Trails Day 2013

After a quick trip to the vet for Sissy’s regular eye pressure check-up, we hit the trails to celebrate National Trails Day.    (For those who don’t click over, Sis’s pressures were on the high side of acceptable, but we’re blaming it on her stress level.  We’ll see what Vision Vet thinks on Monday.)  Yes, we have confirmed that we still have permission to walk the trails – and thus, to walk the road to get to them – but I fear another confrontation with the OTHER neighbor looms.  Maybe just stating that I have permission from the real land owners will settle it, but …


Anyway.  Given how stressed Sis was at her visit, it was a much-needed release for all of us.  Gg is always wound up when she and Sis are separated, so she had energy to burn too.  Burn is the key word; it was already 80 degrees when we headed out.  Sis was sporting her ice-inside bandana, and I packed a full liter of water.  We drank it all with a mile left to go, and we all drank and drank when we got home again!

UntitledThe girls are smart though; they headed straight for the river every chance they got.  Gg found herself in the river because she’s a frog hunter.  There was a BIG bullfrog I wish I’d seen before she did; I would have liked to have shown you a photo of him!  I didn’t get a photo of her chasing the carp either; I was too busy holding on, as THAT boat ramp has a much deeper drop.

It was GREAT to be walking the trails, even though I picked off countless ticks and spent a lot of time waving off flies.  It looks as though this summer is going to making walking a challenge, but we’ll hit the trails when we can.

How goes your weekend?


12 comments on “Trails Day 2013

  1. Katherine says:

    Gg and Sissy are so cute standing in the water! Macy loves to push frogs around the patio with her nose but Max has to put his mouth on them. I tell him to “leave it” and he looks at me and then goes after the frog.

    My weekend is hectic so far. DS#3 is moving our furniture out to his entertainment room and moving new furniture into our living room. They said it would be easy and I didn’t have to do a thing. They lied!!

  2. gmariesews says:

    My weekend is going great! Dinner and games were lots of fun last night. We had 2 couples drop out yesterday. So it was a small group, but nice. Food was good, company was great. Today we took Beau for a long walk – chasing yard sale signs – 90 minutes up lots of hills at mostly a 15/mile pace. So far my hip is good.

    Tonight I’m going to be horrible and serve the left over chicken cheese steak (shhh – it’s our secret). I’ll make a fresh pasta salad and serve watermelon for dessert.

    Suddenly everything has fallen into place and my head is in a good place. Let’s home my body follows. 🙂 g

  3. kathy boyer says:

    Huck loved to FISH for fish in the water too! I love seeing your walk pictures. Maybe some baked goods would smooth some neighborly nerves???
    Its pouring out but its warm and we are watching the Hawks hockey game.
    and I am knitting.
    is there more?

  4. Sue says:

    Maybe Kathy is onto something. If you go dogless with some freshly baked cookies and explain that you have permission to use the trails, perhaps the neighbor will be more cooperative. It works wonders here when we deliver cookies to new neighbors on t moving in day.

  5. Glad you and the Grrrls got back out on the trails…take lots of care re those ticks and such…don’t need any of you getting sick

  6. Nancy says:

    Fantastic that you are hitting the trails again.

  7. AlisonH says:

    Shivering at the word ticks… We had the best weekend you could imagine. Having a seven-week-old grandson stare intently at your face and then do one quick giggle sound with a brief smile to match–he’s practicing, he can’t wait to be able to really smile back!

  8. km says:

    Our one experience with ticks is enough for me in this lifetime.

    Our weekend was piano recitals, a hike (where L came home with ticks last year and this year they saw a rattle snake), church, planting (3 hours of hard yard work) at a local non-profit, and fencing, grilling steaks, and playing with the dog. It was good. And the mountains of laundry facing me today are evidence of how blessed we are.

  9. Marjie says:

    Nice to be wading around in the river on a hot summer’s day. And hooray for a good eye check! You go, Sissy!

  10. Nichole says:

    BOO to the ticks (check out our review/giveaway we just posted btw – not sure HOW effective it’ll be with that many tickets, but….)… but YAY for a great walk and a river to cool off in!

  11. Back on the trails again, Yipee!!! It sounds like it was a GREAT day for trailing and releasing stress. I hope there are no more complaints. Do be careful with those ticks though Channon. Ever since I had Lyme disease, ticks give me the weebie jeebies.

    Our weekend was fairly quiet. I did “disappear” for a few hours on Sunday just to collect my thoughts:)

    Thanks for sharing, Channon, Good checkup Sissy!!! And a big hug to Gretchen too:)

  12. lol I can just see Gg going after the bullfrog. Although, those carp are strong critters, so tell her to stick with the croakers. 😉

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