Gold Toast

The regular readers out there won’t be shocked; I all but forgot to take photos last night, despite toting my phone around the whole time.  So, while there are no photos of me or any other people, I did remember to snap a couple of shots of the theater itself, from the balcony.


Beautiful, eh?  It was a special treat to get a tour of the facilities, including the not-public-access halls to the dressing rooms, green room, etc., which were filled with the signatures from the artists who have performed there. 

UntitledHere’s a slightly different angle from the same spot in the balcony.  I actually took this photo first, then realized a perspective that included the stage might be nice.  The ceiling really might be my favorite part of the grand, golden room.

Our event was held in a room just off the main lobby, and then we watched the “sorting” into advisor groups right there IN the lobby.  It was great fun, and I’m quite excited about this year’s newest members. 

Many thanks to The Paramount for hosting us, and to the fabulous Provisional Committee for planning such a fun, festive kickoff event!

14 comments on “Gold Toast

  1. gmariesews says:

    What a beautiful venue. The ceilings in those old theatres are very ornate, are they not? I’m sure it was a fun, magical evening. Thanks for sharing. g

  2. Katherine says:

    It sounds like a wonderful time and the theater is gorgeous. I just used the “theatre” spelling and the spell check corrected it. What’s up with that? Anyway, that’s not a theater, that’s a theatre!! Thanks for sharing your lovely evening. The only thing that would have been better is having a photo that includes you!

  3. Sue says:

    We have a theatre in Syracuse, used to be called Lowes, that opened in 1928. It fell on hard times in the 70s and was due to be bulldozed but a citizen’s group saved it. I’m proud to e a member of the Landmark Assoc. Today it’s back in all it’s majestic glory. I’ll send you some pics.

  4. km says:

    Gorgeous! I do appreciate the photos without people. I love the architecture, but I appreciate that when you were at the even you were present with the people…not your phone. No apology necessary for me. I think sometimes you want photos…and sometimes they can get in the way. It’s not an easy balance to find. I posted this to FB this am. I’m glad that your phone hasn’t taken over your relationships with the amazing JLC ladies. As long as the historian is documenting…just enjoy your time.

  5. km says:

    *event not even

  6. Nichole says:

    Beautiful place! I think we should all take turns texting you during events with “REMINDER: Snap a photo!” lol

  7. Nancy says:

    What a gorgeous old theater! I love architecture like this, and I’m delighted it has been restored.

    On Friday, my sister, my niece, and I went to a movie (The Butler) in a 1928 theater. Sadly, it was not restored as much as the Paramount.

  8. Marjie says:

    Lovely theater. Sometimes I think that with all the gadgets we haul around today, everyone’s too focused on taking pictures and not enough on enjoying the event.

  9. AlisonH says:

    What a beautiful building! How cool that you got to have it there!

  10. I love old theaters! Imagine, having such a nice time ou forget to take photos….good!

  11. Mom says:

    Do you remember where you spent the night when the fire that caused so much damage to downtown C’ville was roaring through?

  12. kathy boyer says:

    I love the images you shared with us Channon. THe draperies are so glamourous. So lovely that it was restored. How fun to have an EVENT there

  13. gypsyknits says:

    Beautiful…absolutely beautiful. Great place to have an ‘event’.

  14. Krystle says:

    Wow, it is stunning! Love that you got the excellent ceiling details in that second photo.

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