Nubbie Scrubbie Cloth

Yes, don’t get used to it, but I have another finished object report already.  But first, I have to flash my favorite nub…


See that one on the left?  That’s the cutest little nub, especially when it’s wagging about a million miles an hour…

Anyway, back to the cloth


Pattern:  Nubbie Scrubbie.   This is a great, very easy little crocheted cloth.   I need to make another one for the Knight to test-drive… he prefers to use handmade cloths and is HARD on them.  He’s a tough critic, so while I think it looks ideal…

Yarn:  Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Twists in Green Twists.  It was crazy-splitty, but according to Ravelry, I’ve given it high marks before, so maybe it just wasn’t twisted tight enough for this particular crochet project?

Hook:  I did the foundation chain with a size H hook and then the rest of the project with a G.

Verdict:  I think it looks awesome for scrubbing dishes or skin.  We’ll see what the Knight says when I get around to making one for him; this one is destined for someone else.

Circle ’round…

I know a lot of you love to whip out a cotton cloth for a quick knit or a travel project.  We use handknit cloths in the kitchen, and the Knight uses them in the bath as well.  In the past, I’ve knitted a cloth here and there without too much trouble, but this one was a pain in the fingers.

Circle Cloth #1

November 2010 074Pattern:  Circle Cloth.  It’s redundant to say #1, because I’m pretty sure I’ll never knit this one again.  Oh, the pattern’s fine, and I bet it will scrub nicely, but my dry, winter hands and the utility cotton didn’t get along well at all.  

It is a fun pattern, and after the first repeat, you have the hang of it and don’t need to look at the pattern again.  I’m trying to be “greener” about patterns, and when it’s something I can memorize or get the gist of, I don’t print the pattern.  However, I set this aside often enough that I did have to open the pdf file again to figure out how to finish it off.

November 2010 076

Yarn:  Both colors are Lion Brand Cotton.  I remember thinking kindly of this brand before, saying it was more pliable than the – and cream brands of utility cotton, but I just don’t know.

Needles:  Brittany #7 straights.  Maybe that was part of the problem, but I don’t like metal straights.

Verdict:  Nice pattern, and if you don’t mind knitting with cotton, do give it a go.  Me?  I’ll be crocheting the rest of the cloths I need to crank out for Christmas.  It’s faster and the cotton doesn’t bother me with a hook.

Ironically, I’ve been knitting on my sweater in progress again, and if you add merino to a nice cotton fiber, it’s one of the sweetest things in the world to knit with.  Go figure.

Do you have a favorite fiber? 

Do you knit cloths with “better” grades of cotton yarn?  If so, how do they hold up, and are they easier on the hands?

Have you used a crocheted cloth?   Do they work as well as a knitted one?

(Beau dear, I don’t care how the different cottons taste, or whether crocheted cloths are chewier, but thanks for reading anyway…)

Four FOs

I am completely unmotivated to knit (aside from a fascination with the Wendy Knits Shetland Pi Shawl KAL, not that I’ve cast on yet…) but that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle.  I’m about 500 pages deep into Pillars of the Earth and I’m wondering why it took me ten years to read it.  It’s right up my alley, aside from the rather graphic rape/sexual stuff.  (Skim, skim, read…  and honestly, some of the building details are blah, blah, blah to me too…)

I’ve also been on a bit of a crocheted cloth tear.  I generally knit a bunch of cloths about this time of year, when it’s too hot to tote wool around, but I’m blaming it on my crochet murder mystery reading and hooking away.

First up is my first granny square, courtesy of Hooked on Murder
August 2010 010
Pattern:  CeeCee’s Granny Square Washcloth, listed in the back of said book.   It was easy enough, especially since I didn’t bother with color changes.

Yarn:  Peaches and Cream’s Peppercorn. 

Hook – J, but if I make this again, I’ll use H.

Verdict:  I’ll try another one of these days…


August 2010 008

Project: Lanscape Daisy Cloth.

Pattern:  Daisy Cloth, from Lily’s Bright Idea booklet.  According to Ravelry, this and the Primrose pattern (below) are/were available as a free flyer at Michael’s.  I liked them both a lot!

