Wade in the Water

Happy Thorsday, little friday and thankful thursday.  Come on long weekend!  It’s been a wild two weeks, so let’s walk down memory lane.  Or… let’s just look at a couple of photos I haven’t shown you already.  They’re bittersweet.  I am grateful we had paths, and honestly, I haven’t had time to miss them much.  Between travel and annual meetings mixed with unseasonably warm weather… yeah.  Not so much walking.

photo.JPGSo, back to a cool thought.  Sis isn’t exactly all in, but she’s much closer than Gg.  Gg isn’t taking any chances.  She did get to water’s edge, but not quite close enough to even wet her whistle.

Sis amazes me.  Remember, she only has one eye, which means she has depth perception problems… as in she has none.  This is a rather typical boat landing; it is nice and shallow for only a couple of feet and then the bottom drops off.  But my brilliant, aware, one-eyed girl knows.  I always held on TIGHTLY and watched every breath she took while she was in the water, but she KNEW.  She can be so very aware… when her nose isn’t too the ground.


See?  Maybe some of you reading on larger monitors can even see where the river bottom drops.  She knows.  She’s a good 10 inches from it, and that’s as far as she EVER went in.

I’m so thankful that we still have her right eye.  I’m so grateful for how well she adapted, and thus, how she forced us to treat her as normally as you can treat a dog with more allergies than not, primary (genetic) aggressive glaucoma in that one eye that requires a rigorous maintenance schedule.  I’m so grateful that she and Gretchen are both sweet, sensitive girls, and that they came to live with us.  They’re entertaining too.  As I type, Gg is sprinting, prancing and playing, but evidently a little earlier, she had some thoughts to share.

And I’m glad we’ll be able to settle back into our routine again.  Our short heatwave is almost over, and we’ll have a long weekend to make up for lost time, miles, steps.

Anything you’re getting back to, or trying to?



9 comments on “Wade in the Water

  1. gmariesews says:

    What beautiful photos of your girl – even if they are of the ‘wrong’ end.

    Getting back to: health, fitness, cooking, crafting, doing fun stuff. My goal this year is to get out more – doesn’t have to be expensive, just doing stuff – like street fairs, dog walks, dinners with friends. g

  2. sue says:

    We’re not surprised, Sissy is an honorary Portie so of course she likes water.

    I’m finally getting some projects started plus the little girls are being spayed tomorrow so that should keep me busy.

  3. Nichole says:

    I’m trying to find some routine that doesn’t involve too many lazy “what did I do all day” days … classes will help, but I need to get out and get some exercise going. The rain all week hasn’t helped…

  4. Katherine says:

    Sissy and Gg are so precious!! Does Sissy swim? Our son’s Bassets jump in the pool several times a day. Macy, on the other hand, shuns water like the plague!

    I’m trying to get back to the gardening routine. Right now I am so sore that I realize I have not been as active as I thought I was during the winter.

  5. Barbara says:

    Sissy maybe doesn’t even need the other eye…she probably senses the depth. Dogs are so smart!
    I don’t know about the weather for everyone else. this holiday. The comments have indicated everyone is cold and/or rainy. It’s hot enough here, but there’s been a lot of rain. Emailing later.

  6. AlisonH says:

    Not till tomorrow, and after spending time with childhood friends here in Maryland part of me is wondering why on earth I would ever leave to go…home? (Dogwoods! There are DOGWOODS in bloom right now! Those are so rare in California!)

  7. Ruth says:

    Getting back to, or attempting to get back to, a student/class free lifestyle…for a couple of months anyway.

  8. Nancy says:

    I hope to get back to quilting soon.

    The cartoon on the fur-girls’ blog is priceless – thanks for the chuckles.

  9. Troy Boyer says:

    So happy you have made the best of the health situation. 🙂 Sissy is so sweet.
    I have to get back to walking or going on the eliptical. I give myself way too much lee way due to work . I had a rough shift tuesday night and I let myself off the hook wed and thursday. Its only 20 minutes..c’mon kath you can and must do this

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