I Spy Somethings Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which for Gretchen and me means it’s a great time to score some PANK and feel good about it.  Nearly every retailer and/or manufacturer in the free world has something to offer, but here are some of the things on my wish list:

thumb_2514_product_photogra_highdefThorlo Distance Walking Socks – At just under $15, they aren’t cheap socks, but dear Claudia recommended them recently and it so happened that when I went to their website, they offered me a pair to try for the cost of shipping (cough, cough… I doubt it really cost them $6.99 to ship, but it’s a deal just the same).  Good promotion, because now I want nothing else.  They are quite thick, so if you like thin socks, these aren’t for you, but if you’re working with parts that aren’t new or even in great shape anymore, these socks are supremely cushioned and yet still support in all the right places.   For the runners out there, I have had shin splints and knee problems since my teens, and with these socks and the right (cushioning) shoes, I can walk or run without any aches – while I’m moving and afterwards.

They’re also a subtle way to support the cause without waving a PANK flag, if you happen not to share our love for the hue.

Next up comes a truly PANK little wristlet from Coach.  At $68 thePoppy Studded vertical_header_BCRF2_08Wristlet isn’t outrageously priced either, and a generous 20% is donated to the cause.   It’s a little smaller than what I normally carry, and it would be a snug fit for my trusty iPhone and the usual cards I don’t leave home without, but I may have to go give it a test load at our local Coach store.  I’m not much on the studded trend, but those little buggers are almost subtle, and hey, they’re on PANK leather!  (Even if Coach does call it magenta.  Whatever…)

65606_splashbluelillyloveshopeOf course, no October/PANK/support breast cancer post would be complete without Lilly P.  I do love this Lilly Loves Hope Murfee Scarf, but …  I can’t believe I’m going to say this…  I already have the Virginia Lilly P Murfee Scarf in practically the same colors.   However, if *YOU* don’t have a light blue with PANK and white Murfee already, please think really hard about this one.  I’m a big cashmere fan – as is Gretchen – and if you need to convince yourself the luxury fiber is worth the expense… buy this scarf and wad it around your face and neck.  If you aren’t convinced and don’t soon start plotting how many more Murfees you need, come tell me about it, because the Knight would love for you to get me over my Murfee (and general cashmere) addiction.

And how ’bout the name of the scarf, for all of my friends who have shared my yarn hue name pains?  No LHM 510 here; Lilly Loves Hope.  We do too.

In fact, we love the name and the pattern so much I’m pretty sure Sissy is going to buy me 49447_splashbluelillyloveshopethe bracelet version for HER birthday.   What?!  Sure the DIVA is the kind of gal to give great gifts for her birthday, especially when she has sweet, girly, thoughtful, generous Lady Gretchen Greer to pull her chain and make it so.  I actually don’t own any Lilly P jewelry, so it’s the perfect opportunity to right that wrong, no?

Pampered Chef also has three special products to Help Whip Cancer.  I don’t have the cake server, but I love the cake tester and the sweet daisy plates.

sku_sm_sku_lg_7BL-A001-004-KOMENSpibelt also has a special pink offering, not to be confused with my very awesome black with PANK polka dot model.  Spibelt is the answer to my warm weather not enough pockets wogging prayers.  It fits my Lifeproof encased iPhone with ease, and the elastic band is so comfortable it hasn’t chaffed when it has actually been on my bare skin.  I wear it on my hips, around my waist, over my shirt or not, depending on my mood and what I have on.  I’m positive I could drop my house keys in there too without any trouble, but so far, I haven’t needed to do that yet.

And I just saw they make a leash version too!  How ’bout that?  It only comes in red and black, but if you’d rather make your dog tote your goods – or her own treats – for you…  Let me know if you try it, okay?

What did I miss?  I know there’s a lot of pink ribbon and otherwise pink stuff out there… is there anything else we should put on our PANK wish list?

7 comments on “I Spy Somethings Pink

  1. Katherine says:

    You just had to do it didn’t you? You had to show me that pank Coach Poppy studded wristlet!! Now I can’t live without it! What to do–what to do!!

    I love the leash version of the Spibelt carryall. Macy is red all the way. I may have to get her one.

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m going to check out the Spibelt – looks perfect for walks but not a bulky fanny pack.

  3. Kathy says:

    You made me want to go to Coach and check out the wristlet. I may do that tomorrow at lunch. Not sure if I told you, but my office moved to a building right outside a mall. I look outside my window and see Dillard’s (department store).

  4. Nichole says:

    I love all the pink things that come out this time of year… it’s great getting a good item and supporting a great cause.

  5. AlisonH says:

    Checked out the socks–I like to do my treadmill time in my socks and bought fluffy thick (pink!) ones a year ago just for that.

  6. kathy boyer says:


    free pattern from Classic elite. Lovely delicate scarf.

    I must try those socks. !!!

  7. Definitely going to check those socks out Channon. I may have to show Michele a couple of your choices too. Normally, she does not “share the love for the hue” but under the circumstances, she is celebrating her last chemo treatment and Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing the color and supporting the cause for the entire month of October. As a matter of fact, my grandchildren are supporting her choice for Pink this month by also wearing Pink to school. (even my grandson has requested a small pink something:)

    Thanks for sharing, Channon…

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