Smoke Signals

November 2010 007

Weather watchers in their fire rain slickers? 11-10

We hope you’re having a happy Thorsday, little friday and Thankful Thursday.  Here in the woods, we’re worrying about things we can’t control.  We have friends who have been evacuated in Colorado, and as the fur-girls mentioned, if you are on Facebook, please consider sharing or liking the found/missing pet notices.  You just never know who will see what.  If you aren’t our friends there, let’s fix that!  I have a great resource who is sharing such photos and other information from the area.

And because that’s how the weather rolls, we have a threat for serious storms later today.  I wish we could just send our extra rain where it is needed.   Our ground is saturated and the last thing we need is more wind OR rain.  (Ironically, downed trees in the woods quickly become a fire threat and are the fuel feeding that wild fire out west.) 


Our horse neighbors

I *am* thankful that my friend who had to evacuate and her pets – horses included – are safe.  I am thankful for Facebook and the technology that keeps us connected.   I am thankful that we have multiple early warning systems in place so that IF the worst weather happens here, we can attempt to take cover. 

Sorry this isn’t a very cheerful post.  I gave up worrying years ago, but I am wired to help, and when I can’t physically insert myself into the situation, I am a hot mess.  A distracted, hot mess, who is also grateful that God hears the prayers from my heart, and not my baby tuckoo and the moo-cow brain.

What’s on your heart today?

9 comments on “Smoke Signals

  1. StarSpry says:

    I’m glad your friend, and her pets are safe! Yesterday afternoon we could smell the smoke in Denver (an hour away from the fire), and it’s still pretty hazy. Praying for everyone who’s in the middle of it!

  2. km says:

    My friends are in a non-wooded area and still a few miles from the evacuation areas, but they’re locked indoors with 4 little kids and no a/c…and no ability to open the windows. They closed all the drapes and had an early evening movie last night to take the kiddos minds off the fires. The hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and fires just remind me of what a fallen world we live in. Looking forward to heaven all the more.

  3. Katherine says:

    I have been worried and praying for days about friends across the nation who are in the path of high winds and heavy rain! I’m thankful that God hears prayers and at least some of them were missed entirely by the worst of the storms. I am also thankful for the wonderful lunch we had with our grandson yesterday to celebrate his 20th birthday. I think it was the first time I have eaten at Applebee’s. I was amazed at how good and healthy the food is!

  4. AlisonH says:

    I so hope everything and everyone comes out okay in the fires and the storms. Be careful out there.

  5. kathy boyer says:

    You are a good one Channon to give us the links:)

    We escaped with just a few strong storms and less an inch of rain last night. NOt the predicted doom.

    I am thankful the xrays we took of Rozzy a few weeks ago were still in the computer at the vet. WE were looking at her lungs then. Today We confirmed she has arthritis in her spine and knees…maybe that’s the poor girls problem……16 aint easy for a kitty cat.

  6. We’re supposed to get some of that nasty weather later today. Letting the kids swim before it hits. Stay safe!

  7. Nancy says:

    Weather radio alarm went off this morning and scared me to death – severe thunderstorm watch, which has no passed. The sky got awfully dark, but the storms blew over the top of my area.

  8. Ruth says:

    Thinking of friends near fires and storms, but choosing to live the little happy moments that come my way. First fruits from the plum tree today, and a little knitting time with a friend.

  9. Blond Duck says:

    Bless sweet people like you!

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