Dogs and Knits

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday, knitting 101 day and everything else.   I had a happy little purchase at the knitting retreat I saved to share today.

41yKLM-XEhL__SX355_Thankfully, there’s the internet.  I haven’t had time to get a photo, but it turns out that Amazon carries the very same item.  I purchased mine from Dog House Yarns, and last I knew, they have one more in stock.

It’s Sissy, right?  Close enough for me, anyway…

Gretchen has a good post about what lives in my car for them.  I’m not sure whether she’s mocking me or sincerely appreciates my efforts though…

photo.JPGI’m so thankful for everyone supporting me through this wild ride I’m on right now.  I want to be very clear that it’s a very happy, exciting time to be both incoming and out-going president of the JLC.  I’m grateful that I have cyber-pals who check in on me and read my sporadic posts.  I’m blessed to have low-maintenance friends who are still ever-present even when life doesn’t really allow for regular communication.  And yes Sissy, I’m glad you are a rude, relentless trainer, who only allows me to have a day off when I simply don’t come home during daylight hours, or when – as was the case yesterday – she just looked in my eyes and knew I didn’t have it in me.  

And I’m really lucky to have had the strongest board and leadership team ever this past year.   They made one tough decision after another, and their vision and passion is carrying us smoothly into the upcoming year.   But I’m also looking forward to getting to know the incoming board and leadership team and getting a handle on our group dynamic. 

What brings you joy today?

Comfort Food

I had a food texture discussion with a friend on Monday.  We’re very much alike in many ways, and share a lot of food common ground, so I was left laughing when she shared that she doesn’t like lima beans or cantaloupe.  (Squish = ick) 

True confessions?  I eat lima as a stand-alone meal sometimes.  I cook them in a little milk and butter… ahhh…  a big bowl would suit me fine right now.  Of course, mac ‘n cheese is probably at the top of the list…

But really, I have diverse food habits, so I’m curious… what are your comfort foods?


JLC_LogoDon’t expect regular posts until oh…  after Memorial Day.  All is well, but it’s a hectic time to be incoming and out-going president of the JLC.  

I had a great time at the Dog House Yarns knitting retreat at Graves Mountain Lodge Saturday.   I learned a lot about the different varieties of sheep, saw some knitting friends and met some more wonderful knitters. 

Anything exciting happen over your weekend?

Happy Girl Indeed

By no means am I glossing over current events.  I’ve wept for the fallen firefighters in Texas and I’m truly a little sick at the breaking news in Massachusetts and Maryland.   But as a follow-up to Wednesday’s post, I have two new beloveds.

Run Jump 'n Play Crop

Run Jump ‘n Play Crop

Wednesday afternoon, I had time for a quick wog (walk + jog) before the League event.  I was so excited to see my Yogasmoga package that I ripped it open and pulled on the crops in the living room.  

Their fabric is comparable to the Luon by Lululemon (LLL) that I like so well, but no sheerness fears here.  Their front pocket is made of a different, stretchier fabric, so my iPhone 4 in its Lifeproof case near fits horizontally,  whereas it doesn’t even really fit vertically with the LLL similar front, interior pocket.  There’s also a tiny little rear slip pocket that would hold a single house key but nothing more.

While I did take advantage of a VERY generous offer from Yogasmoga, I would without a doubt pay full price for these pants.  I can assure you I’d wear them on the street, under a long tunic (and just might!), so they really are workout to wardrobe friendly.  I followed their size chart and will say that I probably could have sized down, so if you are a runner who likes a TRUE compression fit, maybe consider sizing down.  Bravo Yogasmoga!!

Happy Girl

Happy Girl

Yesterday, I slipped into my Skirt Sports Happy Girl Skirt (really a skort, but they call it a skirt) in Hot Chocolate.  Sorry the image is so tiny, but I could only find the precise skirt and print on Amazon…  I’ve loved that print since I first saw it, so when I got a special email code from Sierra Trading Post a few days ago, I couldn’t resist. 

I will note before I go any further that this does run a little small.  The other two Skirt Sports bottoms I have tend to run almost a size large, and this one fits.  The fabric is softer than the Tough Girl Skirt, and I’ve already mentioned that I *LOVE* the side/thigh/shorts pockets on most Skirt Sports “skorts.” 

