, snow after the robins return?  Well, we have more this morning. 

But first, pop over and send good vibes to Kathy and her family.  It’s not my place to share their news, but I know they’d appreciate any prayers, crossed paws or happy thoughts on their behalf.


From The Virginia Shop

Now as a Virginian by birth and again by marriage, I am very familiar with our March/spring, wild weather.  I also learned that “in like a lion, out like a lamb” thing in grade school.  But here’s where it gets ridiculous.  Saturday, I ran in a tee – albeit long-sleeved – and no jacket, and was sorry I wore ankle-length pants instead of capri pants.  Yesterday, it was sleeting and snowing on my way to church, and then it cleared enough for a wet, muddy hike in the woods.  Then, up to a thin blanket of snow this morning, and according to the weather folks, it will be in the 50s tomorrow again.  WHAT?!

Fickle is one thing, but this is too much.  Of course, the same weather people say it will be in the 40s again after tomorrow…

How’s your weather – and attitude?

Seattle Cozy

Hey gMarie!  I can’t wait to mail the next box of books.  The Homecrafting Mysteries by Cricket McRae are set in a Seattle suburb, as I understand it.  What is now Snohomish was originally Cadyville.  Sadly, I learned that tidbit from Wikipedia.  Maybe as the series progresses, I’ll learn more about Cadyville?

Lye_in_Wait_Back_featureThe first book in the series is Lye in Wait.   As you might guess, the victim succumbs via ingested lye.  I confess, I had to whine to basically blogless Susan to press on; character development is secondary to plot advancement for the first half of the book, and that’s not a style I admire.  I like to get to know the characters, and to really enjoy a book, I generally need to be able to relate to or even LIKE a character or three.  By the time the book ended that was the case, so if you feel the same way, just keep reading and it’ll get better.

The main character is Sophie Mae Reynolds, a young widow, living with her best friend, a divorcee with a 10 yr. old daughter and a senior corgi.  I can see why Susan was drawn to this series; it appears that in each book, Sophie Mae has a new hobby.  (Susan knits, crochets, spins, weaves, makes soap, does several kinds of beadwork, and those are just the first handful of hobbies than come to mind!)  In Lye in Wait, Sophie Mae is earning a living making soap, lip balm and more.  I’ve already started the second book in the series, so stay tuned for more.

 Any exciting weekend plans?