Yarn:  Sugar ‘n Cream in Landscape.

Hook:  H

Verdict:  I’d make this or the Primrose (below) again in a heartbeat.

August 2010 009

Project:  Peppercorn Primrose

Pattern, hook & verdict: same as above

Yarn:  More of the Peaches & Cream Peppercorn

August 2010 011

Project:  Carefree Mod Flower Cloth

Pattern:  Mod Flower Dishcloth, also from Bright Ideas.  I’m not sure there isn’t an error or two, or maybe I was just too tired when I was doing this one, but…  It also took FOUR tries to get the center right.  I’m guessing it was me there too, because I really am a crochet novice.

Yarn:  Red Heart’s Carefree Cotton.  I think the yarn might have been part of the problem with the funky, inability to get square results.  There’s a lot of acrylic in with the blend, and while that makes it soft to work with, evidently it’s too pliable for this pattern.  I think this yarn would be better suited for clothing.

Hook:  I used the Addi H on this one.  I really liked the slightly bulkier grip.

Verdict:  Meh.  I might have to try it again with a truly utilitarian cotton.

What did you do over the weekend?

Hog Humor

pigletNo, I wasn’t home with the flu yesterday, but I know many of you have been battling it.  Dae shared this little bit of humor, so I thought I’d pass it along.

At least Piglet is smiling.  The others seem too gripped by their flu fears, except for perhaps Eeyore, but maybe he’s just wondering why one size fits all rarely does?


Project:  DW Cloth #1, aka: Plum Tired

Pattern:  The Infamous DW – aka: Darrell Waltrip – Cloth.  I did cast on 46 stitches for a larger cloth, because that’s what the Knight likes.   He’s proclaimed the cloth Barbara sent him as the best washcloth EVER, so I figured he should have a spare…

Yarn:  Patons Pure Organic Cotton in the Aqua Plum colorway.  (See?!  Isn’t it more fun, a nicer read, and just generally better to have a name, however basic and uninspired, for a colorway?)

I wanted to love this yarn.  It’s soft as can be, despite its rather Bernat Cottontots construction with the fluffy core and a thin, strong second strand.   However, when I pulled it apart while I was trying to pull the end out to use it as a center pull ball, I wondered….  There were no more incidents, but I was able to easily break the yarn when I was done knitting, so I don’t have high hopes for this cloth wearing well, which is a shame, because it sure is pretty.

Needles:  US #7, my go-to cloth needles

Verdict:  Move over ballband, mama’s got a new rag – favorite pattern, that is!


The sweetest faces in the world!

Now, to vote on my way home to my fur-girls and Bellus.  I do love my wheel.  Maybe I’ll have to tell you more about him one of these days. 

Know what?  The first day of the work week is still rough, even if you do spend an extra day at home.  But the Phillies won last night (even though I couldn’t stay awake for it all), and tonight’s NCIS night, so it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


I did a lot of knitting over the weekend, while I was socializing.  I’ll just flash the latest ballband cloth.  It was made from scrap yarns, with black cotton contrast.    It’s BBC #4, if you’re keeping score at home.

However, most of the weekend, I was knitting in the round, cranking out my bolster pillow.

Pattern:  Bolster Your Spirits Pillow is a very simple little pattern.  You’ll note that one end is open…  I still need to figure out how to finish it off so I can remove the pillow form to launder it.  I did just pull the yarn through after the last row and draw it shut (like a hat), and then I sewed that bit shut, from the wrong side.

Isn’t it a pretty little puckered end?

Yarn:  Plymouth’s Kudo might be one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, and here I am, ratting them out.  It’s a cotton, rayon, silk blend, it’s self-striping, so what’s not to love!?  Well… yes… it will require very special care when it needs to be washed, and that’s why I want to make the one end easy enough to open back up so I can slip the form out and hand-wash the “cover.”