B0041G5FVSHappy Girl is LONG by running/tennis skirt standards.  It’s 16.5″ in front, and 17.5″ in the back.  Despite having a generous backside, I still was aware of the extra length.  I won’t say it’s too long; I’m mature enough to appreciate the coverage, but for example…  I’ll walk, run and would even play golf in this skirt, but I’d have to shove a couple of tennis balls in each pocket and let you know whether I’d feel it’s too long for all the rapid laterals I do when I play tennis.  Another plus is that I’d be perfectly comfortable scooting into the grocery store after a workout in this skirt.  And yet, I didn’t feel it was two layers of warmth. 

The shorts did not ride up, which is highly unusual for me.

I might have a sock happy ending soon.  Turns out BOTH styles I bought to try are the Sof Sole brand Katherine recommended.  I’ve worn each style once, and so far, so good.

What’s on your weekend agenda?

Pillow talk

PillowThere are countless photos of Gretchen using Sissy as furniture, so turnabout is fair play.    It’s not a great photo, because it was taken with my laptop.

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday…  Yeah.  I’m barely up to faking it.  It’s been a rough week, hasn’t it?  I have friends who are marathoners, and thankfully, the local runners in Boston – both to run and cheer – were not hurt.  I have another friend who used to live very near the 25 milepost and always had a party on race day, and she’s rather rattled as you might imagine.  

It feels as though something dark and tragic has happened every day this week thus far.  I hope all of my Texas friends and relations are safe and weren’t impacted in any way by the fire in West, and of course, those working at the scene and caring for the victims are in my thoughts and prayers.

But there is still joy.  Tuesday night, the League’s Community Resource Board selected a recipient for our Emily Couric Community Advocacy Award, and that’s always a cause for celebration.  Last night, the Membership Council hosted our now-annual Joint Leadership Social, for incoming and out-going leaders in the League.   We were at a new venue, and it was fun to have some of our Sustainer (Life Members) leaders join us too. 

I’m also especially grateful that our local woman’s organization is a part of an international association with a proud, productive history AND some of the most dedicated staff EVER.  I honestly can’t count how many after-hours, from their homes conversations I’ve had with AJLI staff over the past few years, and they always laugh off my attempts to express my gratitude.   (And that call last night saved our League hundreds of dollars after a hotel registration snafu… even though it creates more work for AJLI staff.  They get that we’re non-profits and money matters.)

photo.JPGAnd I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that I have all kinds of help at home too.   They’re at work with us today, and it’s impossible to be too morose when you  have a happy fur-girl or two shadowing you.

How are you balancing all of the dark news in the current events?

Fitness Attire

If you were awake last month, you heard about Lulu-gate.   If you’re a regular here, you may be aware that I’m a Lululemon (LLL) fan.  Thankfully, the pants I own are all quite decent and not involved in the recall, but no new crops joined the LLL collection in the woods this spring because of the recall.  (The ones I wanted were recalled and thus, I sought out other options.)  Frankly, LLL’s quality control issues (last year this time it was dye transfer… to other clothes, hair, body…) have me wondering if my loyalties, weak as they are, are misplaced.

I actually own more Skirt Sports than LLL, but honestly, LLL has it all over Skirt Sports for softness.  I do love that skirt though, both for a little modesty and just because I’m a skirt kinda’ girl.  However, my favorite long-sleeve top is Skirt Sports “sweater.”  Their little mittens are fab, and the back pocket is actually large enough for my iPhone.  (I reviewed it here.)

Mine is pink, but love the lace look!

Mine is pink, but love the lace look!

And my favorite short-sleeve top is from LLL.  It’s insanely long, especially after sweating, but gosh it it’s so soft and pretty… and I’m short, so these things happen.

There are TONS of other options out there.  I really like Champions’ Target line, C9 or whatever they call it.  I have a bunch of their tops, and can even use their basic sports bra for walks and yoga.  (Running?  Only UnderArmor or MovingComfort.)  I also have had great luck with Danskin’s tights and tops from WalMart, so it’s not as though I only wear premium brands.

However…  did I mention the softness?  Yeah.  Even though we trek through the woods and cross streams, I am a sucker for comfort.  And for the record, my spendy gear is holding up flawlessly, even with Gg “reaching” for me sometimes and briars grabbing me as we zoom by.

