Casual and Corduroy

Just when you thought I’d finally grown up and learned how to dress myself…

Won’t happen.  Ever.

See, I was raised old school and preppy.  I joke that my stepmom is the real Emily Post.  Long-time readers might recall that I was smitten by and purchased some yellow suede sandals, but in the heart of winter, when I can’t remember what a not-salted sidewalk looks like, I’m here to tell you…  I need to admire suede from a distance.


Pucker up, Mama!

I digress.  I don’t wear white after Labor Day, even though it’s on trend this winter.  Here’s the problem…  I had no business wearing white (or cream or pale pink or…) before I took a job with four mechanics and gallons of grease of every variety.  Have you seen Sissy?  The girl greets me with her front paws in my hands (and yeah, I grab them every time) and slurps a big, wet kiss across whatever she can reach.  Gretchen Greer requires constant physical contact, and we live in the land of red clay.

Anyway, now I’m wondering when I should retire my beloved green cords – very narrow whale, in both skinny jeans and a tunic – and when I can bring out my lace and eyelet, because sturdy girl that I am, I still love me some lace, eyelets, pearls and … ooh, shiny!

See, as confident as I am, I am also a rule-follower, so don’t just tell me not to let trends dictate what makes me happy, wear what makes me happy, etc.  I’m fine bucking a trend… as long as Miss Manners agrees.

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11 comments on “Casual and Corduroy

  1. kathy b says:

    well I say your spring comes much earlier than ours .sooo In Virginia I’d say wear the lace and eyelet after Easter.
    DId you see the PResident was at Monticello yesterday?

  2. AlisonH says:

    Chuckling. Wear what makes you happy.

    As for grease, to get it out of your clothes, scrub some Crisco into it a good one to lubricate it, then liquid dish soap on it to clean the Crisco out of there. And the ugly gray grease washes right away with it.

  3. Katherine says:

    These questions are exactly why I wear black A LOT! As for lace and pearls same goes–black. Then there is red, which I wear when I’m not wearing black. You can see that this is a year-round fashion tip. Heehee!

    White? I don’t believe in wearing white. Ever. Oops, I forgot that wedding thing. Last tip–no one should ever listen to me!

  4. You already know I’m of no help at all Channon. Jeans and a Tee in the Spring with a jacket usually a sweatshirt. Jeans and Flannel shirt in the brisk weather with a jacket, usually a sweatshirt or what might be called a “hoodie” I’m not sure. Boy, am I boring…I did however finally get my butt to the “salon” today for the works! I even went a bit “edgy” with black cherry as a hair color, one problem, I think she forgot the black. I’m a red head for Valentine’s Day so now I’m “edgy” and festive in Jeans and plaid flannel with sneakers of course:) (sketches only:)

    I’m sure someone will be able to help, just not me:) Thanks for sharing, Channon…I saw a bunch of trucks loading up today with salt. I hear they are on their way to Virginia!

  5. Nancy says:

    Yep, I wear black, blue and grey a lot. I don’t even wear white sneakers in the winter – black only until Memorial Day.

  6. I wear a lot of pink and blue in the winter. Pink is all year.

  7. Jessica says:

    With two dogs that greet me feet first, I tend to shy away from white!

  8. sue says:

    With ten lap dogs, white is a no no. It’s been years since I’ve worn white. I also grew up with “the rules”. Certain colors at certain times and some colors not to be mixed, etc. Then in my mid thirties I decided to break the rules and wear what I liked and what made me feel good. What a relief!

  9. Marjie says:

    I like the rules, too, because they make life easier. That said, I do have a winter white velour dress and a white panne velvet dress. But, let’s be realistic, you’re not going to see spring for at least a month, and certainly not today!

    (Crap brown could be a good wardrobe option for you, given your enthusiastic greeters!)

  10. There are rules for dressing? Oops…..Basically, I change clothes seasons when the weather allows, rather than by the calendar. Here, January was channeling spring, but Feb. seems more like winter. Shrugs..whatever!

  11. Nichole says:

    With the weather the way it’s been lately, I think I’ll be wearing my cords all the way through April!

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