Here Slicker, Slicker…

I am in need of what I call a slicker.  It’s a rain coat.  Now…  I own several, but none are quite right.

From Target... no longer available

From Target… no longer available

I have an awesome, much-loved red trench.  It’s water-resistant, but it’s very much a tailored, nearly knee-length, statement item.   I have a high-hip length navy trench too (Land’s End, also no longer available) that is even a summery weight, and I have a turquoise, very high hip slicker that is just all wrong.

I have nearly what I want… a low hip (or slightly longer) not plasticky slicker, but the hood is brim-less, and it’s at least three sizes too large.  I wear it to walk the dogs on short walks on drizzly days. 

I also have another summer-weight, hooded jacket that is only good for either a heavy mist or a fast sprint to the nearest doorway.

  • I want the good, old-fashioned slicker of years gone by… without the plastic feel. 
  • I must have a hood, either with a brim or deep enough to accommodate a ball cap underneath.  (If you wear glasses, you get it.  If not, just know they don’t make wipers for glasses.)
  • Breathability would be a plus.
  • I don’t want to pay a small fortune for it.

Any suggestions?

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6 comments on “Here Slicker, Slicker…

  1. Katherine says:

    I bought the perfect bronze colored slicker when I worked at NM. Guess what, I have never worn it!! I don’t know why but I just usually take off into the rain and never think about umbrellas or slickers. Anyway, Lands End has a really cute parka in a bunch of great colors and it was on sale the last time I was browsing LE.

  2. km says:

    I would suggest you try an XL children’s size. Now shopping for my 5′ tall boy, even he only wears a 14-16 and not the 18-20 XL. The prices are always cheaper. I think if it’s truly to keep the water out, then you won’t find breathability. We bought LE at the end of the season last year and got clearance prices. I think you’ve shopped Sierra Trading Post before. Look at this one.

  3. Nichole says:

    I just went through the search for a good basic rain coat that had much of the same requirements as you list, and was easily packable. After trying on several at Cabella’s and not loving any (and wondering why their XL fit like a small!), I took a chance or ordering sight-unseen and got this one from Columbia –,default,pd.html
    It’s scheduled to arrive on Friday, so I can give you a better report then.

  4. Sue says:

    My much loved and much worn rain jacket finally died and was laid to rest. I looked for a replacement and found none I liked. Rob bought a rain jacket for me from Duluth and I didn’t like the looks, dull basic gray. One day I grabbed it because I needed it and wow, it was comfy with vents. It kept me dry. The hood worked with glasses and it has lots of pockets inside and out that zip and now for taking dogs out in the rain I’m all set. I still don’t like the looks for other occasions, but I spend more rain time with the mutts than anything else.

  5. AlisonH says:

    I bought a cheap one on sale and my daughter took one look at it and totally panned it: the removable hood was button-on-and-off, and since she’d just spent two years in Michigan, she’d learned that those leak water down the back of your neck. I ended up getting a London Fog 3/4 length one that somehow that day was $40, and I’ve been very pleased with it. A bunch of various ones on sale here:

  6. Nancy says:

    I hope you can find a slicker. Since it doesn’t rain much here, I can not offer any help. Good luck

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