Saturday Scramble

Oh, the things we’ll do to avoid doing the taxes…

And yes, I realize I’ve put them off about as long as I dare.  Just as soon as I finish this post, I’ll go update the software, walk the dogs and then buckle down.  The taxes are just a symbol of how life is going right now.  If it isn’t on fire or otherwise an emergency, it isn’t getting my attention.

 The girls are peering up under the bridge across the little creek, and that’s a good image for how it goes in the woods of late.  I ran hurdles in high school track, and that’s how I’m managing things right now.  Eyes forward, leap while the brain is calculating when the next leap has to happen…

I do have a few things to report though, and for another photo of the girls in the water and an update on them, click here.

Firstly, coconut milk “creamer” doesn’t cut it.  I can do plain cream and an artificial sweetener or flavored syrup, but the vegan “creams” don’t come close.  I’d rather just do 2% milk and sweetener, to give you some idea?  I am drinking less coffee and more green tea though, so I figure my reduced consumption of “fake creamer” that way is perhaps win enough.

Relay Foods is my new friend.   There’s a pick-up location nearly every weekday that is close enough to on my way home that going to the grocery store is a thing of the past.  See above; I need time-savers and stress reducers, and I find the Knight’s turn down every aisle at strolling speed version of grocery shopping just about the most stressful thing EVER.

Do you Relay?  If so, please share your favorite finds.  Locally, they partner with Whole Foods, so I have a good idea of what’s available, but they also partner with local small businesses – like the tea source I didn’t have a clue about that I walk past regularly when I’m downtown.

1948054_10152302295495792_1403944811_nNext…  I’m pondering a return to nearly natural hair coloring.  I thought I wanted to go blonde instead of grey, but the most recent photos of me are too brassy, and I have a great colorist, use filtered water and quality hair products to wash…

Granted, I know I look awful in black and the lighting is horrible in this photo, but you get the idea.   Am I tilting at windmills?  Should I just use one of those cover the grey temporary colors that’s closer to my natural, medium-to-dark brown?

(And that cutie was Kids in the Kitchen vice chair.  She really is so petite that I am a few inches taller!  I’m looking forward to watching her develop as a JLC leader.  She’s smart, direct and a very hard worker… and always has that big smile on her face.)

Okay.  This isn’t taking care of the taxes or the dog walk.  How goes it in your part of the world?



15 comments on “Saturday Scramble

  1. gMarie says:

    I’m avoiding the taxes too. I strongly dislike blonde to cover my own grey and prefer my stylist use the gray as highlights to other colors.

    Getting ready to take the dog for a walk, then I really need to run errands before taxes, vacuuming, and sewing. Probably in that order. Why am I always last?

  2. Barbara says:

    Finished taxes. Such fun.
    Been a bad correspondent again. 😦
    Things coming to an end club wise. Why is there so much junk at the end? Annual reports etc., joint board meetings (and two of the new ones can’t come!!)
    Think I will go to the corner store and have someone make 50 copies of the annual report…not going to do it on my little printer.
    MRI scheduled for Monday. Dr. on Wednesday. Will have to hold off surgery until after May 15th. Will ask for another cortisone shot as this one has worn off, but his nurse said he won’t do it. Hope I can make it. It was perfect in Savannah. Thank God.
    Tracy is coming down for the AC’s tour and lunch at Mar a Lago. She’s never seen it and couldn’t resist.

  3. Hi Channon:)
    I gave up on substitute coffee creamers of any kind years ago. I just can’t find one I like. There use to be one called Perks I think. That one was a favorite but none are worth the cholesterol intake.

    The Relay Foods sounds like something I would definitely look into. I checked, they are not here but then Whole Foods isn’t here either {sigh}

    Don’t even talk to me about hair, color or cut! For the life of me, I just can not find a good shop to go to here in PA. I feel like the entire (nearly) time I have been living here I look like “who done it and ran” The last time I spent the day at the hair salon, (which you know I grossly detest) the girl about to cut my hair wanted to use a razor. It was a new shop because I am still searching, yes after five years, and she somehow convinced me that it was the way to go these days. NOT! Anyway, do what is most comfortable and least damaging. I am seriously considering never dying or cutting my hair again! (of course I will have to live through that “awkward” stage first!)

    I don’t blame you for holding off on the taxes, mine are done but that’s not my doing, lol…Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Channon…

  4. Jessica says:

    You absolutely do NOT look bad in black! That is a great photo of you!
    I’m just letting the grey come in….nice thing about being a strawberry blonde…it just looks blonde. Seriously, it is the one area of my life where I have caught a total break. Except for those wild, out of control ones…those ones get plucked out! LOL.

