Whose Walk?

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and more.  Gretchen is soliciting advice, so feel free to weigh in.   I actually want to share a new find with you.  Our walks are sacred.  Unless it’s really raining hard or I simply cannot get home before it’s truly dark, we walk, wog or run every day.  Thankfully, we live in an age when reflective, moisture-wicking attire is fairly easy to find, so I’m not going to get into that part today.  The dogs each have reflective jackets and bandanas, and when we go out with any chance of dusk falling before we get home, we’re all wearing something reflective.

mainproredBut KT Tape is new to me, and I’m a fan already.  When my back was troubling me, I used a lot of the over the counter patches, and over the years, I shudder to think how many elastic bandages and ankle supports I’ve purchased and used.  I also appreciate all the videos and printable instructions for application KTT offers.  I consider myself a bit of a wrapping expert, but because this tape does more than support and/or immobilize, do yourself a favor and watch and read before you slap some tape to skin.

It isn’t cheap, but sometimes you have to pay for technology – and results.  And my workout partners are relentless, so I can’t “lay out” much, especially with a relatively minor injury.

montrail-mountain-masochist-outdry-trail-running-shoes-waterproof-mid-cut-for-women-in-stainless-reef~p~6088g_01~1500.2I also bought a pair of running … boots.  Sierra Trading Post and/or Montrail call them mid-cut shoes, but on me, they come up well above my ankle bone, so I’m calling them boots.  The full product name is a bit much – Montrail Mountain Mascochist Out-Dry Trail Running Shoes – but don’t let that slow you down.  They are stiffer than my favorite trail running shoes (Brooks Cascadia), but they aren’t TOO stiff.  Likewise, I was very concerned about the high top, especially for running, but I’ve worn them twice now without any problems.

But then again, I wear boots to work and have off and on for most of my adult life.  I know to lace them about as snuggly as I can tolerate it, so they won’t scoot around and rub blisters.  They are requiring some break-in, so thus far, I’ve only done two, two-mile walk-wog-runs in them.  They are FAR more functional that the high-top sneakers of my youth, which I wore for basketball and rifle corps, and I just remember them being annoying and distracting.

I am QUITE certain these wouldn’t be at all comfortable over about 50 degrees, but then… they’re waterproof, so …  I don’t expect them to be cool like mesh shoes.  And it doesn’t appear that it will be much over 50 degrees here in the near future, so…  I’ll keep breaking them in and Sissy and Gretchen will continue to log the miles that they have come to expect   demand on a daily basis…

The Knight added to my cool weather workout attire recently, and announced that they were the dogs’ Christmas presents.  I thought he meant FROM the dogs to me, but he clarified that no, it’s THEIR walks I go on, so therefore, the attire I require to conduct said walks is … for the dogs.  He’s a smart man, and I’m a lucky woman.

What are you thankful for today?

12 comments on “Whose Walk?

  1. Karen says:

    I like the shoes/boots! Today I am thankful that my cross necklace finally came back from the jewelers, I missed it. Also that my husband was not upset that last night after midnight, I totally implused bought a coat from HSN. I got to talk to the host and designer on air and got carried away. I need to explain – he is not controlling, I just got a new coat and have more than a few 😊 I also have never bought anything on impluse before. Not my style. So it was a thrill followed by guilt and then thankful because he said if it made me happy, that’s all that mattered.

  2. gmarie says:

    He’s a very smart man. Today I’m thankful for having adult conversations. For dogs who are feeling better – we’ll see what happens in the morning because I ran out of yogurt (opps!) g

  3. Mary says:

    Interested in the tape as I am having more than a few issues with back, hip and knee even after PT, etc.. My only concern is that I am allergic to many of the adhesives such as those on bandaids, etc. and cannot wear them for more than a limited time without breaking out in a rash. Will have to see what I can find out about the adhesives on this product.

    And lucky you for having such a smart DH.

  4. Nancy says:

    The Knight is a wise and caring man – a real keeper.

    Today, I am thankful that my heart is ticking at a regular and steady rhythm, albeit due to medical technology. I feel better than I have in years!

  5. Katherine says:

    Hmmm KT Tape. I think I may need some of that! I like the shoe/boots and they look like they will work well for you, but I wonder where they would hit on my ankle. I love that The Knight knows exactly what gift to give and the right person to give it to!! I’ll bet he got a lot of smooches from the girls for that!

  6. Sue says:

    OK, so what did he give the dogs as part of their gift?

    I’m allergic to bot adhesive and elastic, so taping up body parts becomes a real challenge.

  7. AlisonH says:

    I’m thankful my friend Chan has a wonderful husband too!

    And thank you for reminding me–I didn’t even think of the ankle brace, having just twisted mine yet again, where is that…

    But you know what I’m really thankful for right now. I wonder how many times my furnace guy has been told he saved his customers’ lives.

  8. km says:

    Yes! A good man! Our walking has waned…and my legs are starting to look like I haven’t been walking (it’s been since school started). Must remedy that!

  9. Marjie says:

    I’m sure the girls are happy that your new job hasn’t interfered with your walking time. And I’m sure that they are happy to have you use their new Christmas present with them. I’m also certain that they get plenty of other presents.

    I’m thankful for a clever Dan in my household; the former playroom will be a beautiful….Great Room, maybe? We’ll come up with a name.

  10. kathy b says:

    INteresting that they are stiffer than the others. THey look soft.
    I MISS walking Hucky on nice weather days……
    The Knight is indeed a keeper

  11. gypsyknits says:

    Their walks….priceless 🙂

  12. Barbara says:

    KT Tape is a new one on me. Will check it out at the drugstore ASAP.
    Nice of The Knight…but then he loves and cares about all of you!

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