Thanks Thankful Me…

leibsterLast month (wow… I am embarrassed, heavy snow and power outage aside…) Kristi of Thankful Me honored me with a Leibster.

First, the fine print:

Here are the rules for accepting the Liebster award:

1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then
create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.

Now…  Given that it’s taken me roughly ten days to even be polite and thank Kristi for the honor and to answer her questions, I’m not going to try to narrow it down to 11 of you, so if you wanna’ snag the purdy PANK award, it’s yours.  I will endeavor to create 11 questions for you, just in case…

First, 11 random facts about me.  (If you really are curious about me, search the “about me” category.  Most such blog posts are tagged accordingly, although I’m rather an open book, so I’m positive I repeat myself so there’s not so much randomness for those who have been around for a while.)

  1. I was 29+ years of age before I realized I don’t hate coffee…  I’m merely a coffee snob.  Given that I’m a tea snob, a cheese snob, a bread snob, addicted to Lilly P and pearls, maybe I’m just a snob…
  2. … and I’m okay with that.  I was preppy before it had a name.  Izods/golf shirts/polos by any name have always been a wardrobe staple.
  3. I lettered in tennis, track and cross country in high school.
  4. I have claimed I hate to run, but gosh how it clears the mind …
  5. … and allows me to eat dessert early, often and a lot.
  6. I love DARK chocolate, but am not much on chocolate milk, milk chocolate, hot cocoa, or garden-variety chocolate cake.
  7. Cilantro really makes me happy.
  8. If I have to have a new career, I want to be a weather girl.  Zero accountability with a wardrobe budget?  Sign me up!
  9. I’m fickle, indecisive and otherwise reserve the right to change my mind… except when I don’t have that option.
  10. I believe fire trucks should be red.  Sure, white, yellow, green, black, etc. can be pretty, but cabs should be yellow, fire trucks should be red, and hearses should be black.
  11. I’m not a big breakfast eater.

Now, for Kristi’s questions.  My answers are in red.

With help from my oldest daughter, here are 11 questions for my nominees:

1.  Which would you rather have, 20 chickens or 1 goat?

One goat.  While I love roosters and fresh eggs, terriers and small animals are a BAD idea.  

2. Would you rather travel back in time or forward in time?

Tough question.  Will my iPhone work in 1776?

3. If you had unlimited resources, where would you like to vacation, and what would you do?

Unlimited resources?  The dogs can come too?  Time isn’t an issue?  I’d want to tour the USA and hang out with all the people I haven’t had time to visit in the past decade or so.  Then, I’d like to spend a week or more in Greece, Ireland, Scotland and…

4.  Would you rather sleep in or stay up late?

I’d rather stay up late.  I’m not good at sleeping in, nor is Gretchen.

5.  Which major would you choose if you were to attend college now?

Despite my snarky comment above, I think I’d still go with philosophy again.

6. If you could visit (or live in) any make-believe land from literature, which would you choose?

Just one?!  Gretchen votes for a visit to Hogwarts, and that works as well as anything else.

7.  It’s nearly dinnertime, and you forgot to plan.  What do you have for dinner?

We eat out a LOT.  In a pinch, the Knight makes his pasta stuff or I make a pizza.

8.  What makes you laugh?

My dogs, the Knight…

9.  What is one character trait you admire?


10. What are the biggest influences in your life?

My family, all the “pioneer” women who braved equality first… most without knowing they were blazing trails.

11.  Do you still live in your hometown?  If not, how far away do you live?

I live in the same general area where I was born and lived the first 11 years of my life.  The other town I consider tied for hometown status is all of 90 minutes away.

Last but not least, 11 questions for anyone who self-nominates:

  1. What color are your eyes?
  2. What is the must-see place in your town?
  3. Would you rather watch a movie in the theater or at home?
  4. What do you want on your pizza?
  5. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
  6. Are  you City Mouse or her country cousin?
  7. Do you have a favorite charity/non-profit?
  8. What song is the theme song to the soundtrack of your life?
  9. Quick!  What comes to mind when I say “plaid?”
  10. Why did you start blogging?
  11. Why do you blog now?


