Cross-posting for a Cause

Blog the ChangeForgive me for the cross post, but we do have different readers for the two blogs.  Today’s not just Tax Day, it’s also the quarterly Blog the Change day.   In short, we want to know what you think makes for a good pet neighbor, and Gretchen is giving a shout-out for shy dogs (and all dogs who need Sissy and the other extroverts to give them space).

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5 comments on “Cross-posting for a Cause

  1. Katherine says:

    Macy and Max are not shy dogs but they aren’t aggressive either. I think they are both good pet neighbors. At least the neighbors tell me they are. They will not “go after” or chase other pets or their people as they pass. They love to watch other pets walking their humans past our house and may yip a hello or yap a stay away, but neither would ever chase or attack a passerby and both are ALWAYS on a lead and accompanied when in the front yard. They love to warn the neighbors of cows, horses, donkeys, dangerous squirrels that may be passing the back yard. I know I appreciate their dogs offering similar warnings. I don’t even mind their cats wandering through our yard, but I think that borders on being a bad neighbor and Macy thinks it is the ultimate insult!

    Bottom line–I think a good pet neighbor is leashed an the open front yard and fenced in the back yard, as well as being quiet at night.

  2. AlisonH says:

    And I read that as being a good neighbor to someone who has pets. Which I try to be. When the neighbor’s huge Maine Coon cat comes into the yard going after my birds, though, it would get a squirt gun if my simply telling it to go away weren’t enough (but it is. Haven’t had to do that.)

  3. Marjie says:

    “Good fences make good neighbors.” That’s human or other neighbor. I do recall the day Thor was outside with the little boys, inside our fence, playing, and a man jogged past on the street. Thor barked, as dogs are wont to do, and the man told my boys to shut their dog up. Ryan, somewhere in middle school grade, replied that Thor was on his own property, exercising his constitutional right to free speech. Personally, I think the dope should have just kept on running, instead of making a spectacle of himself. If you’re going to jog past houses, dogs are going to bark. It’s what they do. And since (at least in our little town) most people keep their dogs contained, there’s no harm in a little free speech.

  4. Blond Duck says:

    Queen Bitty and Bear used to be AWFUL, but since all the little bitties in the neighborhood want to pet them, they’re doing better.

  5. Sue says:

    I’m with Marjie. Good fences make food human and canine neighbors. I believe in obvious boundaries. Fortunately our closest neighbors like dogs. I try not to let ours bark early and late.

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