New Dress Codes?!

I heard something last week I’ve been meaning to run past you, my sage, diverse readers. 

We have a League tradition called the Champagne Toast, to welcome our newest members to the JLC at the end of August.  Last year, I was confused by the attired comment on the invitation… “festive sundress” or something of the sort, but now I’m *REALLY* confused.

This year’s invitation said “cocktail attire.”  Oh good!  I know what THAT means.  Phew.  Then, while chatting with the “hostess” and another member of the new member committee, I learned that “Cocktail attire no longer means what it used to.  It now means anything you’d wear to go out on the town FOR cocktails.”

Coldwater Creek

What I’m going to wear – regardless!

Cue the crickets.  I’m not a “go out for drinks” kind of girl, unless meeting for coffee before or after work counts.   I’ve never been clubbing, never have gone out on the town just to drink or dance or whatever all the cool kids do (were doing). 

Luckily, anything goes almost anywhere in this town.  At any given event, no matter what dress code was specified, you’ll see everything from “dressy jeans” to a long dress, whether it’s a backyard barbeque or an evening wedding at a hotel downtown.

Fortunately, I’m the President and I’m going to wear what I planned to wear all along and it will have to be okay.  (But yes, I did run it past my friend the hostess, because that’s how I am.)   But have you ever heard of such!?  I’m still adjusting to knee-length being “formal” too.

13 comments on “New Dress Codes?!

  1. sue says:

    I haven’t a clue. Last weekend we went to a local steakhouse for dinner with friends. I was amazed to see a number of women in long flowing dresses with extreme cleavage. We were in jeans and workshirts. It seems that anything goes now and the old rules don’t apply.

  2. Katherine says:

    In Texas “cocktail attire” means western shirt, denim jacket, pressed jeans and boots. I think the beautiful pank lace dress is perfect for anything dressy!! It suits you perfectly.

  3. km says:

    I really don’t get out much, so I have no idea. And here one can wear flip flops to almost any event. If it’s formal, then you have swarovski crystals on the flip flops. But….I LOVE your dress!!!

  4. AlisonH says:

    Knee length is formal?! Sleeveless required? Man, did I just suddenly feel like a mom: Don’t you people ever get cold? Put a sweater on, fer cryin’ out loud, you’re gonna catch a cold if you go out like that!

  5. Nancy says:

    I don’t have a clue because I rarely go out for drinks although dress codes are pretty casual in my community.

    When I hear “cocktail” in regards to dress code, I envision the style that you are wearing.

  6. Marjie says:

    I like the dress you’ve chosen. I, too, am perplexed by some people’s interpretations of what to wear. Did I tell you that three women showed up in pants at that formal, evening wedding reception in July? And the husband of one of them was wearing a tux. Sorry, but black pants on a woman do not constitute formal wear even if you wear them with a sequined top. Not even if you’re fat. Even a 300 pounder can find nice dresses these days. You hit a nerve here, as I’m sure you can tell by politically incorrect verbiage. Sorry!

  7. Kathy says:

    Your dress is so pretty! I wouldn’t know what people wear to go out for cocktails because that’s never been my lifestyle either.

  8. Karen says:

    No. I really think we need to go back to Robert’s Rules of Ediquette. Turn the clock back 50 years, when morals meant something and hemlines were clear 😊

  9. Ruth says:

    I’m afraid the only cocktail in my life is fruit cocktail, and even that is very seldom indulged in. Not sure how I feel about the lace dresses that have flesh toned fabric underneath the lace…it always makes me a bit quesy….

  10. kathy boyer says:

    well I LOVE what you’ve decided on for the event. Gorgeous pank dress.
    Thank God those of us who have heavy legs can cover them and still be considered appropriate at such events!!!
    I need a new dress

  11. gmarie says:

    Interesting comments. I’ve been thinking about this since I read the post on my phone – hate commenting with the phone, so….

    When I used to go out – it was never meeting for cocktails, but we did go out dancing. If it was country dancing – it was nice jeans, boots, and a western shirt or a skirt/dress and boots. if it wasn’t country – it was generally a skirt or a dress and heels.

    How to dress for a wedding or a social event always baffles me. Since I’ve been sewing so much more lately, I *feel* better in a skirt or a dress. I haven’t worn jeans in months mostly because I’m too large for the pairs in my closet and I refuse to buy bigger. Oh wait – this post wasn’t about me, you asked a question.

    I think anything that would have been defined by “cocktail” in the ‘olden days’ should fly now. I think short, dressy, classy styles fit the bill. I do think the dressy sundress thing was very strange. But the lace dress – stunning! g

  12. I’m not pleased with the attire these days either. What confuses me especially is people spend so much money on clothes and yet, no one ever looks dressed appropriately especially at “cocktail” events. I have every intention of taking my grandkids to the opera and a play when they come to visit. I wanted so badly for them to “feel” the event from beginning to end, including the “proper” attire. I’m afraid we will be all over dressed. Uh oh, I’m on a Marjie roll…

    Anyway, Channon, the dress you have chosen is just perfect; Pink Champagne!

    Thanks for sharing…

  13. Jessica says:

    Oh ugh! If there is one thing i do not like, it is “new”, AKA “made up”, Dress Codes! We run into them all the time in non-formal military functions, but most of the time it seems to stem from someone doing an invite that does not have an understanding of what the existing dress codes already are. At least your dress code this year is Cocktail, and although the attire has changed a bit, you can figure it out easily enough. the worst is when you get an invite, and the dress code is “dressy”. huh???? My personal favorite (not!) is “sunday best”, Ummm, usually MY Sunday best is dog walking clothes! LOL!
    Good luck Chan….and btw, i LOVE your dress, and think it is perfect. If you were going out for drinks, i could definitely see you wearing that.
    In the always formal military though, Cocktail Attire still means the same thing it always has…a formal, above the knee (just below for the more modest) dress, less formal than floor length, but formal all the same. Now THAT is easy….thank goodness for social norms that stay, well…normal!

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