Fawning over spots

UntitledWe have twin fawns in the woods.  I don’t know where Mom and Twin were, but one fawn was feeling rather brazen yesterday evening, as the dogs and I were getting ready to head out for our walk. 

(Pardon the debris in the background.  It’s been a wet, sticks on the ground kind of summer.)

The deer are rather tame.  Sissy’s screaming – er, incessant barking – doesn’t faze them.   This one posed for me for probably close to a minute before retreating to the safety of the woods.

UntitledThey won’t have spots much longer, but I do love their spots.  Even though we see these deer daily, we – the humans – don’t tire of admiring them. 

On the other hand, Sissy yells her fool head off every time she sees them.  They aren’t welcome in her yard, she says.  I’m not sure why… they don’t really hurt anything, but they make her crazy.  Gretchen takes spells, but sometimes if there are no squirrels to bark at, she’ll bark at the deer too.

Of course, I do like spots and dots in fashion too, but that’s another story. 

What are you delighting in today?

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14 comments on “Fawning over spots

  1. gmarie says:

    Oh – how sweet! A couple of weeks ago when on a road trip we saw a momma deer with some spotted babies. So.darn.adorable!! g

  2. Nichole says:

    Gorgeous and so sweet that he or she posed for you! 🙂 Delightful, indeed………. I’m hoping to delight in some knitting on the deck with the kids later today. I really need to get away from this computer … and find something joyful.

  3. susancyr says:

    Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark………………..

    Cory, Kenzie and Bagel

  4. Katherine says:

    They are so sweet! What beautiful country you live in. I can imagine how wonderful it is to go walking with the pups in that lush, wooded area!!

    I always delight in Macy and Max “talking” to the cows and horses behind our back fence. They both think they are as big as any horse! Macy tells them she owns them, she owns the land, she owns the sun and sky. I don’t think they believe her because the horses just huff and walk away from the yapping little dogs.

  5. Kathy says:

    What a sweet little fawn. I too love the dots.

    I’m delighted that I work only half a day tomorrow. My office is moving to a brand new building in a nicer location so the weekend is stretched to 3.5 days for that to occur.

  6. Nancy says:

    The barks are merely Sissy and Gretchen’s way of saying, “Hello.”

    I never tire of seeing wildlife.

  7. Bubblesknits says:

    I don’t know if the one I almost plowed into yesterday had spots or not. For some reason, I did notice its feet. Don’t know why I fixated on those…maybe wondering how bad they were going to scratch up my paint?

  8. AlisonH says:

    Don’t mind Sissy, she’s just fawning over the sweet little thing.

  9. Sue says:

    Driving away from the house yesterday we saw that the buffalo herd has lots of new babes and then we saw twin fawns standing there watching us. It’s neat to be rural enough to see them.

  10. Marjie says:

    I’ll send mine to you. They eat everything! The pretty part is greatly outweighed by the destructive part!

  11. km says:

    I would love to see deer and I too would never tire of delighting in them. Things recently have reminded me what treasures my 3 are…and I’m focusing on delighting in them.

  12. I do enjoy seeing the deer when life allows me to get to locations where they live (think camp) today I am delighting in a little quiet time…with my pups, f course.

  13. kathy boyer says:

    a dea!!! a Dea ah!~!! ( I love mona lisa vito from my cousin vinny)

    delighting in a day to myself. Knitting; reading the Jefferson book some more, starting a fresh journal from AL…it may be all lists……

  14. Blond Duck says:

    You must name them!!!!!!

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