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I’m ready!  Is it Vintage Vegas yet? 

Our second annual gala, and it’s sold out.  I’m so proud of the fundraising committees, immediate past and present.  Two friends of mine dreamed it and brought it to life last year, and another friend is chairing the committee this year, and took us to the next level in a hurry!

I wish you could all jet in for it.  As you can see, the theme this year is diamonds are forever.  Le sigh.  I think I have to drink a lot of bubbly to win the diamond earrings but I’ll do my best!!  You don’t have to gamble, but the Knight will likely settle in at a black jack table, as he did last year…  Neither of us is in the poker tournament, but that sold out so early that I’m sure it will be back next year.  (I hope the diamond bar will be too!)

Several of us have been texting and emailing dress photos for a few weeks now.  Can’t wait.  I love to dress up, and I’m especially excited about my gown (thanks Mary!).   I’ll drop my iTouch in my bag and have a few photos snapped, okay?


Photo by MJ

There’s an update on the girls’ blog from yesterday’s chat with Wondervet.  If you get a chance, can you stop by and wish a kitty pal and her family well?  Charlie is in the beginning stages of kidney failure.  It’s so hard when our four-legged family members are sick…

Dogs ‘n More also has up a post I wrote about glaucoma.  It is the first of a trio (I think?) of pet eye health posts in the works.  The fur-girls and I are also working on fleshing out Sissy’s DIVA platform, which is promoting canine glaucoma awareness.

What’s on your weekend agenda?

Help Homeless Pets

The fur-girls blogged about this too, but they were so excited about promoting the cause that they left out a lot of details.  I hope the folks behind the campaign will overlook their brevity.  The campaign is actually part of Pedigree‘s ongoing Adoption Drive, and only those who blog and link back through today – September 19 – will be counted, but there are other ways to help listed HERE

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

The anti-medley

… and to think, when I awoke this morning, I thought I had nothing to blog about except a book.

So, we’ll start there, because frankly, the three topics for the day are so insanely different there’s no way to tie them together.

This morning, I finished Gunpowder Green, the second book in  Laura Childs’ Teashop Mysteries.  I can’t stand to read series out of order, but a swap pal long ago sent me this book, and I finally got around to reading it, mainly because there was nothing else in the house I cared to read.   I’ve ordered #1 & #3, despite Ruth‘s offer to loan me her copies.  While it’s not a literary masterpiece destined for high school reading assignments, it’s a fun little series with characters I know.

No, no… they’re fictitious, I’ve never been to Charleston (gasp with me!  I long to correct that faux pas in my life as a southern lady), but Theo, Hailey, Mrs. Dimple and Ford Cantrell are shades of people I know from my own life.  (As are other characters, but I do have other things to share with you today, payroll to do, etc.) 

I’ve finally accepted that just as most of last year I needed simple knits, I’m in a place where I’m not compelled to read the literary classics that I normally enjoy.  I’ve always insisted that it’s more important to just READ than to read from a specific list, so I guess it’s time to put my pages where my mouth has been for years.

What are you reading?  Is it in line with what you’ve historically liked over the years?

Item #2.  Dogs and auto insurance.  While Gretchen would have us believe that dogs and cars don’t mix, dear Barbara emailed me yesterday to share a tidbit she’d found in an insurance policy, and Sue took the ball and ran with it.  Do visit Dogs ‘n More and let us know if your auto insurance offers any coverage for your pets, will you?

photo borrowed from Moveable Feasts

Last, but hardly least, my weekend plans have taken on a life of their own this morning.  I was thinking that I just had to deal with the dreaded taxes and a little shopping, until I was tempted by THIS post and recipe.  All the ingredients are my kitchen, and we do have help coming to work on the shed (finish?) tomorrow…

photo borrowed from Modern Day Ozzie & Harriet

Because of my metabolic issues, I need protein with every meal, but most especially in the morning if I’m having a pastry.    Luckily, dear Marjie anticipated my need and posted a recipe for a crustless quiche for a manly crowd.  I’ll be swapping homemade sausage for the beef… 

And simply because I can’t resist any type of cheese straw or cheese biscuit, I hope to have the stamina to make THESE cheddar thumbprints.

