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If you were awake last month, you heard about Lulu-gate.   If you’re a regular here, you may be aware that I’m a Lululemon (LLL) fan.  Thankfully, the pants I own are all quite decent and not involved in the recall, but no new crops joined the LLL collection in the woods this spring because of the recall.  (The ones I wanted were recalled and thus, I sought out other options.)  Frankly, LLL’s quality control issues (last year this time it was dye transfer… to other clothes, hair, body…) have me wondering if my loyalties, weak as they are, are misplaced.

I actually own more Skirt Sports than LLL, but honestly, LLL has it all over Skirt Sports for softness.  I do love that skirt though, both for a little modesty and just because I’m a skirt kinda’ girl.  However, my favorite long-sleeve top is Skirt Sports “sweater.”  Their little mittens are fab, and the back pocket is actually large enough for my iPhone.  (I reviewed it here.)

Mine is pink, but love the lace look!

Mine is pink, but love the lace look!

And my favorite short-sleeve top is from LLL.  It’s insanely long, especially after sweating, but gosh it it’s so soft and pretty… and I’m short, so these things happen.

There are TONS of other options out there.  I really like Champions’ Target line, C9 or whatever they call it.  I have a bunch of their tops, and can even use their basic sports bra for walks and yoga.  (Running?  Only UnderArmor or MovingComfort.)  I also have had great luck with Danskin’s tights and tops from WalMart, so it’s not as though I only wear premium brands.

However…  did I mention the softness?  Yeah.  Even though we trek through the woods and cross streams, I am a sucker for comfort.  And for the record, my spendy gear is holding up flawlessly, even with Gg “reaching” for me sometimes and briars grabbing me as we zoom by.

110336_fall12lcyDARKSTONESo, with all that in mind, I’ve been watching Lucy for sales, and I ordered a tank and a pair of crops a couple of weeks ago.  The top is every bit as soft as the LLL beloved, and on sale, I believe it could compete with my big box purchases for lowest priced items.  The crops are great, but the back pocket is a VERY tight fit for my iPhone in its Lifeproof case.  They might rival my LLL crops for favorite crops status though, because the LLL crops don’t have a great pocket either.  (Skirt Sports hip pocket is my favorite, but their fabric just isn’t as soft, nor does it truly compress.)  I’m hot and cold on whether I *NEED* good pockets on warmer-weather bottoms, because once the temperature tops about 60, I have to pack water for the fur-girls anyway, and if I’m doing that, I have room to drop my phone, keys and mace in there too.  Maybe there is an advantage to this otherwise disappointing 5 days of spring thing we have going on here in podunk… pockets don’t matter much.

A blogger shared a coupon code for Yogasmoga, so I’ll have a new pair of capri/crops/whatever to report back on soon.  So there are lots of options out there, and not all of them are pricey or sheer!   But those other brands also haven’t donated a portion of a trunk show sales back to the JLC either, so… score one for LLL.

Now, about socks…  I still haven’t found the right style/pair/brand.  I don’t like compression socks and except on below-freezing days, I only wear anklets/footies.  I have a very small foot too, so I think I need to stop buying the one-size fits all brands…  Any suggestions?

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7 comments on “Fitness Attire

  1. km says:

    I just wear some of my regular clothes for fitness. I’ve got knit capris from land’s end and hanna andersson. I wear my pure body t’s from the gap. My favorite socks are from keds. They’re a no-show. I think if I was running/jogging instead of walking my wardrobe would need to change, but I’m fine like this. Oh, and I’ll add tanks to the rotation so I don’t get a farmer’s tan in the summer.

  2. Katherine says:

    I haven’t heard of Yogasmoga. Thanks! I love the LLL shirt and of course yours would have to be pink!

    I have been buying Sof Sole Performance socks from Academy. I can’t stand a seam or knot inside a sock that rubs my foot (I don’t even knit a design on the foot of my hand knit socks because I can feel it). Sof Sole’s seem to be smooth inside and out. I don’t know how they do that but it works!

  3. Sue says:

    I’m no help on this one. I gran a temperature appropriate shirt and jeans. I also don’t do socks except on cold winter days.

  4. AlisonH says: Anything you want on your foot, they seem to have it (except for handknits).

  5. Marjie says:

    Knit socks? I don’t know; I don’t wear them. It’s good that you’ve finally found clothes for your daily hikes which are comfortable and pretty. I like the lace pattern in that top, too.

  6. gmariesews says:

    Marjie fibs – she has a pair of pink handknit socks that she wears, or else she really does fib. But to whom?

    I wear a lot of target. We’ve had this discussion And they don’t really compress or stand up to things pulling and tugging on them. But for the time being – I’m out of ‘competition’ walking. And I’m very sad about it. 😦 g

  7. kathy b says:

    THose crops are just adorable Channon! ! I have no sock info for you….
    I use the elipitical in my bare feet and I live in sandals otherwise in summer…..
    I have to buy some new Birkenstocks this week…they are long time coming

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