Sweat to Street and GPS

I’m full of questions today. 

Can Siri and my iPhone really replace my Garmin?  I have a feeling my Garmin is on its way out, and I’d like to not replace it, but given how often I am driver and navigator, I like having someone talk me through where I’m going vs. trying to follow paper directions.

Courtesy of Sierra Trading Post - Skirt Sports Wonder Girl Tank Dress

Courtesy of Sierra Trading Post – Skirt Sports Wonder Girl Tank Dress

Are there really outfits that can go from workout to wandering about and … not look like you just finished a workout?

And why would you want to?  Maybe I just SWEAT too profusely, but when I’m done with even a brisk walk, I am gross and I want to at least change into dry clothes, not take my damp funk with me around town.

I do like this dress… for walking the dogs.  If I played tennis at a progressive club where one didn’t need to wear mostly white, maybe I’d wear it on the court, but I can’t imagine choosing this spandex Wonder to wear on errands, even on hot, humid days like this one.

What are you questioning today?


12 comments on “Sweat to Street and GPS

  1. Katherine says:

    I would bet you can use Siri and your iPhone for your only GPS. Our son-in-law’s mom is blind and uses hers to tell her where they are when a taxi or bus drives her somewhere. She uses Siri for everything. We carry on long text conversations with Siri reading everything I text to her.

    The dress is cute and I think you could shop in it. I have certainly seen people shopping in less!

  2. AlisonH says:

    Looks like you’re thinking about this Siri-ously.

    It occurs to me, writing that, that, y’know? With the new hearing aids I could probably actually hear her giving directions and ought to try it. I know, duh, huh?

  3. kathy boyer says:

    ` Im questioning too much today. Am I going to work? Will I be downstaffed?
    Is Pie going to fit in here?
    We dont use our garmin…we sold it. Between SIRI and fireman’s insistence that he look at a map anyhow….we usually get where we are going. \

    As for the dressing: half my town walks around in tennis dresses all day. I dont think very many of them actually play….it is a status thing…
    As long as the person isnt smelly or sweaty Im not offended by workout clothing. Some of it is too cute for just working out in!

  4. Nancy says:

    I’m curious about Siri, too, since I just got an iPhone. I use my Garmin infrequently, but it sure is handy when I need it.

    The Wonder dress is cute – I think it would be appropriate for errands.

  5. Barbara says:

    On a hot day, spandex is not my idea of comfort.
    And I got a new car last week….without navigation. I’m hoping the iPhone comes through. (I do miss the parking navigation like crazy though. Now I have to be twice as careful.

  6. gmariesews says:

    I use my phone’s GPS all the time. I do not have Siri or I-anything. So use at your own will.

    I love that dress. I’m very into cute, comfortable, casual clothes these days. I do NOT go out in public in yoga pants and my jeans are too tight and it’s too hot, so a cute skirt or a dress is perfect. Unless you’re with my sister who will moan that you are tooo dressed up. Oh and the ‘yoga’ skirt I made the other weekend, more the style (big, doubled, fold over waistband on a knit skirt) than for the activity. I mean really, who’s going to do a downward dog in a skirt in public?? g

  7. AlisonH says:

    Mentioned this to the hubby, and he said oh definitely Siri will do the job.

  8. Barbara S. says:

    I have been using Siri instead of my GPS thingie lately and has been great. Unless they have fixed the Apple maps thing, you may be well advised to use Google though (that’s what I’ve been doing).

  9. Still no iPhone in my life, other than hubs…and sometimes my TomTom gives better directions than Siri, and sometimes not. Wondering….is this scarf long enough? I feel done knitting it!

  10. I already told you about my one Siri adventure Channon. Given the choice I think I would go with it. You also know not to ask me about attire. I really stink at it!

    I’m not Iphoning anytime in the near future though. I have a new Imac in my sights. Which leads me to my questioning moments.

    should I buy a new imac?
    will it ever stop raining long enough for me to take some dry pictures of the garden?
    will the stuffed eggplant i just put in the oven be done early enough? will it taste any good?

    P.s. Yes, I did turn on my oven today. I guess you could say I went Oven Crazy!

  11. gypsyknits says:

    Lol…ok, I’m laughing because we don’t own a GPS and why is that? Well because I rarely drive and Mr. Former-Truck-Driver doesn’t believe in asking directions and that includes a computer device telling him whether to turn right or left (eyeroll here).

    I’m also chuckling because I don’t like to sweat so i skip the exercise thing when I begin to get wet 😉

  12. Nichole says:

    I’m quickly realizing I’m running out of time before we leave for vacation and have 101 questions…. Oy!

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