Needles:  US #7 Knitpick Options.  This is supposedly an Aran weight yarn, but danged if I see it.  I knew I was going to use a pillow form, and I knew I didn’t want any of the white showing through, so since I tend to knit a little loosely, I dropped down a needle size.  I got precisely the fabric I wanted.

Verdict:  I love it, and can’t wait to finish off the other end and put it on the bed.   I might have to do another of these for the ugly outdated bolster in the guest room too, if I can find the yarn again, in a colorway that will work for that room…

Now, I’m having fits of castonitis.  I’ve cast on a hat, an entrelac scarf because I NEEDED to try out the Plymouth Boku that has been in my stash for ages now.  I’ve also wound the yarn for another shawl, but I’m using the needles I want to use for that project on the above mentioned hat, so…

I have a couple of cloths I want to knit that aren’t ballband cloths too.  Anyone else have castonitis?


Nope Gretchie, this isn’t for you.  It’s my third ballband cloth.

Yarn:  The main color is Sugar ‘n Cream’s Pinky Stripes, and the trim is done in Lion Cotton raspberry.  Boy is the Lion Cotton worlds softer than the “Cream.”

Needles:  I was worried the “fabric” of the others would loosen when wet and in use, scrubbing, so I dropped down to a US size #6 for this one.   It was a royal pain to knit, so I’m happy to report that my sister says the cloth made on #7s holds up just fine.

Of course, I’ve already cast on for #4.  I only have three cloths in my to be gifted pile, so I need to keep chuggin’ along.

I’m not sure what my weekend holds.  I don’t know if my back is up to riding to Richmond for the RCK vendor fair tomorrow, and that’s all that is on my agenda.   The Knight and I haven’t been home together in a while, so that will be nice!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Cloths and More

I hope you’re perkier this Monday morning than I am.  I slept well, but the cobwebs are heavy in my brain this morning.

My weekend was AWESOME.  It will probably take most of the week to catch up, but we’ll start here.   This is Ballband Cloth #2.    I’m not going to do a full review, but the important part is the yarn.  I used Sugar ‘n Cream Twists (Summertime) for the  border (Color A) and SnC Landscape for the other color.  I just LOVE that color combination!  Luckily I have more of each…

I knitted the bulk of the cloth at the firehouse Friday night.   I love to knit in public.  One 19 year old gal asked WHY I knit, and from there, we talked about when I learned, when I started up again, etc.    However, the highlight of the evening was when College Girl J announced that she wanted the cloth.

I’ve known CGJ her whole life.  Her grandmother drove the Knight’s school bus, just to note one deep connection.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought she would want a knitted cloth.  At least two of her aunts knit, so she certainly has been around handknits most of her life. 

When I handed it to her Saturday night, she STUDIED that cloth.  The Knight seemed to take offense and asked her if she was looking for mistakes, but she said no, she was just looking at it. 

I’d already cast on for my Island Cloth during the day Saturday,  as I knew I’d need a travel project to entertain me Saturday evening, because we had to stop by the station to gift CGJ her cloth.

Pattern:  Eloomanator’s Diagonal Knit Cloth.   I had one skein of yarn I wanted to try out, and I was looking for a cloth pattern that would do it justice.  I actually  had to frog several times on the second/decrease half of this pattern, so I don’t know that I’ll do it again, but I might… it sure is a purdy thang.

Yarn:  The discontinued Plymouth Linen Isle.   For the record, these are my favorite summertime colors, all mashed together in one yarn.  There’s a lime green, a blue that isn’t too intense, purple, fuschia and even a bit of not too bright yellow.  However, I won’t be searching for more of this yarn; there was quite a bit of vegetation debris in it.   I don’t like picking sticks out of my knitting, and there are softer linen blends out there.  It was actually a poor choice for a cloth, as it needs to be washed in cold water on gentle and line dryed.

Needles:  I used my Clover bamboo #5s, but if I knitted it agin with a DK weight yarn, I’d drop down to a #4.   I like a firmer cloth.

Verdict:  Pretty, simple pattern, but for me, the ballband is easier and more fun.

The rest of the weekend was spent knitting on a baby blanket and dining with family and friends.  How was your weekend?