Double Header

Thursday was a big day for the Junior League of C’ville (JLC).  I started out the evening at our first new member interest event of the new League year.   I love meeting all the potential applicants!  Each year, I’m re-amazed at the smart, energetic women who are drawn to the JLC, and this year is no exception.

JLC13.618This is my favorite photo from the evening.  I had to borrow it from Facebook as most of  the photos I took had condensation on the lens.  The venue was a little warm; it was a very hot day and the AC was having trouble keeping up with all of us.

I’m on the right, with two board member-friends.  One of the things I love about the League is even when we’re hard at work, we usually manage to have fun!

I scooted out of that event early to make it to our first fundraiser of the year at Trump Winery’s Third Thursday Music Series.

(Yes, THAT Trump.  Mr. Trump bought the old Kluge Winery and this was my first visit since it became Trump.)

The tasting room is a lovely building with an incredible view.   From the first event of the night, I had to drive past Monticello and Ash Lawn-Highland (home of James Monroe, whom one local history buff insists held the original land grant for my property as well) to get to the winery.  I love living in history that people from around the world come to visit, but I don’t take it for granted.

I was soon sipping their incredible Sauvignon Blanc.  I confess… a bottle came home with me.  I didn’t know what I’d been handed, but when I described it to the winery employee as “clean and not too sweet” she nailed it – and granted me a taste to confirm.  (Their chardonnay isn’t bad either; I had a taste of that to rule it out, as those were the two whites they were serving by the glass.)

It was a little hot and humid for hanging out on the patio with friends, but we did it anyway.  I regret that I don’t have photos to share… or not.  Did I mention it was hot and humid?  We were all a little soggy and droopy, but it was great to chat with League members I didn’t know as well as I should!

JLCI did pause on my way home to take a photo.  I regret that I didn’t have my big, good camera with its zoom lens for this one.  The sunset was an incredible PANK.  You can see a hint of the pink in the middle of the photo, where the mountains meet the trees, but the intense colors got lost in transition.  It was a just about perfect evening to have to be two places at once, even with the sweat running down my back.

I wish the events hadn’t been on the same night so that “everyone” could have experienced both of them, but we fell into the Trump opportunity after the invitations had gone out for the interest event.   I kinda’ glossed over my thankfuls yesterday, but I am so very grateful for my past president friend who represented at Trump, and for the darlin’ Membership VP (far left, top photo) who not only represented  at the interest event so I was free to leave, but took photos… so the past president could stay at the winery and avoid my double-duty.

Confused?  Well…  said past president is doing a double placement this year.  She’s both past president and League historian, so she quickly agreed to stay at the winery if we’d take lots of photos for her at the other event.  We really have some devoted, dedicated leaders in the JLC, and I’m so glad they’re also friends.

What simple joys have you overlooked today?

8 comments on “Double Header

  1. Nancy says:

    Today, to stopped to chat with my neighbors who were sitting in the shade to escape the heat. We had a wonderful visit, and when I got home, I wondered why I don’t linger and visit with them more.

    It’s been terribly hot here, but I’m thankful that humidity is nearly non-existent.

  2. Katherine says:

    You are so pretty! I love your green paisley dress. I didn’t know Trump owned a winery. Is there anything he doesn’t dabble in?

    I missed a simple pleasure today. I had planned to go to the farmer’s market but I waited and waited for a client who didn’t show up, and then it was too late. Tomorrow!

  3. Barbara says:

    Two nice events, Chan. Only the oppressive heat was bothersome, but when you’re with friends, you can tolerate anything.

  4. kathy boyer says:

    HI Darlin’ Friend. You look great in that dress!!!!! That wine sounds perfect…and lovely.

    I need to thank God that we have had no water in the basement issues ! I’m thankful for the cooler air that came through last night.
    Im thankful little PIe is mine. I’m thankful Tank and ROzzy like her.
    I m thankful for my new cordless vacuum!

  5. AlisonH says:

    But if I think of one and write it I’m not overlooking it anymore, but since I’m not coming up with one, clearly it went right past me unnoticed and I can’t write about it. (Yet.) *grin*

    Love those smiles. Love that landscape. It doesn’t need to be a full sunset to be gorgeous–look at that lush greenery, t’ain’t California, that’s for sure.

  6. km says:

    I’m being super intentional about appreciating the little moments with my 3 and our friends this summer. I know these days will be gone all to soon. My budding chefs helped me make scones and no-bake cookies yesterday. Today was all about banana bread. And yesterday we had friends over for breakfast (breakfast burrito buffet) and got to enjoy their 4 kiddos (2, 4, 6, & 8). Sweet moments. And not flashy trips to D-land or expensive art camp or even a week at the beach. Just sweet moments.

    Ditto Alison H’s comment…that sure isn’t California. Someday I’m going to travel the East Coast. Someday…..

  7. Marjie says:

    That’s a nice picture of you and your League friends; I like your green dress. The color is great on you.

    And I have some intense sunsets around here, but the camera never sees what my eyes do!

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