I don’t know whether I am a loose or tight knitter.  That’s another plus for top-down sweaters; gauge is less of an issue when you just knit until something is long/wide enough.  I’ve tried swatching, and it works okay I guess, but I don’t know whether to envy those of you who say you’re a tight knitter or you always go down two needle sizes to get gauge, or to call you delusional liars.

Maybe I’m just not good enough to be consistently one way or the other.  Maybe it’s because knitting is my therapy that sometimes I’m so loose the stitches run off the needles when I put my hands down, and others, I have to fight to get that tip in there for the P2tog. 

I know I’m not alone.

I also know that I’m not alone in think acrylic has its place.  I’m quite happy with this Bernat Softee Chunky for my little hat for Knitters Day Out.  No, it’s not a sock; I just have the stitches all bunched together, because I’m magic looping.  Well, that and the pattern calls for #10s with a bulky yarn, but because this is supposed to be for a child, I’m using #8s, and I think it will look just fine when I’m done.  It’s a happy colorway, and I would think either a boy or a girl would be happy with these colors.  The colorway is called circus, which makes me inexplicably happy.  The easy-care softness of this hat makes it ideal for an unknown child, to my way of thinking. 

I also wanted to show you my progress on my sweater, but Sissy had a camera-hogging impulse I couldn’t control. 

Seriously, that’s the best I could do with Sissy’s help.  I suppose I could have put her outside, but I didn’t bother.  Y’all think she’s cute too, right?  (We’ll see how cute Anita still thinks Sissy is after this weekend.)  I’ve just started into the bust area, if you can see the bottom left portion of the photo, so there’s basically no way I’ll have it to wear on Saturday.  I still have three swatches to do as homework, along with finding 150 grams of a DK weight yarn for a scarf.  I’m betting I have something in my stash that will work, but it’s a matter of finding it.

And who knew my lumbar pillow would be such a nice sweater in progress holder? 

Sorry.  Gotta go.  It’s the House season premiere!

Did I Do That?!

There I was, minding my own business, headed home, when Lexie suddenly lurched to the left, and then to the right, and I found myself in a yarn shop.  Stacey and I have been talking about Noro’s Taiyo quite a bit, and I decided I had to have some.  While I was snatching up the colorway of my dreams like a starving dog on a bone, I somehow snarfed up some Matsuri too.  It’s cotton and wool, and just lucious.  On the top there is Plymouth’s Happy Feet.  It actually feels rough compared to the Matsuri.  I’m still no fan of the Noro staple, Kureyon, but evidently, I’m a sucker for their softer yarns.


Just look at it.  I am.  Heck, this post could have been done ten minutes ago if not for the pauses to admire and pet my new yarn luv.  There’s 220+ yards of self-striping softness there, yearning to become a shrug of some sort, I think.

That’s the Bamboucle I failed to photograph yesterday.  You needed to see it.  I mean, if I’m suddenly gahgah about a boucle, that’s worth a look, no?

I promised an FO too.  It’s a hat for Ann’s Sublynnmal Healing Campaign.  (Join us please, for some knitting that will truly make a difference.)

Pattern:  Delite Hat  

Changes:  Quite a few.  There’s an error in the fourth row of the lace pattern.  The K2 should be K2tog, I do believe.  I also opted to keep the twisted rib going through the decreases, even knitting the K2togs through the back loop.  Then, I feared I wouldn’t have enough yarn, and indeed, I would have been a few yards short, so I grabbed some of that nearly edible Malabrigo for a fun, bold pink stripe.  I like it, and I hope Lynn will too.

Comments:  While it’s such a cute hat that I’m having a hard time telling it buh-bye, I doubt very seriously if I’ll ever knit it again.  All that twisted rib made me crazy, and slowed me WAY down. 

Yarns:  Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran (blue) and Malabrigo Chunky (pink stripe).  I will say that the knitting went faster with the wool, rather than the slightly fuzzy, slippery stuff.  I love both yarns, but it’s another lesson in fiber substitution.

Needles:  My new Knitpicks Harmony Options, size 6 tips, 40″ cord, so I could magic loop my way through the whole thing. 

Still with me?  I hope so, because the best is yet to come. 

Remember the little wager Anita and I had, to urge us both on with our wraps?  Well, I finished my clapotis first, so I was waiting to see what yarn she would send.  As usual, Anita outdid herself.  Look at that!  (Just scroll down for close-ups.)  There’s a lot more than a hank of great yarn there, but I know you want to see it all, so just keep going. 

I do have to note that Gypsy Knits was kind enough to include a special treat package for me too, as Anita had mentioned some of her purchase was a gift.  You know I love that kind of attention to detail and customer service…



First, the yarn, from Gypsy Knits.

It’s called Apple Valley, which is way cool, as I love apples, and my state has an apple blossom festival coming up soon.  The colors scream spring, and I’m looking forward to casting on. 

The bag is one of the best designs I’ve seen.  Check out the drawstring, the elastic loop to stay on your wrist if you choose to walk and knit, and a wee caribeaner so it can hook onto most anything.  It’s roomy enough for a medium lace project, and even for two socks at a time!  It’s also from Gypsy Knits, and I was CRUSHED this morning when I saw its twin on Anita’s blog, and couldn’t find another for me.  Sneaky, sneaky, and I love it!! 

Of course, being the thoughtful gal that she is, Anita dropped in a couple of her own cute clay stitch markers.  Here lately, I’ve been thinking Anita and I are like two peas in a pod, but she said she chose these because they’re sweet peas for sweet me.  Ha!!  It’s great to have friends getting to know me pretty well but who still think I’m sweet! 

I know this has been another long post, but I had so much to share!  Now, to Ravelry to find a few patterns for my new yarns so I can knit away during House.   The new episodes are a few weeks out yet, but that’s okay.  I’ll flip back and forth between House and the NCAA basketball finals.

Be Still My Heart!

The always awesome Michelle has started the best KAL ever. Have I mentioned I don’t watch TV much at all? Well, that has changed, all because of one thoughtful friend/employee/dog & house sitter. He plopped Season 1 on my desk and said, “Watch it. You’ll love it.” As fate would have it, we stopped in to visit his father’s duty crew at the firehouse a few days later – on a Tuesday night – and stayed riveted to the television for an hour. We devoured the first three seasons just in time. You’re on notice – don’t expect any contact from me on Tuesdays from 9-10 Eastern. (I do want a Tivo though; we became accustomed to the commercial-free version.)
I also feel obliged to note that everyone in the free world loves The Needle Lady, except me. Even Anne loved it. I did note they’re polite enough and they have a selection of primo fibers. Maybe I’m just too picky. Dunno. I think it’s because I am a part of the fourth generation of a family business that I have exacting ideas about how my patronage should be valued. I might get over myself (the Knight says his best friend is House and I am what would happen if House and Cuddy [my fav!] had a child) if places like The Loopy Ewe and Carodan didn’t lead me to believe that my expectations are very realistic.
Also, swing by and visit Blume’s Accessories. Like all of the Etsy folk I know, Mary will also treat you right. She’s just getting started, so check in often.
I think the Monkeys will be a completed pair tonight too. Then I can ship that and my tea pal’s package out tomorrow!