What the flower?!

photo.JPGThis is actually a royal purple, but that hue is so hard to capture, either through photos or editing…  I think it’s a weed and not even a true wildflower, but if you know what it is, I’d like to know too!  It stands about 30″ high, if that helps?  It’s growing wild along the edge of our property, up the edge of the neighbor’s driveway.  (No, not THAT neighbor or the wonderful trail neighbors…) 

Edited to add:  Thanks, Nancy!  It is indeed columbine, and in fact, this photo is identical.  Wonder if my neighbor would mind if I dug up a couple of plants for my house?

In the as Chan tries to clothe herself saga, the beige blouse I own is an epic fail, the PANK blouse I bought yesterday is even worse, and a sequined pewter tank I own might could work if I decide I’m up to doing sparkles and lace in the same outfit.  Right now, I’m thinking I’m going to just go with the dress I bought to wear for the dinner weeks ago.

444f35f3451a97fb41528f9b2000bda2_bestRight?  There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?  It’s not ubber fancy, but it’s pretty, happy, comfortable… and in my closet ready to go.  In fact, it may be machine washable. 

After wearing “winter clothes” on Monday, it’s supposed to be near 90 today.  Crazy weather.

What has you puzzled today?

11 comments on “What the flower?!

  1. Sue says:

    I like that dress and it’s very happy looking. The skirt will find it’s mate sometime and be perfect for some occasion. I’m always happily surprised when pieces come together at just the right time. I saw that lace skirt in a darker shade yesterday in a catalog, very pretty.

  2. Nancy says:

    Your flower almost looks like a columbine. Search online images to double-check, but the leaves look a lot like the ones I have in my yard.

  3. grace yaskovic says:

    i also was going to say Columbine–they come in many colors

  4. Troy Boyer says:

    I agree that’s a gorgeous columbine. THe flower of the HOLY SPIRIT Catholics say….

    HEY I bought new tops yesterday. I went way out of my comfort zone and bought a top that Fireman picked. I LOVE it. Jc Penney.

  5. km says:

    I think the flower is a columbine. http://flowerpicturegallery.com/v/columbine-flower-picture-gallery/Garden+spring+flowers+with+purple+columbine+flowers+pic.PNG.html

    M & I took Holly for a walk yesterday and we saw Bree, Holly’s favorite Husky. They played for 15 minutes together. I hadn’t noticed, but since we had something to compare to, Holly has grown a few more inches tall! Bree’s owner said, “Does she have greyhound legs?” Puzzling indeed.

  6. Katherine says:

    I love the dress! It is sunny and happy-a real feel good dress!!

    I am also puzzled by the weather. It is going to be 90 here today and I was covering plants to protect them from frost last weekend. What puzzles me most is weather to put a blanket on the bed to sleep under at night. I am either hot or cold and I’d like just right for at least one night!

  7. Mary says:

    The one thing you could try (assuming C-town might have one–surely nearby Ric should), is to take the skirt with you and ask a personal shopper to give some ideas of what you might wear with it. Some stores have this as a free service. If all else fails, wear the dress and do the personal shopper route later…maybe for a more casual look. Happy hunting.

  8. Nichole says:

    I say go for it – combine the sparkles and lace… why not? But, if you should decide otherwise, that dress is purdy!

  9. AlisonH says:

    My parents had wild columbine growing at the edge of the woods at the house I grew up in. Beautiful, beautiful flowers; enjoy!

    Puzzled: what to pack. And how to get four days’ worth into carry-on only, because the flight gets in near 1 am as it is.

  10. Marjie says:

    How about a royal purple top, maybe the color of that columbine? I’m thinking something silky with a draped neckline would be great. As Mary said, take the skirt with you to hold next to some other things, if you’re inclined to visit a store, and see what happens. I’m not sure I have a problem with sequins and lace, but I’m not entirely sure how pewter would work with ecru, so….good luck!

  11. Love columbine…hope your neighbor allows you to “borrow” a bit of it. Surprises? How many very windy days we’ve had this spring. Dry year + lots of wind = bad fire season…already under-way. Meh.

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