Time may change me…

photo.JPGMy apologies to Mr. Bowie.  Time is indeed changing me, and my body has the memory of an elephant and a twisted sense of humor.   I remember being a flower girl in a friend’s older sister’s wedding.  I was 4?  5?  6?  I remember my mother trying in vain to get my stick-straight hair to hold a curl.  It did… long enough to make the 5-minute commute to the church, where it promptly let go of all curl on the spot.

Then, in high school, I got my first perm.  (I’ve only had two.)  My hair responded by becoming ever so slightly wavier, until about two years ago, when the greys started poking – and I do mean POKING – their curly, obnoxious selves out of my head.  Now, even more suddenly, my hair is unstraightenable.  I can control the frizz, but the days of flat-ironing it to a smooth, sleek finish – the one I failed to appreciate as a child – are gone.  Even with copious amounts of styling projects, it’s an uphill battle.

photo.JPGSo while I didn’t exactly plan this post and they’re iPhone self-portraits, this is indeed what my hair looks like when I let it dry naturally with a small effort – twisting large sections  – to control the frizz and highly random kinks and curls it wants to do on its own.

It’s ironic.  I remember DESPERATELY wanting “Farah Fawcett” hair in 6th grade, and my ultra-straight hair would neither “flip” nor wave and hold.  Luckily “beach hair” is in style, so I’m going to give my tresses a break from heat styling and let them wave on. 

The real question for the day though is … has your hair changed texture?


16 comments on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Mary says:

    Over the last year my hair has gone from mostly straight (underlying wave) to incredibly curly. At my age, it isn’t a good look, especially since my hair is now below shoulder length and mostly gray though thankfully, shiny. If I let it dry naturally…well, let’s just say they could use my head as one of those big rollers in an automatic car wash. Luckily, I only have to wash it once/twice a week, max. But it takes about 45 minutes of carefully drying it, layer by layer, with a very large roller brush to get it halfway tamed. Fortunately for you, you look (in the immortal words of Billy Crystal) maaahvelous!

  2. susancyr says:

    I think your hair looks FABULOUS!! If mine looked like that, I wouldn’t ever dry it.

    Mine used to be wavy, as I have gotten older it is not frizzy and not really curly, but more crimped. Not consistent all over my head. I can dry and straighten and look good, but as soon as breeze or humidity hits it, it frizzes and recurls.

  3. Sue says:

    I’ve worn mine short for so long that nothing much affects it. When I lived at the beach it would curl from the humidity, but now it’s pretty straight. The coloring gives it body, so I don’t have too many complaints.

  4. Nancy says:

    I think your hair is fabulous!

    When I was young, I had long hair that held a curl very well. Then in high school, it started turning gray. My hair is thick and used to have a lot of body and wave, but now it is white with a sprinkling of gray and only a bit of wave. The white hair is very wiry, so I wear it short. If I get a perm, I tend to look like a poodle – not a pretty sight! When I am in a humid climate, the body and nature curl returns.

  5. gMarie says:

    I think your curls look amazing. I love yout hair. And no, mine hasn’t changed no matter how I’ve tried. Stick straight. g

  6. grace yaskovic says:

    first of all you are so pretty!!! Yes my hair has changed huge—the grey is so wiry,the white is so fine, but the still brown hairs are dry and coarse. I got my last hair cut 2 1/2 years ago–except for dead end trimming—and it has grown over a foot in that time I went from short above the shoulder to the waist in that short of time. It is heavy but has always been—and multicolored, because I did stop dying it too. I think it is a hot mess but Tom loves it, and I do all things for him1

  7. Marjie says:

    You mean is my stick straight hair cooperating in any way, shape or form? Nope. It’s following my father’s pattern and darkening as I get older, and now there may be a few grays in there, but I would never admit to that. In the immortal words of my favorite grandmother, “A lady never goes gray. She goes blond.” You’re doing that well.

    I stopped perming my hair nearly 20 years ago, because it didn’t help much. I have been using the Chi volumizing spray, and it does help my hair to pretend like it might curl, or at least wave, a little bit. I’m another who only washes her hair twice per week, because my skin is rather dry, so washing more often causes dandruff. True story. Another, thing, my daughter started taking folate on the advice of her neurologist, and her hair has gotten longer and thicker since she started.

    There was an article in last weekend’s WSJ which said that your hair gets crappier – thinner and less manageable – as you get older, and I can only hope that they’re wrong.

  8. Robin in VA says:

    Hey there Pretty Lady!!!!!

  9. Walden121 says:

    Your hair looks lovely!

    My hair is the same as yours was as a child. It is so straight it won’t do anything. If I curl it, it will maybe hold for a half hour or so. I’ve had my hair permed twice also with huge failures. My hair is still the same overall though. It’s still thin and straight and won’t do much of anything. As I age though, I get gray, which still hangs straight like the rest, but I also get the black curly hairs that look like my grandmother’s hair and they won’t behave for anything! They’ll do anything but lay down straight with the rest of the hair.

  10. Katherine says:

    You and your hair are beautiful!! All of my years have been spent wishing I had straight hair. My curly, red hair was never pleasing to me and I so admired the long, dark, straight tresses of the girls around me. When the gray started coming in I started dying it auburn. Then, I wished I could stop that. I started saying I was going to shave my head and let it grow back all gray. I caution everyone to be careful what you wish for!! I never imagined I would have a craniotomy resulting in my head being shaved. Now it is gray–but still curly. Hmmmm!!

  11. kathy b says:

    I agree with all. YOUr hair and your style is lovely. Beachy waves are so IN!!

    MY hair has become very very curly now that it is short in the back. WOMEN love the cut…men…well not a one seems to!

  12. AlisonH says:

    Your hair is gorgeous! Longer than it used to be, too, isn’t it? Straight or curly, you’ve got nice hair.

    And I have to chuckle. What a difference a decade makes. I used to wish so hard I could make my hair not be curly but rather hang straight like everybody else’s in high school in the ’70’s. It just was not meant to be.

  13. Blond Duck says:

    I’ll trade you hair! After my anemia, mine is a lot curlier than usual.

  14. To answer your question…for the most part, my hair is still the super-fine texture it has always been, except for those coarse greys so many have already mentioned…however, it has morphed from stick-straight to mostly pretty curly over the last ten-ish years. Still more curls in the back than in the front, and more “underneath” than “on the surface” but that seems to be working itself out with time. I inherited the family “thinning” issues….so I really appreciate that the curls help make the hair I DO have look like more…mostly. You, my Dear, look wonderful. Go figure…Farrah is now an option for you!

  15. Nichole says:

    I’m in the exact same hair changing boat as you!

  16. km says:

    I saw this on my phone and I’ve been meaning to come back and comment. I LOVE your hair here. I totally agree with the comment if my hair looked like that I’d never dry it. I

    My girl’s hair is long…and she doesn’t like to brush it. So we’re braiding it for waves in the morning. I’m thinking you’d look good like that too, but it’s not so easy to french braid your own hair.

    My hair is sad. I can’t afford the highlights I was getting. I new I had done the “sun-in” in high-school. And that’s essentially peroxide. So I googled and sure enough there were a ton of you tubes about peroxide on hair…mostly for the ombre look which I don’t want, but I was still confident enough to try it. Now my roots that were coming in brown aren’t brown but more strawberry. Still not the platinum that my ends are, but less noticeable. I wonder if you would be a good candidate for the “beach spray” that is essentially salt water. I know they sell expensive versions, but there are DIY videos on youtube. So, do you like your hair at the beach?

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