Dogwood Pine Cone?

No typo.  Just keep reading.

Happy Thorsday, little friday and Thankful Thursday.  The girls’ blog features Gg’s vet visit report, but it was routine, for those who don’t click over.  Here, I’m going to share the new favorite toy in the woods.

31FM4uvrJVL__SX355_The Dogwood Pine Cone popped up on Doggyloot I believe, but it’s not there now.   We bought two, and Gg insists upon keeping one in the bedroom which is her highest praise, but both girls are VERY fond of the chew-toys, and the cones are already showing signs of heavy use.  (The link is to Amazon, where they offer small and medium.  We have mediums – maybe? – and while it is a little much for Gg in my opinion, she loves it and frequently has one in her mouth as she leaps onto the bed, sofa, trots to the kitchen, etc.

August 2013 011

Kisses for me… and that post-workout photo of the scarf I said I wasn’t going to share

For my thankful, I already mentioned on the girls’ blog how grateful I am for another vet who really cares about my dogs, not as clients but as individuals.   We’re really fortunate to have the fabulously devoted Vision Vet who encourages me to bring Gretchen along because she knows Sissy is more relaxed with her around, and we are extra-lucky to have the amazing Dr. D. who can get a panic-attack-ridden Gg to come on command and give her kisses too.

I’m also really grateful for the way the League has responded to our sister-member’s missing niece’s case, but I’m humbled by those of you who are following Alexis’s case on your own and those who routinely ask if there’s any news.  (No, not really.  The accused’s next scheduled court appearance is in January.  Again… no typo.)  Please feel free to share my Facebook posts or follow Find Alexis Murphy (or something like that) yourself.  It’s a horror that no family should ever face, and the sort of thing no one ever thinks will happen to someone they know.

Gretchen is demanding more PANK and wants you to know that pink is Alexis’s favorite color too.  Feel free to think of Alexis and her family when you see pink!


9 comments on “Dogwood Pine Cone?

  1. Katherine says:

    Macy always enjoys toys that have rope on them. She thinks they are all hers and Max hoards the stuffies. I love vets that welcome both pups to a visit! Ours does and it’s a good thing because Max has a nervous fit if we take Macy away from him. Like Gg he is well behaved at the doctor’s office and reverts to being our little monster when we get him home. I’m especially thankful for little fur monsters!!

  2. Sue says:

    That looks like a toy my little girls would like. With a rope on each end they can tug all they want. After all, the other guy always has the better toy, even if it is identical.

    Morgan used to be terrified of going to the vet but she started going along each time we took someone else. She got to just sit and watch, then get a treat. Now she’s fine about her visits.

  3. Sue says:

    Your link to Sissy’s blog isn’t working. It gives an error message.

  4. Marjie says:

    Brutus has a Danny Donkey (we named him, he didn’t come with that name), a blue squeaky bear, an orange cloth frisbee-like toy, and rawhide bones. We were in a panic the other day because Danny Donkey was missing. he was found hiding under a very low stool. Brutus also has 2 blankets which came from his breeder, and he’ll laboriously tug them along to the family room if the mood moves him. Funny what things will catch a puppy’s fancy!

  5. km says:

    I’ve been praying for Alexis…it really bothers me that this world isn’t a safe place for children! It’s funny, with all the toys Holly has, there’s this tiny pink square (maybe 6″ square) that has a lamb’s face in one of the corners that is her favorite. We bought that when she was super tiny, and Holly just carries this square around. For play toys, she won’t retrieve tennis balls. When we throw them she hides them. She has a large KONG ball that she retrieves. But her LOVE is a deflated soccer ball. That’s what she runs around the backyard with. I think those big toys make the tiny pink square even more funny.

  6. kathy boyer says:

    Perfect Channon. Now I know what to get my sister’s pups. The CONES!!!!!

    Love your scarf…and the image with Gg.
    GOd Bless that aching family as they search for their girl.

  7. AlisonH says:

    Prayers for the sake of the family, the searchers…everyone.

  8. I think its adorable that the girls have favorite toys. How cute:)

  9. Nichole says:

    Looks like a fun toy!

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