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While I don’t shop Old Navy much – even though we do have one in podunk – I do often like their outfit looks for inspiration.  Here are some that inspire me enough that I might either actually purchase what’s in my cart or toodle into town and see what I can see.  Because I’m a little lazy – it is Sunday, after all – more information can be found at Outfits We Love.

cn7780755 What about this strapless dress (I don’t wear strapless much because despite custom fittings and great expense, I don’t own a strapless bra that actually works) with a pink cardi or denim jacket?  With a peplum cardi and nude sling-back kitten heels for the League annual meeting/dinner?  (Think garden-party, not business and definitely not cocktail attire.)

If I vow not to remove the cardi no matter how hot I might get, dare I wear a regular bra?

See…  I REALLY want a soft floral dress, and this is the only one I’ve found that isn’t garish, doesn’t have mis-matched seams, and I have high hopes it would fit (unlike the Vineyard Vines beauty I whined about for a whole post), and even if it doesn’t, I can invest a little in alterations.  Heck, should I buy two and have my tailor make 1″ or wider straps?

cn7781210Next up… neither the shorts, nor the hat.  But I love the blouse (and it IS a different print than the dress above), and I own plenty of other jean options that would be work appropriate.  I also have a beloved pair of minty crops that would be very happy with said top.

Oh, I do like hats, but not indoors, and I don’t know that I could wear one all day long even if I was so inclined.   Anyone else get a headache from headbands, even if they aren’t too snug?  My head sure is getting fussy in its old age.

cn7630473Then, there’s this number.  I want the whole outfit, minus the boots.  Much as I love boots, for some reason, those are awful to my eye.  And no, I can’t explain why after years of hating “camo” I’m suddenly drawn to that and what I call Army green.  I confess to having a pair of leggings in a very similar pattern.  I’ve always had a thing for coral, and I was stealing Daddy’s oxford shirts as a cover-up and just to float around in on hot days long before it was trendy.  I’m pretty sure I’d wear the dress with a pair of cropped leggings to work.  I intend to stock up on cropped leggings and wear some of my shirt dresses this spring.

To be clear, I like boots and bare legs, but I just don’t know about ankle boots in the warmer weather.  I have worn ankle boots and tights with dresses in the cooler months, but it’s not my favorite look there either.

And since I have an awesome pine green twill “utility” jacket, can I justify this trendy piece, even at Old Navy prices?  I will need jackets all summer long, as the office at work stays quite cool to offset the ambient temperatures in the shop area…

cn7637741Last but not least, someone remind me that I don’t wear scarves in the summer and I already own a bushel and a peck.  However, I don’t have a lovely natural background with bright florals, and see above…  I do anticipate being COLD in my own office for the next 6 months…

Where do you find your inspiration?


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15 comments on “ON inspiration

  1. Sue says:

    Although I’m often attracted bu Old Navy commercials, I’ve never actually found anything I liked in the store. A couple times I found something that was interesting but it was so poorly made that I left it behind.

    I get inspiration from odd places when I’m not really looking for it. I do like the scarf but I have a thing about ankle boots. Just don’t like them at all.

  2. kathy b says:

    Blouse…loving it. Army jacket and pink underneath ….amazing.
    Inspiration? Pinterest..and my friend Channon’s blog

  3. Katherine says:

    Bright scarves in the summer have become one of my favorite things. They keep me warm when the AC comes on and blows down the back of my neck. I don’t like the ankle boot thing either but I’ll be wearing cropped leggings and dresses a lot this summer. I love the floral blouse and pink cardi. They are perfect for you!

  4. nancytimber says:

    Cute outfits -I don’t care for ankle boots or strapless dresses though. The scarf is cheerful. I do wear scarves in the summer, and a cardi too if the AC is blasting.

  5. Krystle says:

    I LOVE the look of the floral blouse with the denim shorts and light pink cardi… I may need to go scoop that look up–though I may change the denim into a skirt for work, and keep it shorts (or capris) for the weekends…I follow a lot of fashion bloggers for my wardrobe inspiration, but I try to mix new trendy things with old standby classics, to build a better wardrobe for the long haul.

  6. Kathy says:

    Cute stuff there! I don’t like the ankle boots either. Just doesn’t seem summery to me.

    I’d suggest checking out Old Navy in person rather than order online. Despite being cute, the clothes seem “disposable” to me: not very well made, likely not to last long. That’s ok as long as you know.

  7. Kathy says:

    Nice florals and I agree on the ankle boots…not for me.
    I adore the scarf.
    Next time I’m out of town I’ll have to check out an Old Navy.

  8. Marjie says:

    I always check ON’s website for styles/colors, too. Sometimes I buy for the girls, sometimes I just adapt. And, yes, you can wear a strapless dress with the cardigan and regular undergarments if you leave the cardigan on. I’ve done it. All of those outfits are cute, and while one of my daughters wears ankle boots, I am very much not a fan. They look to me like you couldn’t decide what kind of footgear you wanted, so you mashed a couple of things together.

  9. Old Navy and I don’t seem to get along that well. I must say though, my daughter does buy some of the kids clothes there but I too feel like the quality is disposable.

    I would LOVE to find a garden party type dress this year. I don’t know if I told you but Michele and the kids are coming in July and we are going to be partying big time!!! I’m liking that top one with the jacket but I know I will never wear it. As for those boots, no. LOVE that last outfit minus the boots. Sneakers rain or shine for me. I know I’m so boring now that I no longer need “work” clothes, lol…

    As for inspiration, my friend Channon is my inspiration. She tells it as it is and I adore her for it:) Thanks for sharing, Channon…

  10. Vera says:

    I love Old Navy (and, I’m not exactly young – lol). I usually manage to get stuff on the sale rack (great tees, great floral blouse) and I did buy the boots, but in red. they are suede and were perfect for the winter with jeans. And, I think I only paid $15 or $16 for them. They have to be the most comfortable pair of boots with a heel I’ve ever worn. I love them! But…do wear them with jeans or cords. I would not order on line, but rather need to try on in the store — a lot of their items seem to be cut for teenage girls, so I find myself buying a size up.

  11. AlisonH says:

    Light or white background for warm weather, pank for, well, y’know, Chan (and me too), flowers like those April showers are supposed to bring–it all looks like looking forward to summer to me. Cool.

  12. Erm, well,….I like the scarf and the floral top. 🙂 inspiration? In my size, that is a hard to find!

  13. I think the denim and dress is super cute! And if you keep the jacket on, they’ll never know what bra you’re wearing!

  14. Nichole says:

    That’s some great inspiration. I LOVE that scarf. My co-worker tends to wear a scarf nearly every day and seeing her has reminded me that I could use a few springy/summer weight ones…

  15. Barbara says:

    Not crazed about ankle boots either…I do like the first dress. It would be really cute with a cardigan. But then, will you be worrying all the time about straps showing? Love scarves. Can’t help myself, but agree, not in summer unless used like a shawl.
    Have a great Easter!

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