12 comments on “Thanks Thankful Me…

  1. gmariesews says:

    Nice post. I do think some of your random were new to me. You are a good egg to be so quick on posting this. And what a lovely PANK award. g

  2. kathy b says:


    Believe it or NOt I learned so much about you from your meme!!!! IM very shocked that you guys eat out often..then again I dont recall a recipe on the Chanknits publications…ha ha.

    Plaid just means parochial school to me….ugh uniforms . Skirts in blue and green plaid. You can have that plaid !

  3. Katherine says:

    I just KNEW you were a red fire truck girl!! (What’s with that yellow thing)?

    What a fun post! I loved Kathyb’s reaction to plaid. My granddaughter would also think of school uniforms, but to me it just means Scotland. AND chickens/goat, it’s all the same to my JRT. Macy will go after anything that moves and makes a weird sound!!

    Most of all, I would never, never have believed you to be indecisive!!! The things we don’t know about each other….

  4. Karen says:

    It was fun seeing your answers. I agree on the fire truck, the goat too, angora of course! I don’t have a blog, but thought it would be fun to answer your questions.
    1. Brown and green
    2. The elephant tree and swan pond at Colgate U.
    3. At the theatre
    4. Spinach
    5. My Funky Knit Danskos
    6. Country Cousin!
    7. – a horse rescue
    8. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella 🙂
    9. PINK plaid, heck yes!
    10. And 11. No blog 😦

  5. Jessica says:

    Oh, cilantro makes me so very happy, too! :o)

  6. Kristi says:

    I enjoyed reading your answers. No need for embarrassment; I hope you didn’t feel obligated to respond.

    I have to agree with you about cilantro!

  7. Sue says:

    Interesting questions and answers. Got me thinking. Maybe I’ll even come up with some answers to your questions.

  8. km says:

    I totally agree about the firetrucks! They should be RED!
    What color are your eyes? Blue/Green
    What is the must-see place in your town? ME…if someone comes to my town…I want them to visit me. But, really I guess I should say Disneyland.
    Would you rather watch a movie in the theater or at home? home (because I can knit and pause the movie for a bathroom break)
    What do you want on your pizza? Mushrooms
    Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? My leopard Danskos
    Are you City Mouse or her country cousin? country cousin
    Do you have a favorite charity/non-profit? the Gidoens (my Gramp is one. he hands out Bibles on school campuses)
    What song is the theme song to the soundtrack of your life?
    Quick! What comes to mind when I say “plaid?” the brand of acrylic paints then those shoes I told you about…and saw on a mom at swim practice last Friday.
    Why did you start blogging? because i learned about knit blogs at the LYS. and then I blogged more regularly for the knit swaps
    Why do you blog now? I don’t blog because I ran out of space for photos on my free blog and then switched to typepad and now I can’t afford the $15/month.

  9. Marjie says:

    I’m with you on red fire trucks. And given our back-and-forth on the weather, your weather-girl comment surprises me not a whit. This post must have taken you some time, but it was fun to read more about you. And the sound track to my life is the noise of my family talking, laughing, shouting…I have not had the radio on since 1984.

  10. AlisonH says:

    Soem study somewhere claimed that glow in the dark greeny-yellow firetrucks were easier to see (and probably better for the color blind, come to think of it). That ignores the fact that we are trained from childhood to respond to firetrucks as being red and I like them red, darnit! Which they are in my town. Good.

  11. I’m with you and most of the others…RED is the color for a fire truck! Always fun to read whatever tidbits of info you toss our way re YOU. Crazy running girl…I don’t get it, never have, never will.

  12. Barbara says:

    Fun, Chan. Some of those questions were tough. Especially living in past or future.
    Oh yes…..RED for firetrucks.
    Can’t abide cilantro. 🙂

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