Getting My Knits

Yesterday, Rosanne and I spent the afternoon getting [our] knits in Virginia.   It’s a nice little promotion many of the yarn shops in the state have going this month.  You buy the tote and get 15% off at the participating shops.  (Please see the website for details.)

Bag loaded with new stash

Bag loaded with new stash

I swung by It’s A Stitch before lunch to purchase my bag, and found another Noro yarn with a cotton and silk blend.  It’s called Furisode, and I’m in search of the perfect pattern for two skeins…  (Bulky, about 165 yards each, if you have ideas?)

After lunch, we rode across the mountain to On the Lamb.   I found a pattern I’d been looking for, a needle gauge pendant and I couldn’t leave this Plymouth Kudo behind.  (Anyone ever knitted with it?  I think the single skein will become another Quant, unless you have a better idea?)

Larger than life-size

Larger than life-size

As we headed east again, we stopped in at  J.J.’s Knitting Knook in Stuart’s Draft.  It’s off the beaten path, but what a great shop!  It was bright and cheery, with a nice seating area as soon as you walk in, with lots of books sprinkled all around.  I didn’t buy anything, but they carry Namaste bags and had a set of KA Switch needles, so I might have to pop back over soon. 

Our last stop was the Waynesboro Ben Franklin.  I’ve mentioned them several times before, but they’ve started carrying a lot of Noro and Araucania yarns.  Crazy, huh?  If I hadn’t spent plenty already, I would have gobbled up some of the Noro Taio.  They had at least three colorways.

That’s the Vera Bradley Gardening Tote Rosanne gave me for my birthday.  It’s awesome on so many levels.  Here, Sissy demonstrates the procedure that eliminates many bags from use.  It’s the nosy basset test.  Rosanne knows of this complication and suggested that I add a velcro or snap closure before use. 

Actually, Gretchen was first to check it out.  No worries here though; the fabric is laminated!  There are 8 exterior pockets with a roomy interior.  Once I add a snap (or velcro – that just glues on, right?) I’ll have the perfect multiple-project travel knitting bag.  I’ve admired this fabric since it came out, but it’s way too light to resist Sissy slobber, so what a great find!

That’s the other thing from Rosanne I wanted to show you.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It’s a Ledbetter spindle.   I’ve been thinking my back is about ready to spin again, and while I don’t know that I’ll ever spin with a spindle, this one is beautiful and will inspire me to spin SOMEHOW.

I wrapped up the evening with dinner at the firehouse with the Knight and his crew.  It’s been a great weekend, and as soon as I finish this post, I’m going to do some knitting.  I haven’t cast on anything new in a while, and I might not be able to help myself…