Recipe for a great book

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and everything else!  Gretchen wants to know what you thought of all of the dog commercials during the Super Bowl,  but I want to talk about dogs, magic, baking and books!

Two different authors stumbled upon a great recipe for a cozy series.  You take a bakery, add some magic, a sassy, smart terrier, a couple of hunky (human!) men, well-meaning family, and voila!  Each series also has a firefighter or two in it, so seriously… what’s not to love?!

piespredNaturally, after just finishing Pride and Prejudice, I jumped into Pies and Prejudice, the first book in the Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries, another series by Ellery Adams.  Just look at the cute cuss, Charleston Chew, aka: Chewy!  What else do you need to know?!

Ella Mae LaFaye heads home after catching her husband red-head-handed, and opens a pie shop with her mom and aunts as not so silent partners.  Of course, heading home means lots of conflict with her childhood nemesis and finding an old flame or two.  You can see the magic in the pies on the cover art, but you’ll have to read the book to figure it out!

#2 in the series is Peach Pies and Alibis, and #3 is already out… but my librarian hasn’t sent it to me yet.  Think Steel Magnolias meets Charmed… in a pie shop, with a firefighter who also owns the local doggy daycare.  (Oh Gretchen…  I think Chewy wants you to attend school with him…)

brownies_broomsticksIn the same but different vein comes The Lightfoot Chronicles by Bailey Cates, starting with Brownies and Broomsticks.  Don’t be fooled by Honeybee the cat on the cover; the reader quickly meets Mungo, a black Cairn terrier who adopts Katie Lightfoot when she ditches her former fiance and moves to Savannah to open a bakery with her aunt and uncle.  Her uncle’s a retired fire chief, but her aunt is a hedgewitch… not that Katie knows that before we all find out as the story unfolds.  Of course, her uncle has a favorite firefighter about Katie’s age… but Katie also is drawn to a local reporter…

I devoured book #2 in this series too.  Bewitched, Bothered and Biscotti is heavy on the magic, but most of the witches have pet familiars, so Mungo and Honeybee have play dates with a parrot and a Great Dane too.  If you aren’t comfortable with magic as a rather real part of life (and the plot!) this series definitely isn’t for you, but it’s really no darker than MacBeth and the three witches.

Both series also feature some tempting recipes at the end of each book.  Have you ever used a recipe from a work of fiction?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give thanks for the Knight and his knack for finding things I can’t put my hands on… and they’re usually somewhere I’d already looked (and looked right over them, somehow).  I’m also grateful for the very devoted DIVA who paces with me when I’m a little manic, and for the sweet little snuggler always waiting for me to be still long enough for her to help soothe me.

And I can’t thank you enough.  Friends both near and far have been so very supportive, and it means more than I can say.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never been so tardy with thank you notes, but what’s truly special about my friends and family is you know that and I don’t even need to apologize for falling off the Emily Post wagon.   I am blessed, and I know it.

11 comments on “Recipe for a great book

  1. Susan says:

    As soon as book 3 makes the rounds here, it will wing it’s way to you!!!! So magical, it may fly by itself!!! 😉


  2. kathy b says:

    Awwww, you are very welcome. Lotsa love

  3. Nancy says:

    Be kind to yourself right now – go with each day’s flow until you can swim again. It all takes time and cannot be rushed. Be well, my friend.

  4. gmariesews says:

    Those books all look very, very interesting. And yes – I’ve made recipes from the back of a book before – Did I share the Hannah Cupcakes books with you? I’ve made her peach cobbler – really, really yummy! And maybe something from a tea shoppe book and I know something from the Coffee series.

    Anyway – be nice to you. You’ve been under an extreme amount of pressure lately and you need to just cut yourself the same slack you would tell me to cut myself. Be kind 🙂 g

  5. Marjie says:

    Glad you’ve found time to read. That helps things a lot, or so I’ve found in the past 3 weeks. I read a dog book, too, and after we return from this afternoon’s doctor visit, I may just try to find a few minutes to review it. I know you’d love it.

    Hope there are no problems in MIssissippi overwhelming you. Remember, you can do as I did, and just walk away. Then it all becomes someone else’s problem: another relative, the state, anyone but you. Really, it’s rather liberating!

  6. Katherine says:

    Chewy is so cute that I think I must download that book. I just downloaded Bewitched, Bothered and Biscotti to my Kindle but haven’t started reading yet. I have used a couple recipes from works of fiction, with mixed results. When I cook or bake it is usually with family recipes.

  7. First series sounds like fun reads to me. Re all you receive from friends et al, you get back what you give!

  8. I need to start writing books like that!

  9. AlisonH says:

    And you find blessings in everything–thank you for that.

    And man am I craving a piece of pie now. Make mine pecan. Or mixed berry, one crust, all about the berries. …On that note, I’ve found that you can stir a spoonful of sugar with a small bit of cornstarch, put frozen mixed berries in the bowl and cover with the sugar mixture as best you can, cover it and nuke for an unreasonable amount of time and there you go: pie filling!

  10. Sue says:

    I’m hungry for pie, too but my case of the blahs is preventing much kitchen time.

  11. HI Channon!

    Yes, indeed, it’s me visiting a 1AM. I’ve been having a few issues myself these days but I’m not here to speak of them. You have been on my mind for a week now and rest assured, I have been trying to make it here. As you say, I don’t feel I need to apologize because you dear Channon are my friend:)

    Of course I LOVE all of these books. I would even consider reading them which as you know has not been one of my fortes these days. I’m trying to figure out how I shall remember them. Pin, Bookmark, save, all of the above? I think I’ll pin them to my secret board. They have a good chance of me finding them there. No, I have never cooked from a book based on fiction. I’ve come close from a book titled Murder On the Menu but alas it just never happened.

    Your Knight is truly to be appreciated so just let him know, I totally agree. I had to laugh to myself because in my house it was the hubby who always needed to be shown where IT was even after he insisted he looked and looked:)

    I will be going over to visit Gretchen. I just happened to have the Super Bowl on and yes, I did have a favorite commercial. I’m thinking it was the same as her.

    Channon as others have said, walk away from the things that you are able to and don’t fret to much over the others. “Your health is your wealth” may sound like a cliche but indeed staying healthy in mind, body and soul is most important:)

    Thank you so much for sharing, Channon…Stay warm:)

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