What plans do you have for your weekend?

Tutu Day

Not as lyrical as Thorsday, but that’s the best I could do.    Happy Dogs on Thursday, little friday or whatever else you might call today. 

Why Tutuday?  Because this week, I’ve been working on Sissy’s blog.  It’s not perfect, but it’s up and running.  Don’t feel obligated to visit or make Don’t Mess with my Tutu a regular read; while the girls will make appearances for my own entertainment, the purpose of the blog is to record the details of our journey. 

Sissy, window shopping at the farm

To bring everyone up to speed, Sissy is in the process of being diagnosed with some rather significant food allergies.  I use significant instead of serious, because the old medic in me  can’t make peace with the lack of anaphylatic signs and symptoms.  Mugsy had seasonal, environmental allergies and presented in a fashion I recognized; he’d wheeze, sneeze, have red, runny eyes, runny nose, etc. 

Cow counting... One, two, three...

Food allergies are still very new to me, but we’re learning every day.   I’d figured out on my own that the girl couldn’t eat corn meal or chicken MEAL (chicken meat didn’t seem to bother her), but the new to us vet is saying beef and venison are also quite likely allergens.   Beef is in EVERYTHING, including the heartworm preventative we were using.  Sigh.

Just a pretty sunset at the farm

On Dogs N More, I noted that Ally introduced me to allergy blood testing for pets.  We’re going to run that past new vet, and basically, if she isn’t dead-set against it (with valid reasons I can embrace), we’ll be giving that a whirl as soon as possible too.

So, consider yourself invited.  Proceed with caution though, because Sissy’s main symptom is … not polite conversation.   I’ll note and link here when I do update that blog, for a while anyway.  Eventually, y’all will decide whether you care to read about that or not, and again, no pressure…

While I have your dogged attention, I do want to flash a prize I won from a contest last year.   They’re made by Local Gringos, and that link will take you to her Etsy shop.

That’s the back.  Darling presentation of a great idea, no?  And I’m just sure the doggy featured is a Jack Russell, so how appropriate!

Happy little friday to you.  I’ve been knitting and knitting, but still no FO to show for it.  I should definitely have at least one next week, if not one and some handspun.

Remember When…

Christmas Day 2007 - Sissy, me, Mugsy

I’ve said over and over that I’ve been truly blessed with exceptional dogs in my life, from Mopsy – the buff cocker my parents had when I was born – right on through the current fur-girls.   Add in my horses, fish, rabbits and cats, and I’ve said good-bye far too often to devoted pets who brightened my life.

Sue and I want to honor all of our gone but not forgotten pets later this month on our Dogs n More blog.  Please follow the link for more information, and/or send Sue or me a photo and information on your special memorials.  

Young Shadow II and Fred in 2005

Welcome Back Flickr

Thank you, Flickr ghosts in the machine, for allowing me to see my own photos again, even in the larger sizes.   I maintain it was Flickr’s problem, not mine…

Girls, meet Poppet

Just a little catch-up here, now that harmony has been restored in my bloggy world.  

I had the BEST weekend.  I read a bunch of books; I’m now on #6 of the Melanie Travis Mysteries.   I didn’t knit the first stitch, although I did carry my hooded scarf around with me, just in case.  I did ply and soak my Gypsyknits BFL, and I started spinning my Gnomespun.   (That Polwarth is a DREAM, I tell you…)

How was your weekend?  What’s your week look like? 

From July, but still...

My week looks like that.  The cat’s away, so the mice will play!  Gretchen bounced right up in the car this morning like she’s always loved a ride.  Hopefully, that means she’ll weather the beach commute without incident.

Please pop over to Dogs n MoreSue has a series of holiday ideas for pets going.   Don’t tell the Knight, but the girls have winter all-weather coats on the way, thanks to a gentle nudge from Sue!

