Johnny Popper

john-deere-footwear-johnny-popper-cowboy-boots-ostrich-print-for-youth-girls-in-ocean-blue-pink~p~5330w_01~220.3We have a winner!  I bought a pair of John Deere Johnny Popper boots from Sierra Trading Post last week.  Yes, they’re “youth” boots, but they’re made by Dan Post.  When I was reading reviews, it seemed that Dan Post and Ariat got the consistent, best marks for comfort, so it was good fortune when I found the cute little John Deere boots for under $40.  (Yep.  That’s not a typo.)  Couldn’t hurt to try, right?

RIGHT!  What I didn’t realize is that both Dan Post & Ariat have their own special insoles so that as kids grow, they can stay in their quality (read: expensive) boots a little longer.  What that means for me is that I have a little flexibility with sizing, AND when I guess correctly, I have extra cushioning for my ankle, back and other aging parts that groan when I’m on my feet too long.

I wasted no time breaking them in.  The Knight made fun of me for walking around in the house in the boots while I was doing laundry, but it worked.  I was ready to give them the ultimate test… grocery shopping.  For whatever reason, walking/standing on concrete gives my back fits in no time flat.  I was eager to see how these little boots would stand up to my Waterloo, and they did at least as well as my Danksos, which previously held the “most likely to get me through” spot.


Foot selfie – hits just at the start of my calf

So.  My size 6.5 – 7 foot (or Euro 37) was very happy in the JD/DP size 5 boot.  I think I could have worn a 4.5, but then I would have had to think about which socks I was wearing.  With these, I don’t know that I’ll wear just tights, but on cold days, I can pull on thick, wool socks and still get the boots off at the end of the day.   The shaft is a little short, but booties are trendy, and Ariat and Justin have been selling shorter “barn boots” for women for YEARS.  While the offerings in very large youth sizes are few and far between, I’m delighted with my find and think I got an incredible deal on a premium pair of ostrich boots in fun, funky colors that will suit my feet and wardrobe.

I don’t feel at all that I “settled” by buying youth boots.  They are remarkably comfortable and seem to be well-made.  I expect them to last for years and years, as my other boots do.  My only complaint is the John Deere logo and its placement, but considering the deal I got on ostrich and cowhide boots, I’m not REALLY fussing.

Next up, those Ariat leopard girl boots.  I might have already ordered them… maybe.

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13 comments on “Johnny Popper

  1. Barbara says:

    Well, I’m glad you found the perfect boots for you! A shoe salesman told me years ago the best way to break in shoes is to walk around the house wearing them with socks on. I’m talking about loafers, heels, just about anything that needs breaking in. He also told me to dampen them, but I’ve never done that, figuring it would discolor the shoe.
    It works.

  2. Walden121 says:

    Glad you found boots that will work well for you!

  3. sue says:

    They’re adorable. Really fun looking and I’m envious. I love the leopard boots and want a pair too. I was at a dog show yesterday, standing on a concrete floor for hours. My back was killing me by the time I got home.

  4. Nancy says:

    WaHoo – a winner for sure! Enjoy

    Is it possible to remove the JD logo by picking at the stitches?

  5. Katherine says:

    Your boots are so cute!! I love the color and what a great deal. There are those who would say the John Deere emblem makes the boots and I think it makes them chic and fun. Have you already ordered the Ariat Leopard boots? My money is on you!

  6. Ruth says:

    Those look like fun on the run. Happy you’re happy!

  7. I love your enthusiasm Channon. I just don’t see me getting excited over a pair of boots. I know they aren’t just any ol’ pair of boots but…I wish I could share your excitement when I go shopping. But alas, at least I get to share in yours and really isn’t that all that matters:) Congrats on your new boots, Channon. Enjoy every step of the way…

  8. Kathy says:

    How cute & a great deal!

  9. Blond Duck says:

    They’re so cute! You totally need a scarf!

  10. kathy boyer says:

    awww they are great!!!! Yes you do need a scarf as Blond Duck says!!!!! I love your shopping conundrums ChAN!

  11. Marjie says:

    If you’re enjoying them, then that is wonderful! And what better way to fully test drive them than by doing laundry? At least you’re home and can take them off if they just don’t work for you, which you cannot do if you’re at the Piggy Wiggly!

  12. AlisonH says:

    Those are happy-making boots and the colors put Spring in your steps.

    Can’t wait to see the leopard ones too!

  13. Blond Duck says:

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday!

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