Carry Her Back…

Virginia’s state song used to be Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.  We are without one right now, but nonetheless, it inspired the naming of said project.  You see, a dear friend of mine is moving and we are quite hopeful that in two years when her husband retires from his military career, they will move back here.  That should put the rest of this finished object report in perspective.

UntitledProject:  It Better Carry Her Back…

Pattern:  Knitspot/Anne Hanson’s Fruit of the Vine.  I chose this pattern because I wanted a scarf that could alternately be used as a stole.   It was perfect, because it was an Anne Hanson pattern (she’s a favorite lace designer of mine) so that means it was well-written with both charts and text, but it was also just what I wanted… a pattern that spoke volumes about our friendship and her time here in The Commonwealth.

Yarn:  Filatura Di Crosa Superior is probably my most favorite luxury yarn.  It’s cashmere and silk, and I have to presume it is what knitting with whipped butter would feel like.   I knew from the moment I decided to knit for my friend that I had the precise yarn in my stash; I was fortunate that Ms. Hanson’s pattern was easily adapted for the fuzzy, soft laceweight yarn.

UntitledNeedles:  Gretchen’s beloved rosewood #6 straights.  Yes, larger than recommended, because the yarn is fuzzy and I wanted to make it stretch as far as I could.   (Long-time readers might recall that baby Gg nibbled on one of these needles as a wee puppy, but the Knight saved the day – and the pricey knitting tools – by sanding the teeth marks right out with a VERY fine grade of sandpaper.)

Verdict:  I wish I’d happened to have two balls of said yarn to make it longer, but I know it will be appreciated and quite functional as-is.

What are you knitting?  I need to cast on for something new.  Something baby, that I can finish in oh… 10 days.  I have a very important baby shower on the 8th.  What do you knit for summer babies?

12 comments on “Carry Her Back…

  1. AlisonH says:

    That’s a glorious yarn. I have some, I’ve knitted some, but mostly I just pet it, y’know? A dear friend is the kind that yarn is created for. Wishing her and you the best and a return soon.

  2. gmariesews says:

    That is a stunning gift and here’s hoping it keeps her warm, the memories fresh in her mind and help carry her back. I would love to see a picture of it draped around her shoulders.

    Baby knits – even for summer babies – socks, hats, the sleep sacks (mommas are lovin’ those) just use cotton. I have 2 projects OTN. I’m past the point of done in my mind on both and neither is close to finished – not a good omen. g

  3. Troy Boyer says:

    Oh A lightweight easy summer poncho for a baby. for those breezy nights out in the stroller!

    love your gift knit and I hope she comes back to the Commonwealth

  4. km says:

    Gorgeous Green! I’m sure that will feel like a hug from you. I’m still not sure what to knit for my girl friend that’s moving. Too many moves right now.

    I still knit blankets for summer babies. It will be cold again before you know it. And my 8 still sleeps with her special blanket. She doesn’t *need* it, and it doesn’t travel with her when she spend the night somewhere so I don’t feel I have to take it from her. My quickest baby blanket is an oversized version of the grandma’s favorite dishcloth. I use a bulky yarn and #11s so it goes quick. For a girl, there are some cute floppy brimmed hats I’ve looked at.

  5. Nichole says:

    This has popped up in my Flickr feed the other day and I commented on one of the pics… really caught my eye! Love the color … and such a great gift! I’ve got to get back to a baby blanket that needs to be finished SOON…

  6. Katherine says:

    My all time favorite baby knit (although I have sworn never to knit it again because I hate bobbles) is’s Berry Tart Hat. If knit with red it could be a strawberry pie hat for summer!

    I love your scarf/shawl just as it is! I have one that is way too long, so I don’t use it as often as I would one the length of your gift knit. Beautiful yarn and beautiful work!!

  7. Marjie says:

    I’m sure your friend will love that scarf/shawl. It’s a pretty color, and I think everyone loves a nice, soft wrap.

    Summer baby project? A lacy blanket or sweater, or a sleep bag so he/she doesn’t need a blanket. Use a soft washable acrylic, of course; babies and mamas might love cashmere, but mama won’t love the hand washing.

    I’m making a lightweight blanket for an employee’s baby who was just born 7 weeks early; I’ll ship it to his house, and it should be there before baby is. Ecru acrylic yarn, of course; washable and baby-barf color coordinated (something only a mom would think of).

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  8. kathy says:

    It’s gorgeous! Your friend will love it! I know I do.

  9. Nancy says:

    I recommend knitting some bibs for baby gifts. One of the best resource for patterns is Note that she has several free bib patterns listed in the right-hand column.

    The scarf/shawl is gorgeous: your friend is going to love it.

  10. Jessica says:

    oh my, that is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it, and loooove the color! :o)
    well done dear friend!

  11. AlisonH says:

    p.s. Unless they changed it in the last few years, the Maryland state song is a rabble-rouser to the fiery tune of–you ready for this?–the tune “Christmas tree oh Christmas tree,” with “And fan the flaming winds of war, Maryland my Maryland,” because “the despot’s heel is at thy door,” etc etc. The despot? Abraham Lincoln. Oops.

  12. […] look now, but for the first time since May, I’ve finished knitting something other than a cotton dish cloth.  At least, that’s […]

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