Oh Olivia…

Thanks for the great feedback on rummage and tag sales.  I’ll keep you posted.

standard_5601920200Since you were so helpful yesterday, I’m wondering if you know Olivia?  She’s a cute, new style from Dankso, and I’m itching to find this particular color.  I really like the hair calf version too, but I have leopard pumps, and I don’t have any really yummy, “claret” colored shoes.   Yes, Danskos are expensive, but I still have the very first pair I bought, roughly 20 years ago.  How do I know the approximate time?  Because I got them around the same time I moved in here.  They do look a little dated, but the oiled black leather is still in great shape and while I don’t wear them regularly anymore, I haven’t had to re-sole them either.

They even survived baby Fred’s toting phase.  No, it wasn’t teething.  He just liked to carry my right shoes around.  He didn’t hurt them, unless you consider tiny little baby Hooey teeth imprints in leather a problem.  (I don’t; I wish more than one pair was still “autographed” by that sweet boy.)

Anything you’re craving for your feet for fall?



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14 comments on “Oh Olivia…

  1. kathy boyer says:

    Well yes. I bought a new air of Birkies in April. By now the cork is wearing. I had the receipt and took them back. The clerk said, its normal wear and tear and he said he knew a great cobbler who I could go to. So Im disappointed with the Birkie folks. I want some boot clogs but Sundance Catalog is only for lotto winners

  2. Katherine says:

    I like Dankso but not Birkenstocks. Like Kathy I’ve had bad luck with Birkies. Olivia’s style is classic and the color is exciting! I think you would be able to wear them with more than you might expect!! Shoes are not on my agenda today, I’m searching for a new electric tea kettle. I had no idea there are so many different kinds out there. This could be an all day deal!

  3. Susan says:

    I have my Bakers, you should have your Olivia’s!!! I LOVE Dansko, as you know. I have some that are 25 yr old and still going strong!!!

  4. AlisonH says:

    I have a new pair of Birks in about that color and I absolutely love them. Love the color! As for Susan above, I’m wondering if you got sold a pair that were fakes? That should never happen, I’ve got Birks that are 15 years old that still look and wear great. The fact that the clerk blew you off suggests to me he wasn’t selling authentic ones and didn’t want to be shut down by Birkenstock.

  5. Sue says:

    I have a lot of shoes that I had before we were married. I don’t wear dressy shoes too often so I visit them in the closet now and then. I’m thinking of getting a pair of Wellies to wear when I take the dogs out. Not just for rainy days but to protect my ankles. One of the puncture wounds is closed today. The other is getting closer to closing though it still bleeds a little every day. What a mess.

  6. Karen says:

    I love my Danskos. My first pair lasted 10 years of almost daily wear and that included 4 years of the right back being chewed badly by our now Angel basset, Snoopy. He liked to carry shoes around, but much preferred to eat them more. I just got my long awaited, hand painted pair from The Swanx. Blue with a magenta ball of yarn in the shape of a heart with knitting needles stuck through it and K1 and P1 on the backs. Adorable!!!!!! I want about a dozen more that I have picked out and want to design a spinning themed one. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  7. Kathy says:

    I can’t say I have a specific wish shoe for fall, but the ones in the J. Crew and Banana Republic emails get my attention every time.

  8. Nichole says:

    Oh, Olivia is quite attractive… and looks quite comfy as well!

  9. Nancy says:

    No new shoes for me this year – I don’t wear them out as much as I did when I was working. I still wear two pair of leather flats that I purchased from Land’s End too many years ago to count. I love to wear Birkenstock clogs in the winter if there is no snow on the ground. They are comfy just don’t have good snow traction soles.

  10. I’m on the hunt for cognac booties!

  11. gmariesews says:

    boots! I’m on the hunt for boots. My new pair showed up yesterday and I wore them today – comfy all day! Now those little danskos are super cute and I have a dress or two they would work with. Guess I have to start stalking zappos again, eh? g

  12. I need a new pair of shoes for everyday wear during the colder, hopefully wetter seasons…I’ve been wearing nothing but my Birkenstock sandals for months on end…

  13. Barbara says:

    I really want another pair of Belgians. Yes, pricey, so am hoping I can take the pair I wear the most and have them refurbished. Again.

  14. Blond Duck says:

    Boots. I love boots.

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