Who says you can’t go shopping with online friends?


Queue the Crickets

After much fanfare about getting caught up, now what?  Oh, I’m far from caught up on anything other than the things I wanted to blog about, but…

Personalities in a nutshell

Personalities in a nutshell

Since I do have a post I need to write for Dogs ‘n More, just call this a pre-Dogs on Thursday post, and come back tomorrow.  Better yet, give me a few minutes and then visit Dogs ‘n More for my girls’ favorite treats.  Sue‘s pack’s favorites are already up.

Called on Account of Rain

gse_multipart112972Happy Dogs on Thursday

Pout.  I was planning a post based on a play date we were going to have with a four-legged friend last night, but due to flash flooding, there was no meet-up with the mastiff pup.  No rain check was offered, I’m afraid.

I’m skipping the County Fair tonight because the girls need a little more attention than they’ve had thus far this week.  (Gretchen looks cranky or mean there, doesn’t she?!)

I’d also planned to photo some of their favorite toys, but the weather hasn’t cooperated, so maybe I’ll get that done another time for Dogs N More.  In the meantime, I’ll just flash some silly girls photos.

We need to work on Gretchen’s hiding skills.  Of course, if the deer would leave the garden alone, that would help…

We should all be more like Sissy and just let go laughing, all the time.  

I’m enjoying finding photos of my girls being silly.   Their ability to make me laugh works when we’re not in the same place!

I’ll let Sissy offer the final bit of advice for the post.  Life’s an adventure, and you can always find something interesting if you look hard enough!  Or maybe she’s trying to find a phone number to call someone who cares? 

Happy little friday!

Ladies and Gentlemen

Notebook by Shutterfly - I think?

Notebook by Shutterfly - I think?

Sissy doesn’t care, but Gretchen took a bit of offense to the second quote, as she’s very much the lady…  I’ve been getting a lot of great coupons from the online photo services, so I took advantage of my free notebook.

I just took two of my favorite dog quotes and a cute photo of both girls and picked a cover that made me happy, and presto!  I have a new notebook.  It’s what I call journal-sized, and I always carry a notebook or two for my assorted committees and groups.

Creating the perfect princess playground continues.  The Knight decided his girls needed an auto-waterer.   The irony is that they’re still trotting down the steps, into the pen and slurping in the large metal water bowl down there.   I’m wiggling my fingers in the bowl and encouraging them to lick my fingers, which they do happily, but that’s as far as we’ve gotten in the transition.

Summer has finally arrived!  Its HOT.

Summer has finally arrived! It's HOT.

Kudos to the Knight…  He’d instructed me to proceed to the big pet store chain all the way across town on Monday afternoon, but before I’d left the office, he called to share that he’d found a waterer he liked better and all the necessary supplies to hook it up at the local hardware store.  See?  We just naturally try to support local businesses.  And the interesting part?  It was markedly cheaper than the mega store.

Don’t forget to check out the other Dogs on Thursday blogs, and take a peek at the new pet blog, Dogs N More too!

News Flash!

Run on over and check out the new pet blog we’ve started.  It’s called Dogs N More, but it’s all about pets and how we care for them.  We want it to be interactive and involved, so please visit, comment, and share your tips and ideas with us!

In other news, it’s Monday, and I’d like to be at home.    Some weeks it’s harder than others to get back into the grind even after two short days away, and evidently, this is one of them.

 I spent much of yesterday trying to decide which of my new yarns wants to jump on the needles and what it might like to become.  I’m suddenly a little concerned about the yellow in the Kudos being near my face, so a non-headwear pattern is needed.  

I also wanted to mention the 3/50 project, which I discovered via a button on Robin‘s blog.  Since we’re the fifth generation in the inlaws’ family business, this matters to me on SO many levels.    Please just click over and read for yourself about the campaign to support the independent businesses that have indeed paved the way for all business as we know it.

How was your weekend?