Popcorn Supper

0007574104830_300X300Sometimes you just need popcorn for supper.  Today was one such evening.    I’d like to think it’s a little healthier (air popped, after all) than mac n’ cheese, which is my REAL comfort food.   Sissy would prefer the pasta though, because some of you might recall the DIVA is allergic to corn in all forms except corn syrup.

Oh, I’m not melancholy or tired.  I’m feeling about 6… which as I recall was my “… but why?!” phase.   So maybe we’ll call it whiny with a dose of frustration.

I did have a not-great day.  My eye exam was fine; I remain ridiculously near-sighted but now am toting a prescription that my dear doc wrote so I can have just distance (as I have since 6th grade) glasses, bi-focals, TRI-focals or progressive lenses.  Isn’t she nice?  (She really is; as is the way of the world in podunk, I’ve known her since she was in grade school.)

So, do feel free to tell me which of the varieties of glasses you own, have owned, and won’t ever own again.  Given that Dr. J laughed and said she knew I was most likely to continue to just remove my glasses to see up close and gave me her blessing to do just that “until it annoys [you] enough to do something” I’m in no hurry and can wallow in yet another good ol’ round of analysis paralysis on the lens type discussion.

I also own adjusts to light lenses and not, and a pair of old-fashioned prescription sunglasses, which definitely need to be refreshed, as they’re roughly 10 years old now.  My prescription hasn’t changed much, but sun protection has.

Before I made it out of the doctor’s office to head for work, a friend stopped me.  Seems none of our mutual friends alerted me to his cancer battle a year ago, but he’s victorious for now, and has a new outlook on life that is allowing him to almost roll with the latest punch in the gut from Fate.   We do a lot of pulling up of the boot straps here in horse country, but there’s always a fresh pile to step over, around or plow through.

I’m inspired by my strong, fighting friends, but seriously… they were already strong men and women and enough is enough.   There’s not even enough sugar to make lemonade from the lemons.  But as the victor smirked and reminded me this morning, none of us knows when our time is going to be up anyway…

Good thing I like boots and own a slew of them.  The afternoon brought more devastating news.

(And for the record, the Knight and I are fine.  The news isn’t mine to share, but there is plenty of very sad/bad/mad news to go around.  Let’s just say cancer sucks, especially the kind without much hope for a happy ending, and to have it show up more than once recently is … devastating.)



13 comments on “Popcorn Supper

  1. KM says:

    Popcorn is downright healthy!

    Prayers for your friends and for you.
    Some friends of ours get their scan results Thursday. Nerves are frazzled until then.

    But time haven’t been easy…and thats why I knit.

  2. susancyr says:

    Popcorn is good!!! 😉 Puppy snuggles are also good!!!! 😉

    I love my progressive lenses. Glad I finally made the jump to bi-focals. No more on and off with the glasses, although I do still sometimes just take them off to read.

  3. nancytimber says:

    I love popcorn and eat it often for snacks and even supper sometimes!

    I had LASIK surgery in 1991 to correct my vision and be rid of glasses for awhile. I knew I would eventually need to wear glasses again to read small print. It is divine to wake and be able to see the time without glasses. Several years ago, I grew tired of having reading glasses all over the house so opted for full-time glasses with tri-focals (yes with visible lines) for convenience. My distance vision remains at 20/20 so the main lens is clear and the prescription is only for the tri and bi-focal. The lens change to sunglasses although sometimes they are simply not dark enough and I squint.

    Sorry to hear of so many struggles in your circle of friends and family.

  4. kathy b says:

    yes there is always a fresh pile to step over…we’ll put my friend. Sorry the ugly Cancer word is all around you. Our dear friend Phyllis is facing breast cancer but her prognosis is excellent.

    Fireman says we must be sisters: I went for an eye exam yesterday too. I have worn progressive lenses for about 5 years now. My near or reading vision is worsening. New prescription in order. I will get progressives again. I was a bit BLOWN over by the price of new lenses and frames these days. Even with the touted DISCOUNTS etc they will cost upwards of 400 dollars for a modest pair of frames and ordinary lenses. I am considering an add’l 130 for magnetic clip on sunglasses…..
    I just called our Lenscrafters to compare prices and found the quote from the other store is in line after all.

    hmmm. Do you SEE what EYE SEE?

  5. Sue says:

    I hate keeping track of multiple glasses and having to switch them so now I just have my progressive lens bifocals and a pair of sunglasses. I manage.

    You sound very depressed these days, my friend. Life needs a bit more cheer than I seem able to muster up, but I do hope the clouds blow away and give you some sunnier, happier days soon.

  6. Katherine says:

    Lots of prayers for the cancer fighters! DH and I have decided we are not going to do the cancer thing again! (I’m sure God is tired of hearing me pray about that one).

    Glasses are a must so I just live with them, but compensate by buying the best: Ralph Lauren frames, transition/progressive lenses in the newest space-age material (Unity digital high definition). If you have to have them–go all the way!!

    I love popcorn for dinner.

  7. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time. 😦

  8. Barbara says:

    Sorry to read about your friend, Chan. I have three good friends (all young, too) all in a fight with cancer right now. It never ends. Hope you’re able to be of help.
    My glasses are all progressives, have been for years. They take a little getting used to, but once you figure it out, you’ll love them.

  9. Kathy says:

    Sometimes I eat popcorn for dinner too–air popped with a bit of butter–because I love it.

    Sorry you’re dealing with all this crap right now.

  10. Nichole says:

    Sure, popcorn for dinner is perfectly fine…. my “popcorn” dinner the other night was unsalted Saltine crackers and peanut butter…
    I am truly sorry for your loss… it’s not easy, and yes, CANCER SUCKS. :/
    My past week has been a rather meh one…. I could use some smiling too.

  11. vicki says:

    I love popcorn for dinner, it makes me feel sneaky. *grin*. Enjoyed your blog post, I agree glasses and boot straps and all. We keep going!

  12. AlisonH says:

    Oh, CHAN!!! More people with it?! Okay, world, just stop. My Chan needs a break. Give her that break. Enough of this.

    And I’m so glad your friend you ran into took all the lessons it had to teach and got better. Go him. Hugs to the other–and to you.

  13. Popcorn is good. I used to park my kids when they were unruly at the stove/microwave to ‘watch’ it pop. Certainly calmed them down for a bit and they had a nice snack. Nothing like a little Old Bay seasoning sprinkled on the popcorn ;).

    Eyeglasses: I have a severe underdeveloped lazy eye. Practically blind. Wore a patch for years (back in the day). The other eye was 20/20 unfortunately and I say that because as a teen I wasn’t about to be caught dead with glasses and the good eye did all the work so I could see in spite of the lazy eye. FF many decades and the ‘good’ eye is failing miserably so I’m in tri-focal ‘coca-cola’ glass bottom glasses…lol. But at least I can see!

    Boot straps; They’re worn but they’re certainly sturdy. Hang in there my friend ((hugs))

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