Mistletoe Me!

Sunday was the 10th annual Mistletoe Market.  I have a really awful tradition of shopping for myself more than others, but this year it was early enough and the planets aligned, and …  I bought several gifts.  You can’t see those, because some of them are for some of you, but I will show you the fails  the stuff I bought for myself.

I bought coconut pound cake and cranberry pumpkin bread from Apron Strings, but unless you live near Portsmouth, Virginia, you’re out of luck.  And you don’t even get photos because the Knight and the vultures at work devoured it all.  I did get a bite of the coconut and a whole slice of the pumpkin, so  I can assure you it was fabulous.

UntitledI also snagged this PANK leather and silver bracelet from a vendor who didn’t give me her card, didn’t have her logo on her gift box…  Pity.  It’s a pretty thang, and I bought another gift – you know… for someone else? – from her too.  She had a lot of pretty sterling jewelry, in both traditional and more contemporary styles.

It was a great mix of vendors.  Lots of jewelry, some food and cooking items, some custom art, some shoes, children’s clothes, personalized items and more were represented.  And again… I can’t share everything because I did buy some gifts!  Yeah, I’m proud of myself.  We won’t talk about the cards I need to figure out and get in the mail in the next few weeks.  (I’m sure someone has some great charitable cards that would make it all okay that I’m not doing photo cards this year, right?  Feel free to share ideas!)

UntitledLast but hardly least was another gift for me from Erin McDermott Jewelry.  Yes, it’s part of a pair, but if you knew how much trouble I’m having taking photos and blogging, you’d cut me some slack.  My shoddy photo doesn’t do Erin’s craftsmanship justice.  I have other earrings from her, and I always have a hard time choosing what to purchase.  There are several other things on her website I’d like, so I think I will put them on my Christmas list.

And yes, if you think you see a black piece of Italian glass in the middle there, you sure do.  I wore them today, and I’m trying to figure out what I can wear them with again.

But tomorrow, I want to wear the PANK bracelet…

12 comments on “Mistletoe Me!

  1. Coconut Pound cake sounds mighty good about now, Channon. I sure hope the family enjoyed every morsel:)

    LOVE those earring! I’m a dangle kinda “gal” and that looks like the perfect dangle for a nice pair of jeans as well as “dress up.” I only wish they were silver:)

    You did GREAT Channon. Some nice gifts for yourself and I’m sure for others:)

    Thank you so much for sharing…

  2. sue says:

    Great bracelet!! My shopping is done but I’m still seeing such neat things. Maybe I’ll get a start on next year.

  3. I love markets like that!

  4. gmarie says:

    The bracelet is fun! What’s the big deal about the black glass beads? I think that’s fabulous and having a ‘set’ with a necklace to match would be incredible. I wish I had fun things like that to do. g

  5. Nancy says:

    The PANK bracelet is fabulous and will be fun to wear with a multitude of colors. Enjoy!

    I love craft fairs but detest dealing with the crowds.

  6. km says:

    Beautiful finds. We have given money to heifer most every year. This year with a catalog we got a handful of Christmas cards with animals…but I don’t see where to order them on their site. You might find something like this… http://www.holidaycardcenter.org/aha/product/1375/51

  7. Katherine says:

    I was going to ask if the earrings are Murano glass. Son and daughter-in-law were in Italy last summer and she fell in love with all things Murano! I will visit that jewelry site and shop!!

    You are not alone in your shopping confusion. I always forget who I am shopping for and end up with at least “something” for myself. How does that happen?

  8. AlisonH says:

    Coconut pound cake. Okay, now I need to remember to buy some coconut oil next time at Trader Joe’s, my daughter could eat that.

    Enjoy your goodies!

  9. kathy b says:

    Haha Channon, so glad your gifts to YOU don’t have to wait until Dec 24th!
    I bought a Santa pillow and a new table runner at out local Craft fair when I was supposed to be shopping for others. I did find some adorable dog scarves for my friend Linda’s pups !
    I actually went back and bought more one of a kind crafted gifts and it all benefits our local Grove Heritage association. THe Grove is a historic landmark in Glenview. AL and I usually go together;:(

  10. Marjie says:

    You deserve presents! Especially wince vultures ate most of your bread! Mostly, I hope you had fun at the fair!

  11. gypsyknits says:

    Ok…you got me on the coconut pound cake and the cranberry pumpkin bread…lol
    As the saying goes in this neck of the woods…you did good 😉

  12. Nichole says:

    LOVE that bracelet!

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