Thank You Notes

In honor of WoW, Sissy and Gretchen take over.  I suppose this is also in memory of my dear Auntie, as she stressed the importance of a proper thank you note.  Some other stuff can be found below the note if you’re not entertained by pets corresponding via blogs.  (And if you’re not, spike your coffee or something, eh?)

photo by the Princesss lady in waiting

photo by the Princess's lady in waiting

Dear Most Lurverly Princess Jasmine,

We’re so glad you liked your toy.  We have to take your word for how fun it is, because Mom wouldn’t even let me (Sissy here), sniff it.  She was muttering rude things about cats (I take it that’s what you are?) not wanting dog drool on their toys?

We don’t know cats.  You look very pretty and princess-like, and Mommy has (rudely again, what’s with her?) suggested that I could learn a little about elegance and being a lady from you.  What’s elegance?  Is that something cats have?

We do lurvers our pressies VERY much.  Mom says to say she had trouble getting good photos, because we snatched our sheepies away before she got a shot.  (So much for that new photo maker being fast, huh?)  I knew the black sheep was mine right away.  (Mommy clapped when she saw that Auntie ‘Nita got me a black sheep – was she being rude again?)

Well, Mom wants to do this her way, so I’m gonna’ wish you a Merry Christmas from me and little Gretchie.  Write again soon.  We like taking over  talking to our friends on Mommy’s blog.

Licks and snuggles,

Sissy and Gretchen


Hem.  How does one take over when she’s already ruling the roost?  The fur-girls are in heaven, as I’m home today.  A perk of working for family is that my inlaws are old-fashioned enough to expect the Knight (and all the guys) to work today, while MJ & I are off to prepare for the Christmas Eve meal.  Before I head off to bake though, I want to thank Kathy (and Mr. Bettis) for their gifts, and as soon as I figure out how to download directly from the camera (on my first baking break?), I’ll share more.

That’s a shot of everything from the good princess – er, Anita.  The white sheep is Gretchen’s, despite the photo above.  Each girl really does prefer the sheep Anita sent her!  I’ll be slipping into that pretty red hoodie on Christmas Day, maybe after taking a nice soak with one of the homemade bath salt balls.  (The Knight thinks those are for him.)  The smelly jellies have already been put to use, and that book is next on my reading list.

Before I get lost in flour and butter, corn syrup and chocolate, I did want to share a little gift I sent myself from The Loopy Ewe.  The yarn is Scarlet Fleece Antique Watermelon, destined to be a Christmas knit for me next year.  The little ovals are the darling Namaste Buddy Case.  I ordered one in Saddle just because I wanted to see the color (I do like it!), and I couldn’t resist the PINK.

Now, to the kitchen!  I don’t even have a list of what I’m baking, aside from the corn pudding I ALWAYS do for the father inlaw’s family functions.

Happy Christmas Eve!