So Complicated

It’s very hard to blog when you can’t remember to take photos.   So…  you’ll just have to wait to hear about what I did over the weekend until I can provide said images.

It’s not that hard.  Other people pull out their phones and snap photos.  I don’t have to post them on Facebook or Instagram – or I could – but…  I am not good about preserving a moment via a snapsnot.

It was a great weekend.  Lots of R&R, a new life came into the world even though his blankie isn’t ready, there was good family time and a new wine…  but no photos, so more about all of that another day, okay?

Talbots Tonal-Stripe Skirt

Talbots Tonal-Stripe Skirt

Instead, I’m going to subject you to prattle about inbox shopping.  Do you shop from your inbox?  I do a lot of “just looking” from those emails, but sometimes, just the right thing is on sale and you need to buy it while they still have your size.  I’ve been eyeing that skirt since it showed up in my Talbots Advisory Council survey, months ago.   I’m truly at my wardrobe capacity, but this is a four-season staple that will happily pair with about 27 things I already own.  It’s an online exclusive that sometimes – on the same monitor even – appears more red, and others, more PANK, but either way, I know I’ll wear it to pieces.

13037132And Vera Bradley has finally tempted me with what they’re calling an All in One crossbody.  Maybe.  I’m really fond of my Coach wristlets though…  but this is more organized and sometimes, crossbody convenience is handy, even if it doesn’t work so well on my body.  And it’s lined in PANK.  How awesome is that?!

Last but hardly least, Sierra Trading Post keeps sending me 35% off “coupons” and they have my beloved Brooks Cascadia in the blue I like.  I don’t have a pair in reserve or in that color, and these are the shoes that make my feet, my legs, my body, the happiest, on any surface… except wet cement and mud-slicked boat ramps. 


What are you making more complicated than it has to be?


9 comments on “So Complicated

  1. Nancy says:

    I try to avoid shopping from my inbox – too tempting to just click away.

    My two sisters are visiting this week, so I’ve been on the run every day – no time for knitting or little else. It’s fun, but tiring, too.

  2. Katherine says:

    Wow I love that skirt!! It is what I would call Chan/Kat color (pank for you, red for me)! It is perfect for you. I am not great about remembering to get pictures either. What is that? Every time I have a perfect moment I am left wondering why I didn’t get photos.

  3. AlisonH says:

    Now those are cheerful shoes! And the skirt! Happy summer–those are great fun!

  4. kathy boyer says:

    Channon- awesome skirt find. I can see you in it!!!

    Im making working out more complicated than it needs to be. Seriously, I need to JUST DO IT

  5. Sue says:

    I check out the inbox a few times a week and have occasionally given in. It’s fun to look anyway.

  6. km says:

    A LE dress just arrived today. I own one already, but an email told me there was a sale and free shipping so I bought a 2nd color.

    I’m looking for a purse! You know how long that might take. My seatbelt bag is too heavy. M ends up carrying it and he doesn’t love that. My Brighton bag is dead (coming unstitched and filthy dirty). I need something, but I don’t want to spend a ton. It’s hard. It really needs to be cross body for my back and I’d like something that matches with a lot. Got any suggestions?

  7. Marjie says:

    Everything is complicated. I have to study the things in every inbox ad I get, to determine if it’s something I need. And then I have to decide if I really need it, or if I just “need” it. And then there is puppy training – the second training session today made things a little clearer for me. Now I just need to not overthink it, and mostly convince my dearly beloved to not overthink it. Dan is doing most of the training, which is marvelous. Of course, late nite potty breaks are the pits, But those are becoming less frequent – YAY!

    So go ahead and get that skirt. It will make like 27 new outfits with one itty bitty purchase, after all!

  8. Walden121 says:

    I try to avoid it, it is such a slippery slope! 🙂

  9. gmarie says:

    I rarely shop from my inbox – it tends to result in $150 worth of fabric for 5 or 6 new dresses and a whack of skirts. Now to find time to actually make them. I’d be incredibly well dressed if those “imaginary” clothes could make it to my closet! I love the Talbots skirt and have bought a pattern and fabric to make a version (or two – shhhh [I don’t judge you…..]).

    What am I making more complicated than it needs to be? Apparently work, diet and exercise, time for sewing, wedding plans – isn’t that enough? g

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