100 Things About Me

It seemed like a good evening to ponder myself, and my life. As an aside, my husband isn’t quite as in the doghouse as he was before I started this list, but he’d better come home bearing gifts.

1. I get cranky when I need to eat.
2. My wedding invitations read, “On this day, I will marry my best friend…”
3. I was a paid Firefighter for twelve years.
4. I played the oboe until my early 20s.
5. I played tennis and ran track in high school.
6. I married my third-grade boyfriend.
7. I don’t like chicken very much, unless it’s fried.
8. I don’t really have a favorite color.
9. I actually like NASCAR.
10. My favorite driver is Elliott Sadler.
11. I am a Pampered Chef Consultant.
12. I wanted to be a lawyer until my parents’ divorce.
13. I wanted to be a writer.
14. I still want to be a writer.
15. There’s little in this world a cup of tea and a chat with a friend can’t improve.
16. I still miss my father; he died in 1994.
17. My dogs sleep in the bed.
18. I want to learn to play the piano.
19. I still have friends from my early childhood.
20. My freshman year college roommate is still one of my best friends.
21. My friends inspire me.
22. I have family members I would want to be friends with even if we weren’t related.
23. Depression and bipolar disorder run in my family, on both sides.
24. So does Alzheimer’s.
25. I have trouble making lists about me.
26. I am my father’s youngest child.
27. I am my mother’s only child.
28. I actually like my inlaws.
29. I still have to ask my husband how to use certain features on my cell phone.
30. I drive past my elementary school going to work.
31. I don’t really know my only immediate neighbor.
32. I don’t really know but a few families on my road.
33. I actually consider some of those neighbors good friends.
34. I don’t think I’m very creative.
35. I’m just starting to realize that it’s pointless to try to make people like you.
36. I don’t want the Harry Potter saga to end, but I’m dying to get answers to all of my questions!
37. I’m not too old for Harry Potter, thank you very much!
38. I wasn’t too old for Pooh either, but I’m rather tired of the Pooh items all over my house.
39. Pooh helped me meet two of my best friends, even though I haven’t met but one in person.
40. Email is the best way to communicate with me.
42. Any time you have more than three people in a group, you’re going to have cliques.
43. I don’t like cliques.
44. I believe love is a choice.
45. Some days, I have to grit my teeth and choose to love some of the people in my life.
45. I’m beginning to appreciate my “girlfriend time”.
46. I don’t like to eat alone.
47. I won’t go to a restaurant or a theater alone.
48. I need to declutter.
49. I love the green of new leaves in the spring.
50. Flowers always make me smile.
51. I don’t really have a favorite flower.
52. My uncle was a florist.
53. I miss him too.
54. I cry fairly easily.
55. I cry every single time I watch A Few Good Men.
56. I think I’ve forgotten how to be silly.
57. I want to see more of this world.
58. I used to collect teddy bears.
59. I guess I still collect roosters, but there’s no room!
60. I can’t hold a grudge, even when I try.
61. I was confirmed in both the Episcopal and Catholic Churches.
62. I taught Sunday School in a Baptist Church.
63. My faith is important to me, even if it doesn’t seem to fit in any particular pigeon hole.
64. I don’t enjoy shopping anymore.
65. I came out of back surgery half an inch shorter than when I went in.
66. I still can’t curl the toes on my left foot.
67. I have at least two friends who will be famous authors.
68. I am richly blessed in the friend department.
69. I regret losing touch with my old friends.
70. I realize that not everyone is meant to be a forever friend.
71. I hope all of my friends know they can always give me a call.
72. The I hate the phone rule doesn’t apply to friends.
73. Kath(y) can always make me laugh.
74. I used to call my sister “Kath” but now she’s “Kat” and yet, I have a friend named “Kath.”
75. I would like to send more cards, hand-written notes and care packages to my friends.
76. I have finally found a hair stylist again!
77. Knitting is like yoga; soothing and challenging at the same time.
78. I love french onion soup.
79. My favorite soup is Bavarian Chef’s she-crab bisque.
80. Bunny makes the best spoon bread in the world.
81. Mark makes the best smoked salmon – really!
82. I think I’m a better person than I was ten years ago.
83. I don’t understand why people don’t register to vote, and worse, don’t bother to vote.
84. I don’t need my friends to agree with me.
85. I value honesty and kindness highly.
86. My sister and I each attended all women’s colleges, but did not graduate from them.
87. I never would have imagined that I’d be a bookkeeper.
88. I hate no longer being physically strong.
89. I’m not supposed to lift more than ten pounds.
90. I’m not supposed to vacuum, make the bed, ride a motorcyle or a horse.
91. I can’t wear contacts because I simply cannot poke myself in the eye.
92. I saw my father after a leaf spring had cut his eye.
93. I played the english horn too.
94. I taught myself to play the clarinet so I could be in the marching band.
95. I have low blood sugar and must eat regularly.
96. I have low blood pressure too.
97. I don’t sleep enough.
98. I love pearls.
99. Had I been born just a few hours earlier, the pearl would be my birthstone.
100. I didn’t realize I had that much to say about me.