Pledge to eat healthier

If you’ve been here more than once, you’ve likely read something about the Junior League.  Yes, I’m a two-term President here in podunk, but I’m also very proud of what we do as an international association. 

KITKcolorLogoOne of our most visible partners at the Association (AJLI) level is Kashi.  This is not an advertisement for their products, although I do like some quite well.  Please don’t leave comments about their brand or products; this post is just about Kashi’s latest effort to support AJLI’s Kids in the Kitchen programs. 

For every pledge to eat healthier, Kashi will donate $2 to Kids in the Kitchen.  Will you consider taking the pledge?  Each of the three options is easy enough to do.  I believe the funds donated go directly to the AJLI Kashi Awards, given to individual leagues doing great things with their Kids in the Kitchen programs.  I am hopeful the JLC will be recognized… but we have to apply first!


7 comments on “Pledge to eat healthier

  1. kathy boyer says:

    You gals are always up to something GOOD!

    Major Jennifer is in town and just emailed to see me tonight. We’ll do dinner together ….thanks for spending the day with us in C’ville once again. We loved it and YOU

  2. AlisonH says:

    I wish I could go to the local farmers’ markets. But yes on the other two.

  3. Nancy says:

    Done, done, and done!

  4. Katherine says:

    I just made my pledge. I already do all three of the items on the pledge list but I promise to continue eating healthy and shopping at the farmer’s market, AND I just finished juicing all the fruit I have in the fridge so I can buy fresh fruit tomorrow (I love my juicer). Great idea Chan!!

  5. sue says:

    I so miss having a farmer’s market nearby. Rob and I are both trying to eat better.

  6. Mary says:

    Well, I did it, but then it asked me to login to FB…and I don’t belong, so not sure the pledge counted. Guess the thought counts, right?

  7. Nichole says:

    NICE – we’ll take the pledge!

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