Walk-by Posting

Happy Thorsday, little friday and Thankful Thursday!  Gretchen blogged about Sissy’s cooling vest, and frankly…  that’s about all there is to share in dog world.  The heat wave is crushing us.  Bassets are double-coated, meaning they have a coarse outer coat and a downy undercoat, so anything over about 70 with humidity to match makes Sissy uncomfortable in a hurry.

UntitledWe did find this pretty feather in the road last night, and I thought of Alison, because we talk about Eastern Jays from time to time.

Isn’t it beautiful, with its natural progression of hues?  I think the last two – the darkest two – shades are my favorites.   It’s very nice of nature to leave me little blobs of beauty.

And it’s blue, so it reminds me of a new little baby boy I’ll hopefully get to meet soon!  (Even though his “you’re here!” present is stalled at halfway… I’m pretty sure even a little newborn doesn’t need a fairly heavy blanket right now.)

PillowSince it is Thorsday, here’s a photo of what I hope the fur-girls are doing at home.  Sis has been expressing herself this week.  She ate a small serving of Strawberry Whoppers on Tuesday, and yesterday, she shredded a ballpoint pen.  (It was one of the Knight’s, with his business’s logo on it… and the Whoppers were his too, so…??) 

What little things are making you smile today?


9 comments on “Walk-by Posting

  1. kathy boyer says:

    That is an awesome image of your girls snuggling I LOVE IT!

    Im thankful for Tanks interest in PIe. I’m thankful a difficult to place dog at the shelter got a forever home afterall!! He was a pit bull and he was dumped at our shelter gate one night.
    Im thankful to have 4 days off now.

  2. Katherine says:

    I certainly smiled at the girls snuggled up together. So cute!! I’m thankful that Macy and Max are doing so well on the home cooked diet. They have stopped scratching and, the best part, they have stopped shedding so much. I actually skipped a day vacuuming and it didn’t show!

  3. Barbara S. says:

    Designing, constructing, and applying a vinyl pocket for Hubband’s solar charger to fit into on his water backpack. Now he will be able to charge his phone while doing a six day bike ride next week.

  4. Marjie says:

    Oh, I love that Sis is making sure her people know who really controls the “stuff.” Brutus has been eating boxes and shredding bubble wrap like it’s his profession, and every morning this week, my dearly beloved has found his left slipper to be soggy. I hide mine in a closet so they won’t be soggy. The heat here is supposed to break Saturday night; I hope you get similar relief.

  5. Sue says:

    It takes longer for some humans to learn to put their toys away, but dogs can be good teachers.

    I’m smiling because we haven’t heard fireworks in two nights, though I expect them to come back this weekend. The girls are all feeling better and getting some rest.

  6. gmariesews says:

    Things that make me smile today: good 90 day review; Ellie Mae (Kari posted her on FB – sad story); Sunny days; fresh veggies; knitting; that photo of your girls; Pandora; Geico Hump Day commercial; sewing.

    Love that photo of your girls. Hope the weather is behaving so you can walk. g

  7. Blond Duck says:

    A new art teacher helping me with your portraits!

  8. AlisonH says:

    Love the beautiful feather! My scrub jays don’t have that striping.

    I finished reading your post, looked up, and there was a hummingbird, brilliantly lit up in the morning sun, right on the other side of the window waiting for me to look up, right there. Cool!

  9. Walden121 says:

    Love that picture of the girls!

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