Fickle, Fixed

Remember Aerial?  I hope not, because Friday night, she became Scudder/Scuddy.  No reason, really… I just didn’t feel right standing in the yard squealing “Yay, Aerial!” when she pottied, and next thing I knew, I was calling her a little scudder.  I was watching House, so it was a natural transition to Scuddy… and the Knight hated it.

We threw names back and forth all weekened until yesterday afternoon, while the Knight was holding the puppy.  He picked her up, and asked her if she was a Gretchen, and that was that.  Sure, it was one of Sissy’s many monikers, but she didn’t mind sharing.  Sis was getting tired of us looking at HER puppy and calling it something different every time too.  No registered name yet.  That was going to be my project today, but unfortunately, I’ve had to work at work for a change.  Hrmph.

The weekend wasn’t conducive to good photos, but when has that stopped me?  You get a shot of my nightie, the mess the pups made playing at my feet, and who knows what else.  I’m counting on the puppy cuteness factor to overcome such issues.

Sissy is an AWESOME big sister and love Gretchen very much.  She rarely goes out without the pup, but under no circumstance does Gretchen go outside without Sissy in attendance!

They play together well.  As we all get used to each other, Gretchen is acting more and more like a Jack Russell and so before we went to bed last night, Gretchen was put in time out (on my right side, next to the arm of the sofa, under the laptop) for nipping Sissy’s jowls.  Sissy doesn’t cry out or snap; she just dodges and hopes a human will help her out.

Gretchen is a little gem.  She’s smaller, quieter and definitely more willing to please than any other young Jack Russell I’ve been around, and I’ve known plenty. 

You might see Fredfoot lurking in the background too.  I finished it on Saturday, save blocking.  I hope to do that tonight.