Wen Day #1

So… after years of thinking maybe I should try Wen not-shampoo, I am giving it a go.  As much as I hate selfies, I do want to preserve what I did and the results, both for my own analysis paralysis purposes, and for those of you who have your own Wen curiosities.

First, un-Wen before photos:

UntitledThe best hair day in a very long time, with AG products.  No frizz, soft waves, lots of shine.

UntitledFrom the other side, and who knows WHAT I used… not even my own water.  (We were in DC.)   But, you can see the flip and soft curl thing my hair does, no matter where I am or how I try to style it.

UntitledNow, for the awkward selfie for Wen Day #1.

(Do I look cross-eyed?!  Gah.  Selfies stink.)

I think maybe there’s more curl to my wave.   Maybe it’s the awesome fluorescent lights, but my hair looks a little dull, eh? 

Here’s what I did:

Barely dampened my hair when I got in the shower, then did 5 pumps – because that’s all my small hand would hold – and slapped it on the top front of my head.  Massage, rub, scrub… repeat 2 more times.  Yeah, I’m a direction follower, but I couldn’t decide whether I have short-long hair, or long-medium hair, and by 15 pumps, I had globs of product gathering on my fingers while I scrubbed.

Rinse and more rinse, then 3 x 2 pumps all over again with more massaging and scrubbing.  I let that marinade while I shaved my legs and finished my shower, then more copious rinsing.

I squeezed out the excess water and wrapped my hair in a towel while I dried off.  Then, after I’d done my “chamois” towel wrap, I decided to try half of a pump or so as a leave-in.  Yeah, I didn’t follow directions here either.  They said to do it while the hair was still WET, but I didn’t wanna’.  I only applied it to the bottom 1/2 to 1/3 of my hair.

Then, I blew it dry as usual.   It felt as though it took longer, but I’ve never timed myself, so maybe I was just impatient.

Other points of interest:  Especially on the first wash, my scalp was quite tingly.  Not in a chemical, burning way, but definitely something was going on.  It tingled some with the second wash/soak, but not at all as intensely.  This is also why I hesitated on the leave-in, but I had a couple of tangles, so… I went with it.  It *TOTALLY* took longer than my regular shampoo and conditioner, and even with going light on the cleanser, I can’t see how this isn’t going to be significantly more expensive than even my salon-level products I have been using.

It’s too soon to tell.  Stay tuned.

Are you trying anything new?

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8 comments on “Wen Day #1

  1. sue says:

    Ok, you lost me on this one. I had to google Wen to see what you were talking about. When my hair was long there were two shampoos that I alternated using. They gave me body with softness. Now I stick to one and don’t buy salon products anymore.

  2. Katherine says:

    You might consider not using quite so much Wen. A little goes a long way and the amount you used may have contributed to you feeling that your hair is not as shiny as usual (I think it looks shiny and healthy). Anyway, I think all of the pictures of you are beautiful and your hair looks great every time I have seen a picture of you–whatever shampoo you are using!

    Nothing new here except that I need a haircut and would look and feel like a new person if I could take the time to get one!

  3. AlisonH says:

    Your hair looks great either way; you have nice hair. As for the tingly, I dunno, I’ve been allergic to a few hair products here and there so I’m a little antsy on that subject. Nothing like trying to sleep when your head feels like a lice attack. Itch!

  4. kathy boyer says:

    SO it is not just my hair that does as it wishes? The hair straightener products seem to make mine curl. The curl products make them striaght. Seriously. Hey you look amazing Channon. Let’s see how this hair thing progresses. As for me Im growing it out a bit …..

  5. Marjie says:

    So, from the stick straight hair perspective, I don’t see anything wrong with your flip and soft curl look. Ah, we all wish for what we don’t have….Have a great weekend.

  6. I’ve been using Wen for the past year and a half…I have shortish hair, thin, too…but my daily routine is: 4 pumps, very briefly massage in, then leave in while I do all the other stuff, rinse out…done! One easy step…hair is best ever…lots of waves and soft and shiny. Happy me.

  7. K M says:

    I need something new…but more than that my girl is going to need something new shortly. Her hair is coming in curly!

  8. My daughter is a huge fan of Wen, Channon. I think your hair looks just fine. (nice smile too:) Don’t be too quick to toss those curls though. I had the curliest hair EVER up until a few years ago. (I dammed it each and every day) Now, well, now I wish it were back, lol…

    Thanks for sharing, Channon…

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