    Ugh…the taxes. I sent them all to the husband, but he mentioned today that he may just file the extension. I definitely do NOT do the taxes around here, math and I do not get along at ALL.

    Dog walk happened early today…then it was yard work galore, and finishing up on a lab, and then starting next weeks lab.

  5. Marjie says:

    I currently have 4 tax returns and one extension with check on the table, awaiting the courage and signatures to make them happen. There will be 3 more federal and 4 more state extensions and checks next week. Did I mention that being self employed makes the taxes uber-complicated? I did the “rough drafts” before we sent the data to the accountant, back in February, so I know what to expect. It’s not fun.

    As to color, let your colorist do highlights. The highlights can get to occupy more of your hair as the grey inevitably comes in, thus fulfilling the prophecy, “A lady never goes grey. She goes blond.” A good hairdresser is an invaluable thing. Like Jessica, my grey just looks blond. But I got some lucky genes, and I have very few grey hairs. I still remember the girl in college who was half grey on her 18th birthday. She was just living with it, having started to go grey at 16. I don’t know how I would have reacted to that, but since she never knew her mother to have anything but grey hair, I guess she always accepted it.

  6. nancytimber says:

    I gave up coloring my gray, now nearly white, hair decades ago. It just wasn’t worth it to me because my hair grows so quickly.

    Online grocery shopping is out of the question for me, but I take advantage of Bountiful Baskets for produce and the Schwan truck for convenience food.

    Life is good here in Wyoming as Spring is drawing near. My lawn is starting to show some green and my tulips are about 2 inches high and shivering in the morning because of temps in the 20s at night.m

  7. Mr. Puffy says:

    My coffee is the one thing I use whole milk with. I just have one cup in the morning so it’s not a lot of cholesterol and after that I switch to the green tea too. I highlight to cover grey/roots but it’s expensive and time consuming and wish there was a better solution. I think you look fabulous :)))

  8. KM says:

    At least warmer weather is on the horizon. I use organic soy creamer from tj’s for my hot coffee. I just don’t use very much. And I keep a vanilla torani syrup for when I want a sweetener. But I’m finding I like raw sugar…that’s usually what I use at a coffee shop. I can’t handle a vanilla soy latte anymore…they’re too sweet for me. The bonus of warmer weather…I dring most of my coffee iced and vanilla almond milk is great in iced coffee (it’s just awful in hot coffee).

    Taxes are awful! I have to do mine and they might be keeping me from Easter in Napa.

  9. Sue says:

    You said it! I’ve had our taxes done for a week but hitting that send button always gets me. I promised myself I’d do it today but blog reading comes first.

    I find that I’m just happier when my hair is blonde. I’ve tried letting it go natural and being a redhead but blonde is my thing and I’ll put up with the mess to keep it that way.

  10. AlisonH says:

    A brassy-hair photo is what got me to stop dyeing my hair at all, actually.

    I needed one more piece of (lost)paperwork to finish my taxes and it was supposed to come yesterday. It probably did, too, but we staggered in the door from the airport and grabbed the mail out of the box and didn’t even look at it.

  11. kathy b says:

    Okay I walked the small shelter dogs twice yesterday. Once before chow, once after. OMG that’s a workout. Fell for a whippet mix named Tootsie and called my dear buddy Susan who is on the lookout for a whippet. Fingers crossed its a match.
    Taxes done…with help about a month ago.
    I say try the gray. I find it very pretty on most women if it is even sprinkled throughout. I am using a shampoo and condit that fights brassy.
    Hi fur girls

  12. kathy b says:

    Oh and Al was in C’ville for a wedding yesterday. !!! She’s coming home for a family wedding this week.

  13. Sorry to hear that you are still riding the roller coaster of life. Re the creamer, anything else is better than that fake stuff! I use very little cream over the course of a day, so I stick with 1/2 & 1/2. If I need sweetener I use stevia or agave. Hair is quite personal….I trust you will work it due time. Perhaps now is a good time to keep the status quo?

  14. Kathy says:

    Nice pic :).
    Taxes? What taxes? Are there taxes to be down? Lol…I need to do mine

  15. Nichole says:

    Just got my hair done last weekend… I go a bit darker than my natural medium brown. I tried some blonde by accident many years ago… I’m far too pale for it.
    I’ve never used a home delivery food service before… how do you like it?

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