Hair and Back Again


Dorothy Hamill

I’ve had virtually every hairstyle out there.  It started when I was still in elementary school and my mother took me to a salon to get a Dorothy Hamill.  From there, I’ve had bobs, boy-cuts, braids, a spiral perm, long, short and everything in between.

I’ve spent a few years growing out my hair, and I’m very happy with the length… basically.  But the problem is, my hair texture has changed – and is still changing – drastically.  I’ve gone from baby-fine hair and lots of it with just a tiny bit of wave to coarser hair with quite a bit of wave and a mind all its own. 

Oh, I do have good hair days, where it is mostly smooth and shiny, but more often than not, I have days like yesterday where it looks decent when I leave the house, but over the course of the morning, it morphs into a mop and I look like some make-over show should be swooping in to save my wavy, shapeless wad of hair from itself.

I repeat, I don’t want to go short, but I am pondering bangs or something.

My old work computer isn’t playing well with Flickr, but there are plenty of photos of me around, and there are a couple of really good “as good as it gets in the humidity” photos here.   (I’m in the yellow.)

I keep thinking it’ll be better in the cooler weather, and then I remember that this “new” hair is also drier, so it remains frizzy in the dry heat of winter too.

What’s on your mind today?


16 comments on “Hair and Back Again

  1. kathy boyer says:

    Well you and I have done the rounds with HAir over the years. I had no idea you and I had this in common. Friends here have had the miracle straightener that last 3 months or more and it is impressive.
    Having seen your beautiful locks. I’d say I like the soft wave you have going. I would try a really good conditioner or mask. Then I’d consider the cut you want if you have the dryness factor solved…..
    or pull it back in a bun!

  2. Karen says:

    Hair is always near the top of the list because of the same struggles as you. You know why? Hair is the closest thing to our brain. We can’t help it. 😉

  3. km says:

    My girl is experiencing hair changes right now. It’s starting to get curly! I’ve got baby fine stick straight hair and I have no experience with this wavy/curly stuff. But it sure does tangle! We buy peratin at out salon. A penny sized amount after shower before drying your hair really helps. What’s left on your hands is a good hand lotion…it does make the knitting needles slippery, but it isn’t sticky. It is expensive though.

  4. Nancy says:

    Just an idea – the next time you go to your doctor, ask to have your TSH checked. When the texture of my hair changed it was because my thyroid was out of whack.

  5. AlisonH says:

    “closest to our brain”–I love Karen’s comment!

    I’m actually going for a haircut, got an appointment for this afternoon. Not short–that’s not me–but I’m still catching up on that shaved scalp area from two years ago for the skin cancer, and it’s gotten pretty long and pretty thin at the bottom. Time to whack it back a bit.

    I like it short enough that when I go to look over my shoulders while I’m driving, I don’t pin myself to the back of my seat unexpectedly. I don’t know how people with seriously long hair do it.

  6. gypsyknits says:

    My hair is fine, it’s my brain that’s frizzy 😉

  7. Marjie says:

    What Gypsyknits said.

    Have you tried CHI volumizing spray? It doesn’t volumize my hair, but it makes it very soft. It’s pretty pricy, but I get it from Amazon with free delivery. It might tame your frizz.

  8. Barbara says:

    My hairdresser, whom I love, really screwed up yesterday. Too short, too blunt. Didn’t help that I had it straightened as well. I look like an aged little Dutch boy. Geez.
    Aren’t you glad you asked? 🙂

  9. Katherine says:

    My daughter is currently experiencing hair changes and it’s driving her crazy! I don’t know if you ever tried Wen but that is what I suggested to her. They have some new scents that I’ve heard are wonderful. A friend of min walks around telling people, “You must smell my hair.” She gets some weird looks so I don’t recommend that! Heehee!!

  10. Love the dress from the JLC pics…hair, bah! I cannot win that battle, good luck to you. On my mind…volunteered to host an adult birthday dinner tomorrow (Sat) night…wish the wife of the birthday boy would jus chill and let me handle this, like we agreed on….

  11. Jessica says:

    hnmm, maybe try chemical straightening, or thermal reconditioning?
    I cannot remember if you tried Wen? My friend Jen always had super frizzy hair, and when i saw her after she switched to Wen, OMG….the change was STUNNING. She has the most GORGEOUS soft curls now, whereas before they were coarse and just drove her nuts. She can straighten it with her flat iron is she wants straight, but the curls are SO gorgeous.

  12. Walden121 says:

    I like the theory of longer hair, but honestly just cannot stand it. A couple of months ago I got my hair chopped off again and have just given in and I get it trimmed regularly.

  13. sue says:

    Hair…mine has been long, short and in between. It’s been blonde and red. I ‘ve worn it hanging halfway down my back, had a Sassoon geometric cut, worn it cut to one inch long and almost shaved my head when Sue had cancer.

    Now I keep it short so I don’t have to fuss with it. I run a brush thru it in the morning and it’s good for the day.I have enough hairy creatures to care for.

  14. Blond Duck says:

    I always wanted Princess Aurora hair– long and blond.

  15. thejourneybeginsagain says:

    I love your hair! Haven’t seen you in a while and you look fantastic!

  16. Nichole says:

    I’ve gone back and forth on cutting bangs again for years….

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