Happy Thorsday, little friday and thankful thursday!  I have up a post about a leash failure on the girls’ blog, if you are interested.  

I’ve tried to stuff this post down so it wouldn’t insist on being written, but… here we are.  I did control myself and didn’t rant on Facebook as soon as it happened, but a few of you have already heard this tale.

photo.JPGOn Saturday, we were enjoying our usual very long walk, over the river and through the woods.  Remember, we were INVITED to use those trails.  However, the private road to get to said trails is owned by someone else, and as I had feared when we began walking to the trails, that someone finally stopped me and told me to “stick to the main road.”  He was nice enough about it, and no, I didn’t point out that his neighbors (who have to have a legal right of way) had given us permission to use their trails and the road we have to travel to get to those trails.  I don’t know the terms of their own access agreement, and I don’t want to start a turf war.

The girls don’t understand why we now turn around at the “end of state maintenance” every single walk.  They were NOT amused yesterday when we made a loop – twice – to cover the miles I wished to log.  I have a back-up option we’ll exercise this weekend, but as with Gretchen’s attack, it irks the daylights out of me that we cannot just step out of our back door and walk the paths we’ve enjoyed for over a year now.


So, I’m still very thankful for the INCREDIBLE neighbors whose generosity gave us many months of awesome walks in the woods.   I suspect they’ll straighten this out when they hear of it, but somehow, even my inner six-year old self couldn’t find it in her to call them on Saturday and tattle on the other neighbor.   In time, we’ll pass on the PUBLIC road, and they’ll ask why they haven’t seen us on the paths, and we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

We were happy to see our horse friends back in their field too.  They’re older and frailer, but I was elated when both dogs dropped into obedient heels and just walked on by.  Can you see how close they are to the path?  Gg was within INCHES of the horse closest to the fence, and she stayed the course without any barking, spinning or pulling!

And of course, I’m very grateful for the alternate route proposal.  It will require a short drive, but it too offers exposure to other dogs, horses, and a very large neighborhood with miles and MILES to walk. 

What are you thankful for today?



12 comments on “Re-routed

  1. gMarie says:

    Oh, damn my life. How did I miss this tale? I’m sure you were spiting nails. I’m glad you have options, but honestly, I hate having to drive for a walk.

    Thankful -Public transport that provides knitting time. Design ideas churning in my head, veggie gardens, fruit crisp, dresses, nice jewelry, friends, healthy dogs (remind me to call the vet today). g

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m positive the neighbor who owns the trails will intercede for you, and you are wise to allow it to happen on its own.

    Thankful for good health and life even with its daily struggles and disappointments.

  3. km says:

    It just makes me wonder if they had a wedgie that kept them from being kind or even asking you about your permissions.

    My dog trainer neighbor was commenting on our frequent *dogs off leash* experiences. She says that she just sticks to the main road to avoid those situations. And recommended we report the house numbers to animal control if we have repeat performances.

  4. Troy Boyer says:

    Awww When they close a path they open a window…or something like that….hee hee

    I LOVE the horse images. Im thankful beatles likes to be out in the yard on leash….my fake dog.

  5. Katherine says:

    Macy loves talking to the horses! She doesn’t bark either, just sort of hums at them. They stick their heads over the fence and huff at her. She loves it but Max runs in the opposite direction.

    I guess I am thankful today that we don’t have any neighbors who say, “stay off our property!” We have a man who walks two HUGE Great Danes every day, right through our yard. He smiles and waves and I wave and laugh as the dogs pull him down the road.

  6. Marjie says:

    Good girl, Gretchen, not bothering the nice horsies. Hope you and the girls can find a nicer route than the public road on which to walk.

  7. Blond Duck says:

    I would have told him to bite me.

  8. Barbara says:

    I hope the neighbors read this and correct it. You were smart to say nothing, though.
    There’s just something about having to get in a car to take a walk. Huh.

  9. Sue says:

    No point getting into territory wars. Apparently the people who owned this house before us allowed the neighbors to use the back yard for anything they wanted, sledding, picnics, hunting, etc. When we moved in they all thought it was still open land for their pleasure. I had to be the mean old lady on the block and let them know that it was now private property and they weren’t to drag guns and pickups and whatever to our yard. There was practically a riot when we put the fence up, but there is a playground a block away and a park not far from here. There is also a trail thru the woods behind us. So I’m kind of in the middle on this issue. I understand your point of view and hope you can again access your walking trail. Maybe it will work out.

  10. Nichole says:

    Well, pooey… that sure does stinks. May I ask what the owners reason was? I like that you say he was nice enough about it, but did they give a reason? Any chance you may be able to chat with them again and change their mind?

  11. I agree with Duckie, lol…I’m still trying to find a trail to walk on around here:) I really do need to get me a puppy:) I do hope things get lined up for those walks of yours Channon. The girls sure do seem to enjoy them! BTW, LOVE that Columbine in the last post. I have so many colors which you are more than welcome to, they divide nicely. Unfortunately, not that color:(

    Thanks for sharing…

    P.S. If you get a moment, whiz on by my blog. I did a post today:)

  12. AlisonH says:

    Sounds like you’ve found a graceful way around the problem and all it needs now is time. Good for you, Chan, and if it were easy you’d have fewer brownie points in heaven, right? I know I need all the ones I can get.

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