Warp and Weft

The weavers out there are already anticipating the contents of this post.  Let me set the record straight; I don’t weave, I don’t plan to weave, and despite Basically Bloggless Susan’s patient efforts, I’m still not entirely clear on anything more than that warping a loom is a good thing, and weft is another weaving term she’s defined for me at least six times.

(But first, how do you spell bloggless?  I’ve spelled it double “g” and not, and my spell checker isn’t happy either way.  While we’re at it, let’s settle on the preferred spelling for bloggiversary too.)

August 2013 001

In the meantime, ooh and ahhh over BBS’s weaving finished results.

Now class, who can tell me what – or whom? – inspired each scarf?

August 2013 003We’ll start with the trickiest first.  It’s a perfect off-white, and that’s your only hint.

Yeah, this one is all me.  I’ll be sporting this scarf as soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees, and regularly so.   Does anyone other than Susan remember that I was hooked on “winter white” in the spring?  It’s a great color for me.  I’m too pale to wear black alone near my face, and a really crisp white is perhaps even worse.  But temper either just a bit and I’m golden.

And I love brocade.  I don’t know what this pattern is REALLY called, but it reminds me of a brocade, and that makes me happy too.

Well-done, BBS!  I actually did wear it for a couple of photos, but they were post-workout, so… just take my word for it.  I love *MY* scarf.

There’s your next hint.  There are three scarves, and I am of the mind they are all for me.   BBS or Auntie Sus as the fur-girls call her, did tell me she had the girls in mind as she wove, which led to the girls’ assertion that we EACH received a scarf.

Of course, next up has to be the DIVA and her scarf – or as I prefer to look at it, the scarf she and her royal purple inspired.

August 2013 004

Isn’t that stunning?  I love the blues and purples and wines, offset by the black.  It will go with so very much of my colder weather attire, not that I’m wishing away summer.  (It seems to be leaving of its own free will.  What strange weather we’ve had in 2013.  I’m still worried about late hurricane season.)

August 2013 008

Anyway.  DIVA’s scarf.  Yes, she’s wearing it as a belt.  Weren’t you paying attention when I said I snapped these photos post-workout?  Sis pants on her walks, and then cools down with ice chips, so … the scarf was modeled somewhere safe and dry.

Plus, it didn’t cause her to overheat.  Because I wasn’t trying to get a great “head shot” I was able to wrap, tie, shoot and set her free again in no time.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of amateur doggy model photographers!

So, last but not least is the stunning Gretchen Greer inspired scarf.

August 2013 002

I love the colors in this one too.  It makes me all the more determined to find a kelly green – excuse me, EMERALD green – coat while it is the color of the year!  (Sorry Gg, PANK is your signature color, but Pantone had other ideas for 2013.)

August 2013 005This might be my new favorite photo of the wee one.  She’s very happy with HER scarf, and unlike the DIVA, she’s never been too hot in her life, so she got wrapped up in THE scarf for her photo shoot.

Don’t tell her or her Dadaw, but I think she looks better in the blues and greens than she does PANK, although the PANK does bring out the pink in her pretty little tongue.

Do you look best in your favorite color?

Thanks Susan, for my  our  the scarves.   *I* will enjoy wearing them.  At the moment, they’re hanging with my other scarves, so two certain hairy girls who pant can’t claim your handiwork… not that you’d mind if they did.  Maybe we’ll sport all three of them in our Christmas card photo shoot.  (Which reminds me; I guess I need to schedule a session with one of my photographer friends.  I’ve been saying for years that’s what I want to do, so maybe this is the year!)

Weft is a real word.   PANK is not, except here in the woods, but then we think four-leafed clovers happen because a fairy stepped there (explains why there are so many around here), and I might or not think Gretchen Greer is really a magical creature.

Where’s the magic in your world?

11 comments on “Warp and Weft

  1. Susan says:

    You are very welcome. The girls look lovely in their scarves!!! 😉 And it is snowflake!! for the winter white one!!! Enjoy!! You or all of you, which ever way it works!!!

  2. sue says:

    I love all three but Sissy’s is my favorite. I wanted to learn to weave but never got around to it. I wish I had.

    I feel magic when one of my dogs comes over, puts her head in my lap, looks into my eyes and smiles.

  3. Nichole says:

    Those are all GORGEOUS! 🙂 My Cricket still sits in my living room, partially put together. There was one day I sat with her and the booklet in anticipation of weaving… then I threw my hands in the air and set her aside. I really need to sit with her and a good You Tube video soon………..

  4. Katherine says:

    The scarves are beautiful. I love the pictures of the fur-girls wearing them! Oh gosh I hope Macy doesn’t hear of Gg wearing such a beautiful scarf. Like Gg, she is never too hot and would never want to take it off. I have always been fascinated by weaving and think it is something I would enjoy. Then, I look at the prices of good looms and decide to stick with knitting.

  5. Kathy says:

    You’ve got a great friend there to make all those scarves for you! I don’t know which is my favorite. All are beautiful.

  6. AlisonH says:

    WOW!!! Those are GORGEOUS!!! Wow. Wow.

    Says the woman who gave away both floor looms after not learning to use them for nigh-on 30 years. But wow, those are pretty.

    And I love that Gretchen’s scarf exactly matches the colorway in a quilt top I made. Maybe someday I’ll quilt it, too.

  7. km says:

    Those are all GORGEOUS! I wish I could have BBS give me a lesson. (You can tell her that!) I’m 2/3 of the way done with my 2nd scarf. And my girl LOVES to weave. I LOVE that she and I can work together on a project. She is a perfectionist, and when her brother made a few mistakes in the weaving she had me unweave those rows. I can’t wait until I start learning patterns. And my girl has her eye on a bag pattern that comes with the cricket.

  8. Marjie says:

    They are all pretty, but my favorite has to be the white brocade!

    And I think “blogless” has one g, but I’m not prepared to weigh in on your other word. It probably needs a double g in order to satisfy the rules of phonics and make the g hard.

  9. Nancy says:

    Amazing work, BBS! The scarves are gorgeous – hard to pick a favorite out of the three.

  10. Barbara S. says:

    Beautiful scarves!
    (Come to the dark side, we have scarves……. Not that I have touched my loom more than to roll it around to run the vacuum under it in way too long. I am hoping to change that soon.)

  11. kathy boyer says:

    LOVe the new scarves and LOVE each girls personal pick. So pretty . Gg’s is a great shot!

    IM in the magic BIrthday world this week! I also think that all fireflies are a big magical and there are sooo many these nights in Chicagoland

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