Loft Love

The local Loft store is great about hosting League shopping events.  I believe this is at least the third they’ve done for us.  Now… full disclosure, one of our VPs is a shared asset, but I think our local store is just wonderful like that, and perhaps the whole brand is so supportive of other women and non-profits?

imageServiceMore true confessions…  Loft is hit and miss for me.  I do love their basic tee better than any other basic tee in the whole wide world, and you can almost always catch them on super-sale.  I’m not sure I’ve ever paid more than $8 for the tees, and they hold up well.  They are cut slim and they are thinner than a traditional tee, but … that suits me well.

However, last night was bountiful!  I left behind peplums and a really cute woven dress (not shown on the website), but I couldn’t resist a few things, starting with this french terry maxi.  I am 5’3″ and it hits me at the ankle bone, if that helps?  It’s the most comfortable thing…  No wonder it’s listed as part of their lounge wear collection!

I had a very loose notion when I went shopping that I wanted a mint green bottom of some sort.  The Loft actually has quite a few offerings in what they call spring jade, and I grabbed a pair of crops.  I look forward to it warming up again so I can wear them!

lace skirtAnd now, I have a conundrum.  I love lace, and was drawn to the cotton tiered lace skirt.  It definitely will be a new favorite!  I already have a dress for the May Dinner, but gee I love this skirt.  I see it paired with a chambray shirt or a dark tee for casual wear, but add a solid colored blouse… yes?  (And no, I don’t own a solid colored blouse that would work, so feel free to make suggestions!)

I did go with the not-petite length.  I find a lot of Loft skirts/dresses indecently short in the petite length.

Have you found any great warmer weather items?

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9 comments on “Loft Love

  1. Mary says:

    The lace skirt is just looking for a silk (real deal) t-shirt and a beautiful classic long pearl pendant necklace…just saying.

  2. Nichole says:

    Great finds! That maxi dress sure does look great for a summer loungey type of day! The lace skirt is very pretty… I love the idea of paring it with a simple tee to dress it “down” a tad.

  3. AlisonH says:

    We had a young woman at church on Sunday wearing a similar skirt, only perhaps slightly more formal? In that the fabric was a finer/thinner lace, trying to figure out how to describe, like knitted vs crocheted even if they’re both knitted. Anyway. Same idea, same scallops, smashing on her. At first glance I thought that was the same one. Seems to me you can’t go wrong with it.

  4. Marjie says:

    A top in a very similar color would look elegant with that skirt. Add neutral colored shoes and you’re all set.

    The maxi is great for “lounging”, although with it hitting you at the ankle, you might feel a tad “stumpy” if you wear it anywhere. Just sayin’. Glad you were able to find some spring clothes….now for the spring weather to go with them? Please?

  5. Nancy says:

    I’ve never seen or heard of Loft before reading your post.

  6. kathy b says:

    OH can you just shop for ME??? and take 30 lbs off me at the same time?
    I LOVE the lace skirt and the long dress!!!!

  7. gmariesews says:

    Great find. *I* would pair that skirt with a ditzy print blouse – proper button front blouse. (Ditzy = tiny, all over print). The maxi is stunning – I was just thinking I needed to up my yoga pants at home wardrobe.

    Summer finds. I bought 4 new cardis this weekend – does that count? One is orange polka dots. 🙂 g

  8. Heh…you certainly had fun…:-) My best buy for the spring/summer has been a bright orange v-neck T which has some very cool gold patterning on the front only. I’ll try to get a pic soon.

  9. Sue says:

    I’m with Marjie. I used to have a similar skirt in black and wore it with a black silk tank and a red and black silk jacket. I do like the idea of dressing it down with a chambray shirt, too.

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