110336_fall12lcyDARKSTONESo, with all that in mind, I’ve been watching Lucy for sales, and I ordered a tank and a pair of crops a couple of weeks ago.  The top is every bit as soft as the LLL beloved, and on sale, I believe it could compete with my big box purchases for lowest priced items.  The crops are great, but the back pocket is a VERY tight fit for my iPhone in its Lifeproof case.  They might rival my LLL crops for favorite crops status though, because the LLL crops don’t have a great pocket either.  (Skirt Sports hip pocket is my favorite, but their fabric just isn’t as soft, nor does it truly compress.)  I’m hot and cold on whether I *NEED* good pockets on warmer-weather bottoms, because once the temperature tops about 60, I have to pack water for the fur-girls anyway, and if I’m doing that, I have room to drop my phone, keys and mace in there too.  Maybe there is an advantage to this otherwise disappointing 5 days of spring thing we have going on here in podunk… pockets don’t matter much.

A blogger shared a coupon code for Yogasmoga, so I’ll have a new pair of capri/crops/whatever to report back on soon.  So there are lots of options out there, and not all of them are pricey or sheer!   But those other brands also haven’t donated a portion of a trunk show sales back to the JLC either, so… score one for LLL.

Now, about socks…  I still haven’t found the right style/pair/brand.  I don’t like compression socks and except on below-freezing days, I only wear anklets/footies.  I have a very small foot too, so I think I need to stop buying the one-size fits all brands…  Any suggestions?

Keeping On

In the shadow looming over Boston… the nation… the world, here in Virginia, we are remembering what happened at Virginia Tech six years ago today. 

Now that I know many of you like quotes too, I’ll share some that seem appropriate today. 

     If you’re going through hell, keep going.  – Winston Churchill


I’m very proud of the emergency service providers who worked – and are still working – both at Virginia Tech six years ago and in Boston and everywhere there’s heightened security measures today.  Whether you are the praying sort or send out good vibes, please lift them and their families up today.   They don’t have the luxury to grieve or “go into shock” over what they see; they just keep working, as do the medical professionals caring for the injured.

And knowing a few marathoners, my heart goes out to the runners who didn’t get to finish the race.  I consider 5-7 miles my “long days”  as I learned in my teens that I’m just not wired for long distance runs or hikes, so the marathoners and even 13.1 crowd have my utmost respect.

Boston has been through hard times before.  Ironically, that’s what they were celebrating yesterday.  They – and we as a nation – will keep on going, and I hope those runners will too.

We Saw…

We see all kinds of creatures on our walks, but today was especially fun.  Right off the bat, Gretchen found a skink, but I was quick and it wasn’t harmed.

Little Blue Heron

Little Blue Heron

Next up were the birds.  We saw a pretty male cardinal and a blue jaybut the heron was the hit of the bird sightings for me.  I really think it was a little blue heron, even though it would be far more likely to have been a great blue heron.  It was distinctively, well… blue-grey all over.  I’m so grateful that I looked up in time to get a good, long look and feel confident!  Herons are quite special to me as my father’s middle name was Heron, and Daddy was especially fond of Civil War hero Col. John Mosby, aka: the Gray Ghost, so…  very special.

Red-bellied Cooter

Red-bellied Cooter

Gretchen and I have repeatedly heard a splash as we noisily round a bend on the river portion of our walk, and I’ve assured her it was okay every time, all the while wondering what on earth could make such a significant “splash” sound as it slips off of the bank.  Well, Sissy INSISTED on looping back and doing the river path twice today, and from the opposite angle, I was able to see a family of turtles.  I will have to have my phone/camera in hand next time we come from that direction, because I believe it was a  Red-bellied Cooter, and none have been sighted in our county.  There’s a chance it was a boring ol’ EasterRiver Cooter, but there were three of them sunning together on one large log, and I clearly saw much “orange”…

I also picked 3 ticks off the dogs (not attached), saw lots of bumble bees, and one Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

What have you seen out and about?


1667Do you like quotes?  At more than one point in my life, I’ve kept a quote journal, jotting down the words that resonate.  Now of course, I just pin them.

Do you collect quotes?   Have you seen any great ones lately? 

PS – ThunderLeash answered my question from yesterday.