Unexpected Treasure

Fall 2007ish?

Fall 2007ish?

Happy Thorsday, little friday and thankful Thursday!

The Knight got lost in his photos on Christmas afternoon.  He found one that made me laugh and cry.  That’s Mugsy, on the operator’s platform on a fire truck.   That little guy was fearless, and at least for the last few years of his life, Mugsy followed the Knight whenever and wherever he was allowed to do so.

I’m pretty sure not many dogs have operated a quint.  (Ladder truck + pumper/engine/wagon – whatever you call them in your neck of the woods)   I now work for the company that was demo-ing said apparatus, as an aside.  Those truly in the know might have already realized that isn’t one of our fire trucks, because it’s not hunter green.

Anyway, happy Boxing Day too.  Back when I was a paid firefighter, there were several years we celebrated Christmas on the 26th.  I hope you have time today to say hello to a friend, neighbor or relation you didn’t catch up with yesterday.  And if not, there’s always the weekend.  I’m never in a hurry to stop celebrating.  In my family, there’s a lot of emphasis on shared meals, and I have three more in the next four days.

For those looking for the fur-girls, they’re resting up.  They didn’t go to any of the dinners with us, but they did make sure I burned off the calories from said meals with several extra miles, and Sissy even insisted on running today.  Smart girl.  I think our daytime high was something like 27 degrees, so there was no reason to doddle in the woods.

Why yes, they had presents too.  Like most girls, they got clothes, toys and some special treats.  Sissy even got a Basset Hound calendar from Shadow (Pop’s dog, now living with my inlaws).   They also partook of some macaroni and cheese last night, and had strawberries with their dinner tonight.  Do your pets celebrate with you?


10 comments on “Unexpected Treasure

  1. Mary says:

    Jake and Abby had a treat as DH bought a can of dog food (matched their dried food-same brand/flavor) to share over their morning crunchies. Jake liked it so much that while we were having our Christmas dinner later in the day we overheard strong crunching sounds, peaked over the couch and saw that he had ‘retrieved’ said can from the garbage and was chowing down on it (adding many holes to the can, I might add). DH also bought them their favorite bones and they also got an extra share of our baked french toast breakfast. So yes, they celebrated with us.

    Love the photo of Mugsy.

  2. Kathy says:

    Of course the pets celebrate with us! I’m at my mom’s house and her kitty made out like a bandit with an untold number of bags of cat treats.

  3. Nancy says:

    I don’t have a pet, but my niece’s little pom celebrated the day with us.

  4. sue says:

    Do you even have to ask? Our pack has a blast all day.

  5. kathy b says:

    Oh yes they do. Pie discovered the joy of unwrapped paper tossed hastily on the floor Christmas Morning.
    I love that firehouse picture.

  6. AlisonH says:

    Love that picture!

  7. KM says:

    We celebrated with M’s parents on the 24th because…we drove to Napa on the 25th!!! Gramps b-day is today and he’s 93. I’ll be making those coconut pumpkin bars and some cupcakes later. I didn’t ask if Holly got anything from Santa. M picked out some new redwings work boots for the job site and we upgrades our phones. I’m a little nervous about how much we are spending, but we are probably just looking like normal now. Those pics I’d you at the firehouse with the red plad skirt were great! That’s an outfit that really suits you. And…guess I’m in the know…I wondered why the truck wasn’t green.

  8. Nichole says:

    What a sweet photo!

  9. Bitty celebrated by puking all over the new carpet. Have a wonderful New Year!

  10. Happy New Year to You and Yours, Channon!!! I hope it will be a terrific year for all!!!

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