Who are you when no one’s looking?

February 2011 001

Sissy DIVA 2-11; ALWAYS true to herself

Feel free to hum Blake Shelton’s tune, but the concept goes back to at least the 20th century and John Wooden’s “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”   Or we could push it back another half century or so to C. S. Lewis and “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

The concept is actually age-old, but I’ll quit playing connect the quote/philosophy dots.  I’m still shaking my head, wondering if the Lululemon founder was raised in an all-male orphanage and as such, has no mother, daughter, wife, niece…   I just cannot imagine any other reason an otherwise seemingly functional adult would say something so very, very stupid.

Some of you have been asking about my new job.  I like it very much.  I work in a very small service center, where mostly fire engines, but sometimes ambulances or wreckers are also in for repair.  I am the only woman in our little “burg” so on most work days, the only other woman  I see is the parts delivery person for one of our vendors.  The four men I work with span roughly three decades worth of ages, and they’re all good guys.    Two have daughters, two have sons,  and all of us have “young people” in our lives we care about, so we all are role models, whether we like it or not.

I try to be authentic, always.

Who are you when no one is looking?

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13 comments on “Who are you when no one’s looking?

  1. gmariesews says:

    Why is this posted in Sissy? I like to think I’m the same person when no one is around, maybe slightly calmer, but not necessarily nicer. Is that sad? I do try to be nice all the time, but it’s not always easy.


  2. Betty Riggs says:

    The difference between being sensitive to others feelings and the me when I’m unseen by others is an effort to not be totally a diva. Silence of my opinions can be a gift!!

  3. Nancy says:

    Great post – I used that quote in my classroom all the time to illustrate a point. When you think about it, our society is centered around this principle – do we stop at stop signs in the middle of the night, do we take only one paper from a vending kiosk after we slip in our coins and open the front, do we follow the speed limit even when the road is deserted. True character and respect for society are revealed when we are alone.

  4. km says:

    I’m hardly alone these days, but I value integrity enough to be the same me all the time. Granted, I’m more selfish than I’d like, I’m not as generous or patient as I ought to be, but I’m trying. Sometime I wonder how these people sleep. I couldn’t sleep if my conscience wasn’t clear.

  5. Katherine says:

    I think I am the same person in the company of others that I am alone. My mother always said that “A sound conscience is not inborn, it is learned.” Oh my gosh did she try to teach me to have a sound conscience! I hope she succeeded!

  6. AlisonH says:

    I love that you’re still working with fire engines! And best, that you love what you’re doing and who you’re working with.

    I read the WaPo’s article on the Lululemon guy yesterday and thought, wow. He really is that obtuse. It was interesting to read the comments by some of his longtime customers, saying what you did, that no, the older pants really held up and the new ones, no way: he cut corners and then blamed the customers for calling him on it.

  7. Marjie says:

    Love the picture of Sissy! And I’m pleased that you’re enjoying the new job. Of course, you are surrounded by fire trucks, so…..

    I’ve always been the same “fierce midget” (in the words of my son Jeffrey). You’ve heard of girls who act all sugar-and-spice to “catch” their man, then become a b***h once they’ve got him, or are angry because they can’t change the man they married? Not me. Too much effort. If you don’t like my less than perfect disposition, then just go away.

    And, yes, I stop for stop signs in the middle of the night, obey or not the speed limits regardless of who’s around, and pay for the produce from the honor system farm stand. One should always do what’s right, although too many don’t.

  8. I really only have one version of me, so it is in use at all times. I obey traffic laws at all times of day or night, I use sarcasm perhaps a bit too liberally, and the only changes I make to my speech with respect to the listeners is to avoid what some call “big” words.

  9. kathy b says:

    That is an awesome picture of the SIs. I’m walking a cat stroller when no one is looking….
    because Fireman says I cannot do it i the daylight

  10. Nichole says:

    I’m with you – and you said it very well – I try to be authentic, always. Like me or hate me, I am me…….and that’s all we really can be, right?

  11. Kathy says:

    When no one is looking I am messier–sweat pants, glasses, sloppy hair. But I hope the important parts, those that matter, are good whether someone can see my actions or not.

  12. Sue says:

    I think I’m the same in public and private. I have to push myself a bit when around outsiders because I’m basically shy and like my own company. I have always tried to earn my “good citizen” title.

  13. Gnat says:

    Oh I have missed so much! New job? We need to catch up!

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