National Running Day

It’s a nice day to be National Running Day.  It’s not too hot, not too humid…  not a bad day for a run.  Sissy, Gg and I will indeed run this afternoon.  I don’t run often or far, but my body craves diversity in its workouts, so we do run here and there.

My favorite shoe is a trail RUNNING shoe

My favorite shoe is a trail RUNNING shoe

I don’t call myself a runner.  I’ve read several articles on that same topic of late.  Seems we all have some pre-conceived notion about how far or fast or often one has to run to call herself a runner.  My good friend basically blogless Jess coined the term “wog” to explain the walk-jog she does, and I use that a lot to define my … style.

See, I was once – twice? – a true RUNNER.  If I was posting from home, maybe I’d wander to the guest room and take a photo of the winged shoe pin on my letterman’s jacket from high school.   I became a part of the high school track team in 8th grade.  I sprinted, tried hurdles, and gave everyone a good laugh the one time (in practice only) I tried to do the triple jump.  I even did cross country one fall, instead of tennis.  I ran off and on into my late 20s, when my back announced that pounding the pavement wasn’t going to work for us.

Now, I don’t believe you have to be an elite runner to say you’re a runner.  I have two friends who are marathoners, and several friends who enjoy fairly regular charitable races in the 5-10K range. 

What do you think?  Does time, distance, speed or frequency matter, or can you call yourself a runner if you sometimes shuffle faster for an interval or two?

Happy National Running Day, just the same.  We’re not all built to run either, just as we’re not all meant to be baseball or hockey all-stars.


8 comments on “National Running Day

  1. Katherine says:

    Of course you are a runner! I think if you put on the running shoes and “wog” or run even a short distance and only occasionally you can call yourself a runner. I still say I am a swimmer even though I no longer dive into pools and swim flat out like a crazy person for 400m just to get a silly medal. I still swim so I am a swimmer! I confess that I have always been a little envious of runners. You all look so fit and toned!! I see runners go off to run a 5k, 10k or marathon and I feel like a slug!

  2. AlisonH says:

    It’s all good.

    I can’t call myself a runner now, but I was the fastest girl in my grade growing up with only two boys faster than me. But I had piano lessons twice a week and the idea of joining the track team in high school simply wasn’t happening, so, that all fell away in my teens. Still. I like remembering how fast I was as I do my fast walks now.

  3. Kari says:

    I only run when someone is chasing me and my life is in danger 🙂 I do envy those who run. My boobs just dont work well with running!

  4. Nancy says:

    I don’t run or wog, but I love to walk. My stride is longer than most people, so I can cover some area quickly.

  5. Marjie says:

    I’m with Kari. Actually, I tried to run through the airport to make a close connection the last time I traveled (nearly 2 years ago), and discovered that I can’t run since my back surgery. I can do a mediocre imitation of a trot.

    But Happy Running Day to you all the same!

  6. Kathy says:

    Do you have a calendar that tells you about all these holidays? You informed us of trail day recently so I just wondered.

    Due to a conference I attended today I did not get to run. However, I celebrated yesterday and I’ll celebrate tomorrow.

  7. gMarie says:

    Oh I’m not a runner. I’m very awkward when I run and I think I walk faster than I could run at my ‘fast pace.’ I really want me knee and leg to stop hurting so I can start really walking again. When can you call yourself a runner? I think when you do it with some regularity and enjoy it. g

  8. Sue says:

    Good question. When do you call yourself a writer? When you publish a best seller or when you write a little blog? When are you a cook? When you serve gourmet meals or when you heat up leftovers? Are you a dog breeder if you’ve only bred one litter? A groomer if you brush your dog now and then? I call myself whatever I want. To each his own.

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