Lyme’s wide net

But first, Wen cleanse #3 or Wen Day #5.  Again, no need for a photo, but I reached for the Wen this morning, did 6 pumps on cleanse #1, and only one, conditioner style, on round #2.  No leave-in.

So, about the title.  I’ve been treated for Lyme Disease 3 times.  Another friend is going through her second episode and is doing a lot of research.  Ironically, Lyme came up in a Wen/hair discussion with a bloggy friend this morning too. 

What if my hair changes aren’t a result of THE CHANGE, color processing, etc., but instead, are a symptom of my trials and tribulations with ticks – er, Lyme Disease?  What if instead of blaming all kinds of good hair products for failing me, I just need vitamins for my hair to battle the Lyme damage?


Dogs at work, not to be confused with WORKING dogs

And likewise, how many more of you have had Lyme Disease, or have someone close to you who has?

Just as I’m doing a little analysis paralysis with my own issues, so too suffers Sissy.   You can read more about her trip to the vet yesterday (eye’s fine, she’s mostly healthy) here

And why can’t humans get a Lyme vaccine, use Frontline to ward off ticks for 30 days at a time, etc?

16 comments on “Lyme’s wide net

  1. Katherine says:

    Funny thought–Frontline for humans. Why not? It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to believe that the Lyme’s has made a change in your hair. I know they make vitamin supplements for the nails so I would bet they make them for hair also. Worth a try!

  2. sue says:

    If you google “lyme disease and hair” there are lots of articles an how the disease changes hair. I know lots of drugs and medicall conditions make a difference so this could be your answer.

  3. Krystle says:

    Ticks are unfortunately a HUGE and very YUCKY problem in the Northeast. I had never even seen a tick when I lived in Washington (even when I worked at the Vet’s office). Unfortunately, since moving east, I know many people and animals with Lyme… so sad, but seems to be a fact of life around these parts.

  4. Mary says:

    DH had Lyme Disease several years ago. He hadn’t noticed anything but I saw the tell-tale sign of the round circle on the back of one of his inner arms. The one-who-loathes-all-things-medical was in the doctor’s office before he knew what hit him. Did his course of antibiotics and has not been troubled since (fingers crossed).

  5. AlisonH says:

    My daughter came home from a summer camp with a tick and a bull’s eye of red rings on her back. I took her straight to the pediatrician and they tested not only her but the tick. Somehow, no Lyme! But the pediatrician warned us, if you see ANY symptoms–ANY!!!–you get that kid right back in here.

    I can’t imagine getting it three times. I’m very very very glad you got it diagnosed and treated quickly. Yow!

    • Alison… if there is a bullseye rash, there is Lyme. Often a test will not come up positive right away. Please have her get treated regardless! Find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) and treat no matter what the tests say. Go on to find a doctor.

  6. km says:

    I’ve had only one experience with ticks…and that was enough. I do think that even if it isn’t LYME, some supplements would help your hair. We are what we eat.

  7. kathy boyer says:

    I have to try to be succinct. HEre are my two experiences:
    One I found a tick on my behind. It was tiny. My husband pulled it out. I made him put it between two pieces of clear tape and bring it to our doc. For about 300.00 (insurance covered most) we were told it was a deer tick but not infected with LYME!
    Two: Huck tried to be a blood donor dog at the age of 1. He failed b/c they called us up and told us his Lyme titre was elevated. He was never symtomatic and died at age 10 of a tumor. He had many a tic in his face and neck. I always used Sentinel early for flea and ticks.

    Hmm this has me thinking,maybe beatles could be a donor cat. he’s so mellow

  8. Marjie says:

    I am so very glad you defined those dogs in the picture; I might have otherwise been confused.

    Nephew had Lyme disease when he was about 14. He spent a lot of time sleeping.

  9. Nichole says:

    I’m with you on why don’t they have a human vaccination for Lyme!

  10. I can’t even imagine having Lyme disease 3 times Channon. I had it once and I NEVER want to go through that experience again. It took them 8 months to figure out it was Lyme disease because I didn’t have the Bulls Eye, one of the symptoms of Lyme disease. I did what ever research I was able to do online which was unbearably difficult. Although I was convinced I had Lyme disease, I could barely walk and every single bone and muscle in my body was limp, weak, and yet reeked with pain, the doctors continued doing tests. Thank GOD I finally hitched a ride to Stony Brook Hospital, I was on Vicodin for the pain, and as soon as I walked in the door they knew what it was and immediately began treatment. They also warned me of the lasting side effects of not only the disease but also the drugs. Loss of elasticity to the skin and long term effects to hair and joints just to name a few.

    I’m sorry to go on and on Channon. Frontline for humans sounds unbelievably obvious so, what’s the story? Vitamin therapy did indeed improve my hair and when I could finally exercise, I built up my muscles as well as I could. Thank you for bringing the conversation up, Channon. Between Wen and vitamins, you will be even more fabulous! (which is pretty hard to do considering how utterly fabulous you are now:)

  11. Blond Duck says:

    Down here, we get more chiggers. (shudders).

  12. Nancy says:

    Hmmm, interesting concept. I wonder if research is being done.

  13. Ruth says:

    Loving the dogs working photo…looks strangely familiar. Curious…you’re the second person I know focused on Lyme disease this week.

  14. Walden121 says:

    I agree with the fact that we should have a vaccine or something similar

  15. Chan, just catching up on your blog a bit… I am so behind, but with son and hubby now fighting Lyme, and possibly ME!, it has been crazy here.

    There is no Lyme vaccine because: the Lyme antibodies that our body makes do not develop a “memory” for Lyme bacteria. When you get a flu but, your body develops antibodies that fight the flu strain that it has the “memory” for if you are re-infected. The chicken pox virus works the same. Most people only get chicken pox once as your antibodies know how to fight it if it sees it again in your body.

    Lyme does NOT do this in the body. Your body will make antibodies, but it does not learn to fight Lyme. This is why once you pass one month of infection, you are no longer in the “acute” phase, you are now in the second phase and require a minimum of 2 months of antibiotics.

    You know some of the health problems my family has suffered over the years, and what it boils down to is it was Lyme creating havoc in our bodies.

    Now, I don’t know what to tell you about your hair. 😉 But, I was reading this post and the comments and felt I needed to comment on it.

    P.S. The top Lyme doctors in the world will tell you that the vaccine that did exist for a short time CAUSED PEOPLE TO HAVE LYME because of the bacteria memory issue I described above. It is a real mess.

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